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  1. I cannot understand this, its such a creature comfort that is simple and blows my mind they have not included it. When I'm spending close to 100k (cdn) for a truck I expect to get options such as this as STANDARD. My old BMW, MB from the late 2000's had them as standard options and so did older GM trucks, so I simply do not understand it.
  2. Anyone experiencing a slight dash rattle in their 2019+? Feels/sounds like its coming from the centre around the defrost vent or possibly the sunglass holder but I doubt its that piece. I'm having a hard time pinpointing where it is exactly coming from. The rattle has basically come out of no where, no noticeable rattle/sounds prior to the last few weeks. It is winter now and it is damn cold up here in Canadian prairies, but other than being parked outside during work day its parked in a heated garage the rest of the time. I suppose it could be the cold, but like I said i can still hear it when driving to work after pulling out of the garage after driving for 20-25mins Anyone dealing with the same or hearing the same and able to tell me where it is coming from/the fix?
  3. Clear bra would be what I'd suggest over the bug deflector/guard. Nearly invisible, after it gets beat up, peel off and have new one installed.
  4. The Lexus 460 is a beloved vehicle, you did not enjoy it? The Q7, I was not a fan at all, I'd take 6.2 over Q7 every day all day.
  5. 6 months now with the 6.2 Denali and no issues. Great vehicle. Will I buy another one, no but thats not a truck issue, but would I buy another one if I had to, absolutely. Trucks been great and engine is fantastic.
  6. If you ever haul anything in the back you will love having it, and if you don't have it you will regret it the first time you do haul something. Its one of the best features and definitely helps when I have the wife will be to load something. I'd but it 1000x over. Just remove hitch when not using it like others have mentioned.
  7. if you have coated it enough bugs come off rather easily. You could also add the top clearcoat, it helps and makes it less "rubber" feel. I've done enough of it that it comes down to how many coats and how you applied it to create the proper look and feel. Obviously it will never look like paint, but for a high chip zone like the grille, plasti-dip is great on an vehicle just because of the ease you can fix it.
  8. It fits your truck and what you like on your truck is all that matters, but the chrome look is no longer the popular "thing" anymore in the industry. Currently blackout, night packages, etc. are the look and imo even just mono color looks of any color are far more popular. I'm form the opposite end as you, I have a denali and I got rid of almost every piece of chrome on it. Can't stand it. But that is why I love vehicles, you make it your own, and your happy thats what matters. They could definitely offer it as an exterior option, but I wouldn't think having it as standard would be a wise idea currently.
  9. it sounds awesome! and welcome to the Canada car tax lol
  10. That turned out really good. If you take care of plasti-dip, which is literally just cleaning it lol, it will last a really long time. Its all about the prep and paint stage, along with number of coats. The biggest plus for plasti-dip is touch-ups are a breeze!!!
  11. I believe Borla finally offered the ATAK in a CB for the 6.2, previously they had not so I'd double check on that. I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong, they probably do by now. I had a custom setup made for me with the ATAK muffler and it sounds great. I will say the ATAK is LOUD, so that better be what you want otherwise I'd suggest the S-Type or you could go with the XS but to me those are barely louder than stock. Borla does come with a little drone, some people will say a lot, some will say not really, it seems to vary. If you get a CB though the drone should not really be an issue. I have never had Corsa on my truck, but if comparing my truck setup to Corsa on the vette, the Corsa is little quieter overall but a lot quieter on highway.
  12. What did you end up doing with the front grille? paint it?
  13. I wouldn't suggest plasti-dip for handles, it just won't hold up. I would also not suggest vinyl for the "button" as its just to small of a surface area, it might hold, but it might also not. The best bet is what Kodiak suggested, if zero chrome is your look than have them painted. Mine are black with the chrome button, and my denali is blacked out. I don't even notice anymore.
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