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  1. My 2020 has a driveline vibration that is pretty noticeable during decel from 25-10 mph. It has factory shims pointing the pinion way down. I measured the front and rear working angles and the front is about .6 degree, and the rear is 3.8 degrees. I think they reversed them at the factory. I am thinking of flipping them around and driving it to recheck.
  2. If you lost gauges, radio and AC controls it sounds like the GM serial class 2 data wiring may have been shorted or pulled down. Try unplugging each 1 at a time to see if the others have functions return. One of the components may have been shorted. Did you disconnect the negative cable before removing the alarm? Did the alarm have piercing bayonet connectors clamped onto wires? If so some wires may have been broken by them during removal.
  3. It cost 800 for the boards on Offerup, 100 for connectors and wires, 40 in terminals, 50 in splitloom.
  4. I tried to add more pictures, but I am limited to 4.8 MB
  5. I reached out to the Harness Dr. and sunce he didn't have a harness available I was able to buy the wire, terminals, and connector bodies for the connections of the step motors and modules. They use molex 120 series connectors and Yazaki 150 series (i think). The UBEC had the electric step fuse in it, but the chassis harness didn't have the wiring in it so I added a single 2mm power wire to the black chassis connector that plugs into the bottom of the fuse block. I had to buy the conn socket terminal (found on digi-key website). That went into position G6 of the connector. I had to add a wire to connector x138 located a ove the driver inner fender, but below the airbox. It was a 20 way connector that attaches the chassis harness to the body. This wire was for the BRS cancel/disable circuit. My truck was prewired on the body side for the in dash swtich and that wire terminated at x138. I added the molex 120 series male terminal to the chassis side of the harness. I bought the multi-switch that contained the board switch and outlet switch alomg with one blank. The multi-switch conne tor was pre-wired and required no mods. The last wire to integrate to the trucks system was the GM low speed LAN data bus wire. This was tricky because not all trucks have the same options, so you may need to tap in somewhere else on hour particular truck. I was able to find that the floor harness had the wire located at the driver seat connector. I had to add a wire to pin 5 location to mate with the floor harness connector. my truck doesn't have a memeory seat module, so the seat harness has a vacant socket on the sear side and the GM Low LAN on the other. That connector is an ergo-mate 55 way by Aptive / delphi. Besides that it was a matter of connecting all the board wires to their control module using the factory diagram, and connector end views. I will post more pictures, and some part numbers for everyone. Keep in mind that I went the extra mile to integrate it all like factory, but instead of doing terminals like me, you can just clip the wires out of their connecors and connect them to your homemade board harness with butt connectors, for the GM Low LAN and cancel switch. You can also add the power wire directly to the power post on the fuse block and add an inline fuse. (lots of options) I am very ****** rententive with wiring and as a former GM Shop Foreman I have the knowledge of how to disassemble all the connectors and where to put everything. I tried to rout everything cleanly under the truck as well.
  6. Thanks, I look forward to that whenever the tonneau cover is off and I am tying down stuff.
  7. Just finish building the harness and finding all the wire locations to make the factory articulating running boards work on an LT silverado. Lots of research and time went into this mod. They work perfectly and have all the messages in the cluster when operated from the switch inside.
  8. Here it is. The 2019 Tahoe has different TPMS sensors than the 2020 Silverado.
  9. Just chiming in as a newbie her on the GM truck form. I just bought a 2020 Silverado Crew Cab and I just picked up a set of new Tahoe RST Take-off 22 in wheels. Before buying them I did a test fit and they cleared the caliper! The original 17s had 24mm stamping for the offfset as do the 22 Tahoe RSTs. I will post pictures of the truck once I put them on the truck.
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