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  1. Well, drove a 2019 Sierra SLT today and got it on the highway. Boom, same vibration. Granted the highway is right next to the dealership and it could be flat spotting on the tires as the truck only had 27 miles on it, seemed to get a little better the longer I drove it. Definitely doesn’t make me comfortable shelling out that amount of money to wind up with the same problem I have now . They said they would run it through service and see if it was the tires. They have a few of the same truck they’ll give me the same price on but don’t really want to be playing the “let’s hope this one doesn’t shake” game with $55k trucks. Fingers crossed it’s just the tires and if not I’ll be looking at other brands of trucks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all, I am in the market for a new truck and going to look at a 2019 Sierra SLT tomorrow. Question, is the 5.3L V8 badge removable on the fender? Or is there an overlay made yet that can go over it that says GMC or is just black or something? I know it's going to drive me crazy, but like almost everything else about the truck. Thanks in advance!
  3. Totally understand your point and I tend to agree, but mine has the dreaded vibration issues so looking to get out of it while it's still worth something. Part of why it's low mileage, we take my wife's car everywhere haha
  4. I'm in the same boat, have a 2014 Sierra with only 30k miles on it and it's paid off. Got offered $26k trade in and can get a new Sierra SLT for between $38k and $40k. It's nice to have a paid off truck, but hard to beat the equity I have in it so probably going to pull the trigger on the new one. I too am not a huge fan of all the chrome, and was thinking about getting an RST, but I can get the SLT for less money with way more options right now so probably going to go that route. Without the steps and the addition of black wheels it helps the flashy chrome factor a ton.
  5. My guess is it has something to do with this. Kyle and a few others have fixed their vibrations with new drive shafts and axels, and conveniently GM is manufacturing its own Drive Shafts and Axles in the new generation of trucks that don't shake. https://www.autonews.com/article/20170118/OEM10/170119776/gm-s-1-billion-investment-plan-to-take-toll-on-american-axle
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate the replies! Definitely was planning on a long test drive. Unfortunately I did that with my current truck and the Chevy Shake didn't show up until a few thousand miles. It seems like this new round of trucks is much better though!
  7. Hey all, Considering purchasing a 2019 Sierra or Silverado. My current truck (2014 Sierra) has been flawless other than the dreaded highway vibration. I don't spend much time on the highway so it hasn't been a huge issue for me. I have a ton of equity in my truck (only 30k miles) and thinking about upgrading, especially with the rear air for dogs, our 4 month old baby, and no shaking. Just seeing if I am relatively safe with the new platform. Thanks in advance!
  8. If you’re flexible on the price of the door handles I’ll take them off of your hands. Let me know what you need to get out of them and we can make a deal. Thanks!
  9. Totally understand! Some of the paint is chipping on my driver door handle and even with buying all four, still cheaper than a trip to the body shop. I will keep you posted! You wouldn't happen to be selling the grille would you? Have been looking for a white diamond all terrain grille for a while. Thanks again man.
  10. Are the door handles still for sale? Would you consider parting with just the fronts? Thanks in advance!
  11. Like the title says, looking to buy a White Diamond All Terrain Grille off of a 2014 or 2015 Sierra. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey Jack, Would you say it's worth doing the drive shaft alone? I'd like to get rid of my vibes but really don't feel like tackling the axles. Happy to do the work for the driveshaft though. I'd honestly be very happy getting rid of 80-90% of the vibes. What symptoms did you originally have? Mine is pretty much always there but worse on some days then others and notice that going downhill or uphill changes the frequency of them too. I have tried pretty much everything else except drive shaft and axles. Thanks man!
  13. I read another article that says the best way to check it is with the driveshaft not attached, the wheels and tires off and the brake rotors off. Guessing the extra rotating mass throws it off.
  14. So in this video by Yukon, they show at the end how to check the preload. Would be interesting for a few of us to test this out and see what the preload is truly set at. There was a recall for some of our trucks indicating that the pinion nut was loose. Wondering if this spans a lot more trucks than the original recall. Would be killer if this is truly what the issue was and would explain why replacing ring and pinions and axles etc fixed it because when putting everything back together the preload was set when it originally wasn't from the factory. Sad if gm missed something this simple which I doubt. Hoping it's the fix for some! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5cSWh1id9mY
  15. So glad we are headed in the right direction. I love my truck minus the shake and have been here since day one. Would gladly drop $700 to make it go away. I was thinking about tackling this myself as well. Where did you order the Yukon's from? Thanks for your post, it gives some (if not most) of us some hope!
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