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  1. do yous know what hood this is? it looks like a HD style hood.
  2. NEW to the site here. i just bought a 2014 LT Texas Edition im looking to do alot to in the next couple of months. so far ive bought: Borla ATAK full catback JDM Astar leds (low beams, fogs, turning, reverse) Soler Performance Throttle controller RC 5in Lift kit RC Traction bars Bilstein 5100s all around unfortunately i haven't had time to install anything and to be honest im hoping to do everything when i install the lift kit once i get my wheel setup. heres a pic of the way she sits after a detail and yes im keeping the camper. the grill guard will come off once i convert the front end to a 2016 front end.
  3. i didnt even know these were a thing lol, however they are out of my price range as im just wanting to do a small level to my truck while i save up for a decent lift kit. so initially i was set on the bilstein 5100s all around. well then i came across the eibach pro truck lift kit and it peeked my interest due to the beefy springs. so now im torn wether i should got with the eibach kit or the bilsteins. so i figured id ask if there was a spring people were using with these 5100s apart from the oem one. something that could sill save me a few bucks. since the 5100s all around come out to 334 and the pro truck kit is 586.
  4. im new to the whoel truck scene and im waitning to replace my setup with these 5100 all the way around. i was just wondering if anyone is running an aftermarket set of springs to go along with the 5100. id really to get me a pair of springs as well. so i can have something similar to the eibach pro truck lift kit.
  5. anymore specific details on this hood swap?
  6. hello im new to the forum but i literally just bought a "like new" 2014 silverado LT Texas Edition and the first thing that stood out that i dont like, (i dont necessarily hate it) is the qaulity of the video. glad to see this is a actual "thing". I hope there is a replacement.
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