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  1. Awesome!!!!!!What's the cost in total look like to do the mod?
  2. I was thinking of adding the rear slider to my 2020 LT Trail Boss,but after reading through all of this I’m glad mine didn’t come with the rear slider...What a bunch of bullshit!!!! 40 plus K for our trucks and we have to deal with this bullshit??GM obviously knows about the issue and could give 2 ******...They really need to get there ****** together and fix every single one of these trucks that are having the leak problem...Totally unacceptable
  3. I was going to do a similar deal with the RST,but the 8 speed transmission was the deal breaker for me...I went with the LT Trail Boss with the 10 speed Transmission and glad I did..IF your RST comes with the 10 speed trans then do the deal
  4. I noticed that too when i took off the blank cap inside the cab there were 2 wires running into the blank plate...Why would they have the wires there if it's not plug and play?
  5. LOL,I know...I was thinking though if I have a glass shop and install the rear glass and they seal it up properly it should prevent the leaking problem from the factory??!On the factory rear slider leaking issue is it due to the way the factory seals it??What causes the leak from the factory?
  6. Has anyone installed a rear slider on 2020 TrailBoss/RST LT that didn't come with convince package 2????I have a LT Trail Boss with Conv Package 1 does anyone know if the LT with conv package 1 has the wiring already in there for the additional harness that is probably needed for the window????I pulled the overhead console down to add the auto dimming mirror and noticed there's a bug gray plug up there with nothing plugged into it...Is this the harness for the homelink and rear slider??I called the dealership to ask and they're literally useless...Hopefully some one here can chime in...Here's the gray empty slot up in the overhead that I'm guessing is homelink/rear slider???
  7. I just added a flow master 40,and taped off the screens on the end of the tailpipes and it sounds good enough for me...Cost me 250$ for the muffler to get installed....I just didn’t see the 1500$ difference in adding the “GM accessories exhaust” when my truck was brand new and just needed the muffler replaced for the sound...
  8. Here's the link if you want to check it out... https://www.infotainment.com/collections/all/products/factory-gm-siriusxm-satellite-radio-kit-for-option-code-ior?variant=31905410744356
  9. Infortainment.com has the whole XM setup you want where you add the XM module so it's like your truck came with the XM from the factory...It's somewhat pricey,but if you want the XM I think it's worth it...Check it out on there website
  10. The stock Bose is trash...All the stock non Bose stereo needs is the door speakers to be replaced and your sound is better than the Bose with slightly less bass...You add the sub with. Harness from LLJ and your system will be 100x better than the stock Bose garbage...My buddy has the Bose in his 2020 High Country and I have LT Trail Boss non Bose ...I replaced my Stock speakers with JBL Club 6x9's and Club 6.5's and my system sounds better than his Bose...No to mention if you plan on doing a aftermarket system you want to go non Bose in your truck..
  11. Will this work on a 2020 LT Trail Boss with the standard mirrors that come on the truck?I really only want the power folding mirrors ..So if I add the harness,and switches will that give me the power mirrors to work on the key fob?
  12. You can buy the Sirius XM radio module for the truck....https://www.infotainment.com/collections/all/products/factory-gm-siriusxm-satellite-radio-kit-for-option-code-ior?variant=31905410744356
  13. Let us know if the one with the dimming mirror is plug and play .....
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