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  1. Agreed. Which was the intent of my original post. Was my vehicle and outlier? Or were my symptoms being experienced by other Sierra 1500 owners? I have gotten into the habit of asking people who drive the same truck about their experience. All of them cite the same problem. Anecdotal data to be sure, but...... Also, one Service Rep told me 'off the record' they see an average of two vehicles per week with the problem.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate that contact. I may give him a shout at some point. And your point about 'no guarantees' is well taken. Maybe some of my disappointment is driven by having owned two Fords (Explorer & Ranger) for 15 years with zero perfomance or operability problems.
  3. Um.... what makes it infamous? How about the thread on similar GM truck transmission issues that stretches for 25 pages elsehwere on this forum? How about GM stonewalling both through their dealerships (I've visited two) and via their Customer Care organization (they did nothing with my case after 1 month of back and forth)? And I'm unclear as to what you find humorous about GM selling premium priced vehicles fully aware they are equipped with transmission design faults. But thanks for the insight on tire shake. alex
  4. Good Day All. I own a 2016 GMC Sierra 5.3 V8 with equipped with the 8 speed transmission and 12,500 miles. After about 6 months or so, I began to notice a distinct 'clunk' when upshifting at moderate to light acceleration. Initially, I ignored it, since it was random and occurred relatively infrequently. Since then, the hesitation & clunking has increased in frequency, especially on cold morning starts when taking the truck out after sitting overnight. Subsequently, I did a search of this forum and others, and saw other 8 speed Sierra/Silverado owners were experiencing the
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