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  1. Im on the look out for some smoked LED foglights for my 2016 Silverado but not having a lot of luck finding that many. The few that I have found I'm not sure if there reputable companies. Does anybody on here have some installed on there truck and if so can you please post some photos? Also what are some good aftermarket ones that people would recommend? Thank you.
  2. I bought front and back OEM molded splash guards for my 2016 Silverado and was debating on getting the below fender flares as well. Does anyone know if its possible to install both since they seem to overlap in the same spot? Thanks
  3. Oh okay Ill have to look into that! Thanks for everyone's help and input I appreciate it.
  4. Gotchya, does anyone know what the max tire size you can get away with no rubbing on the 22's without any sort of lift?
  5. Oh nice! What is the factory tire size it comes with? Is it the 285/45/22?
  6. Beautiful truck, thanks for sharing. It atleast gives a size comparison to see how the 22's look on the truck. Do you have any sort of lift on there?
  7. I'm in the market for some 22 inch OEM or replica wheels in gloss black for my 2016 Silverado. I posted a photo below of the wheel I like but cant seem to find a photo of them on a truck anywhere so figured this would be a good place to ask. Especially if you have them with no more then a 3 inch lift. Looking forward to seeing your trucks and thanks for your time.
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