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  1. Friend has the 6.2, both flappers and resonators still on and it drones
  2. Yeah mine is a lot louder than yours, but I think it has quite a lot to do with the piping like you said between your setup and mine. I do not have any flappers anymore, still have cat of course, and it is loud but yours is a little more toned down and clear (which I like) and I most likely have more drone than you I would assume because of that. I cannot stand drone on my perf cars, reason I do not have borla ever on them. I run the Corsa Extreme setup currently w/o headers (yet) and its damn loud on WOT but causing zero drone, love that about Corsa and I also think investing in a quality CB makes world of difference when it comes to drone. I have heard the B&B sound clips, I do love that sound as well. I've never driven or been in a C5 to be honest, but I hear nothing but good things about that gen from those who have.
  3. Sounds great. Mine is definitely more raw with the ATAK in a custom CB, but yours has a more clear/consistent tone to it. I like that. I am however fathomed that your truck is louder than your vette which has cams you said, do you not press down on the pedal? lol jk
  4. Interesting, mine is the opposite. your 6.2 just has the full ATAK CB correct? The ATAK's are loud, so depending on setup you have on vette I would believe this lol
  5. Fair point. I'm the opposite just enjoy the loud startup and quiet drive after that. If I'm wanting the roar and idle I take the vette for a drive.
  6. Tips pictured here are primarily stock oem tips ??
  7. You said it does not handle heat well and that is not true. You apply it properly and it will do just fine on a truck and will last a very very long time, and still look great. Like I said these tips are not going to generate the same heat as a corvette or a supercar so plasti dip is just fine. Obviously powdercoat is the best, but that is a much higher cost that perhaps OP does not want to do. If going DIY route, plasti dip is almost foolproof while painting them with high temp paint one better ensure they prep it properly or it will not last as long as even plasti dip
  8. Can use pretty much most aftermarket ones, or if your the handy type cut yours down, reattach the ball and it will just like a shorty oem antenna
  9. Your talking the skid plate I believe. You could swap it for the AT4 plate. Or you could just remove your current oem one and paint or or wrap it, or as already suggested dip it.
  10. Just buy a sheet of it and do it yourself. The tails aren't that complicated, they would be relatively easy to do. Rvinyl and Lamin-x both sell it and are quality films.
  11. Cold start up is the best part of the ATAKs lol
  12. Well that is 100% incorrect. I powder coat everything now, but I've plasti dipped dips on about 5 different cars and a few toys as well. No issues with it wearing off, cleaned easy, looked great years later and heat never impacted it. Yes maybe if your driving an actual sports car like a vette or better generating some serious heat it would, but the truck will not. Plasti dip will hold up just fine, just saying I would do it, but if you do it right it will last a very long time.
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