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  1. Is your block heater integrated into the bumper or by the tow hooks? I am trying to understand how the 3.0 Durmax will be...
  2. Hello, just womdering if if anyone has ordered a 2020 3.0 Duramax yet? I plan on ordering one in November. Looking at LTZ premium. I didn’t know if dealers were accepting the orders for the Duramax or are they restricted..For me, the mpg looks great. I am hoping these new half tons can handle a one car hauler and and street rod/ Camaro/ tractor without squatting too much. Coming my from 2002 PowerStroke. Tired of the bouncing buggy ride. Let us know if you have ordered one yet??
  3. Hopefully these are not like the late 80s and early 90s c/k trucks and their paint peeling...
  4. Moend- How is the squat with that load? What’s the estimated tongue weight? Do you have air bags or using a weight distributing hitch?
  5. Hello, I had a 2016 2500hd Chevy LTZ ordered. Dealer could not get it built and I need a truck. that was in April. Now I have found a truck. Making a deal today, will take delivery this week. If anyone has a private offer for Chevy 2500hd I would really appreciate it big time. I can not seem to get one. only a "request quote" box. Thanks for your help! Race
  6. Do you happen to have a link? I only have seen information regarding 1500's. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone. I am new here. I placed an order last week for a 2016 Chevy 2500hd LTZ duramax double cab. Coming from an 02 Powerstroke. Today the dealer called and told me we did not get it as a 16 and it will be built as a 17. How is this possible? I mean am I correct in saying ordering guides, ordering banks and options are not open/ out yet? I think I might ask for my deposit back and wait a while? I am really interested in the towing camera system and 3rd brake light camera that you can't get any info on yet. It could be 17 option. Not sure I want to chance a new duramax, ect. Not sure what everyone's luck is on ordering? Any thoughts on the process or GM employees to help someone out? What would you do in my position? Thanks
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