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  1. How much did it cost you to tint the two front windows? I assume it is the same tint as the back windows factory default? Looking great.
  2. No, you can use them online and have the product ship directly to you.
  3. I read that you opened the dash to install the 3usb charging system. How difficult was that? You must have some expertise with these type of installs as tapping into the existing systems, scare me a bit, lol.
  4. Can you talk a bit about what you are doing here with the items below? Floor Accent Lighting - Ordered LED Bed Light Expansion - Ordered Links would be great if you have the time. Thanks much.
  5. Haha, nope 180 pounds. I will give a try tonight. I got the ramps for my wife's Acadia and daughters tuscon though.
  6. I have a 2019 silverado trail boss lt, so it had an additional 2" lift, but not sure if that's enough room - have not tried to squeeze under yet.
  7. Great advice. Any recommendations on ramps that will support a 2019 Silverado? I was looking at these: https://www.amazon.com/Black-Widow-PSR295-Plastic-Service/dp/B01N308YYO/ref=pd_sbs_263_6/140-8611535-1039064?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01N308YYO&pd_rd_r=cd127830-b64e-4c40-8f2b-e1e2d9ea45ac&pd_rd_w=NQhpq&pd_rd_wg=85Z0M&pf_rd_p=1c11b7ff-9ffb-4ba6-8036-be1b0afa79bb&pf_rd_r=YR2YMSWQ00GQ9ZMDT8CP&psc=1&refRID=YR2YMSWQ00GQ9ZMDT8CP
  8. Anyone have any recommendations for lug nuts to replace the stock on a 2019 silveardo? Looking for color options like red or black. Thanks
  9. I noticed amsoil 0w-20 does not have the dexos approved logo on the bottle, but is a full synthetic. Concerns?
  10. No that is not accurate. Visit https://www.mychevroletrewards.com. For sign-up and completing your profile, chevrolet will award you an additional 2,000 points. Below is an example of my account history. You will see the 1k for enrollment, 1k for completing my profile and then you see the 20,000 points that were awarded for the new vehicle purchase. Finally, you can see where I used 20,000 to obtain a voucher for 100 dollars in accessories allowance. From the mychevroletrewards site, click on Redeem Points, then select whatever the type of rewards you are interested in (accessories, certified service, etc). In my case, I selected "Chevrolet Accessories Allowance", then you will see a drop down for the dollar to points. In your case, you can select 50.00 and it will cost you 10,000 points. Click Redeem Now and you can print the voucher. Take that voucher to the dealer and they can take that off the price of whatever you obtain. Please note that the voucher has an expiration date, so be sure to utilize before they expire. You can avoid expiration by not completing the process I referenced above, until you are ready to do so. Hope that helps. FYI: It took about 2 days for the 20,000 points to hit my account after the vehicle purchase. Final Note: Dealerships know next to nothing when it comes to topic like this. Randomly poll 10 different sales guys and you will get 10 different answers. Their lack of knowledge on most topics is pathetic. Only thing worse then the sales department is the service department. The sales people look like rocket scientist in comparison.
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