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  1. was the wiring there for the rear slider even though your truck like my LT didn’t come with the rear window from the factory?? so if you wanted to add the slider after the wiring is already there?
  2. Was there a difference in the sound with the new speakers vs the stock ones?
  3. Are you running with an amp???Or do you just run them off the stock stereo?
  4. What are you non Bose/ or Bose guys running for replacement door speakers in your 19/20’s....Looking to upgrade my non Bose stock speakers ....What is everyone running for replacements???
  5. So seeing my 2020 LT trail boss didn't come with lights on my vanity mirrors(what a friggin joke)if I order vanity mirrors with lights from a LTZ say are they plug and play???
  6. I already have the LT model 2020..I don't have the custom model...I also already have controls on my wheel for the radio...My truck has the 8' screen with IOR Radio..I couldn't find a truck in the area with connivence package 2 on it with the IOS radio..My truck only has connivence package 1 with the IOR unfortunately
  7. Sure...I was just looking at your site ...I'm interested in the High Country gauge setup..Do I just email you through there?
  8. Really???Do you know what needs to be done to make the conversion??Any information you have is greatly appreciated..Thank you
  9. Anyone here run the coyote 1.5" spacers???Any trimming or rubbing??
  10. I tried calling 2 different dealers and they're clueless...I don't see why you can't just swap out the components and have them program the radio to the truck if it's a VIN assigned thing...Does anyone on here have any clue if this can be done???
  11. Long story short my 2020 LT Trail Boss has the IOR Radio unfortunately..The junk yard near my house has a 19 LTZ totaled with the IOS radio in it...Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to swap out my IOR to make the IOS radio work in my truck???The guy at the junk yard is a family friend and is letting me pretty much take what ever I want out of the truck..So if possible what would I need to take out of the LTZ to make the IOS radio work in my 2020???Any info is greatly appreciated
  12. Would switching out the harnesses help???
  13. I'm in the same boat..Just bought a 2020 and because there is no trucks on the lots here I had to settle with my LT without the Conv 2 package...Have you made any progress with you IOR swap?
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