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  1. The Tundra’s actually started with a 38 gallon tank in 2016 for trim levels of SR5 Upgrade and above. Where I thoroughly enjoy the larger tank, it does have a large reserve. I’ve ran mine down to about 10 miles of range and put in roughly 28 gallons.
  2. What kind of fuel range are you guys seeing out of your trucks? I believe the 1500 has a 26 gallon tank, anyone run there’s down until the fuel light comes on? I’m curious how many gallons you were able to put in.
  3. Hmmmm, I would’ve thought maybe 1-2 better on the highway with the extra gears but maybe the additional weight won’t matter.
  4. Good Morning, Have there been any EPA official ratings released for this powertrain in 2020? Any rumors on what it might be?
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