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  1. Tried that after work, rear door wont unlock when I'm close to the front but the front door will unlock when I'm close to the rear. Guess ill be calling the dealer tomorrow, pain to deal with on a week old truck.
  2. I have a 2019 Sierra elevation crew cab and it came with those buttons on the outside door handle to lock/unlock the truck if you have the fob on you. These work on every door except the passenger rear. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I find it wierd it works on the driver side rear but not the other side.
  3. Great looking trucks everyone! Recieved a phone call from my dealer saying that i could trade in my 2018 sierra elevation dbl cab on a 2019 sierra elevation with a crew cab and a few more bells for the same financing payments I have now. Was just looking for some opions on if it would be worth it or not from those who own a '19 and if there are many problems with the new models (I've read about the few people having break issues)
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