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  1. I’m selling my fully loaded 2020 tow mirrors message me if your interested
  2. Hey would you be willing to follow that camera wire and tell me where it’s going/where it meets another group of wires?
  3. Could you just not get the Factory part numbers of the parts that come with this feature and have them installed? like get the gm camera part number the wiring could potentially be there and get the hmi controller that is compatible with this feature?
  4. Is there any new information on this I would specifically like to add a front camera and possibly the side mirror cameras? And if the dealer couldn’t reprogram could you just by new radio? Any ideas on how much this would cost
  5. Hey on that box did you have to cut your gm floor liner to make it fit?
  6. Has any one installed the illuminated door sills that gm offers? I want to just wondering if there worth it
  7. Yea it does have three different rear view cameras and front sensors just no birds eye view or front camera
  8. So is it possible to upgrade to birds eye view camera or just a camera showing you what’s in front of the bumper? I just bought a new 2020 Silverado Ltz premier 6.2 no birds eye view no side cameras and no rear view mirror camera I thought this was a standard feature? I didn’t realize it wasn’t until I had signed the papers!! But regardless I couldn’t find a truck with 6.2 standard bed with the technology package within 300 miles of me?
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