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  1. I do not have one. I’d say, I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting to jump into the market when I feel the time is right:).
  2. I've seen your video on YouTube, I think you did a fine job talking about the truck and engine. The black, Z71 with 20" wheels really looks awesome.
  3. Yes on WDH. The issue with my neighbors, I’ll hand them a beer and they’ll need another one by the time we walk from the garage to the truck.
  4. Would installing aftermarket shocks like Bilstein's 5100 help reduce squat? I see most guys install them for overall better ride quality but would they help off-set squat from tongue weight of a trailer too?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to post the picture. The visualization is nice to see. Although I realize each truck is spec’s differently as well as each trailer so squat is likely to change.
  6. Ya, I’m aware of that. I honestly don’t envision going more than a weekend at this point with the age of our kids. Most places we’ll have full hookups too.
  7. Nope. Don’t own it. The spec dry weight is is 3600 lbs and I figure about 500-1000 lbs will be add for what we plan to do with the travel for our trips.
  8. Do you think a 4,000-5,000 lbs TT with 10-15% hitch weight and distribution hitch would sag much on the Z71 suspension?
  9. Does anyone have any pictures of their trucks with this specification hitched up to their trailer? I’m curious to see how much squat is in effect with different trailer weights. Thanks!
  10. Can someone educate me/correct my understanding if I have this wrong? Say a truck has a curb weight of 5454 and a GVWR of 7100 lbs and has a RGAW of 3800 lbs. Does the front axle have a rating of 3300 lbs then? If you load passengers and pulling a TT with a hitch weight of 500 lbs how can you tell if you’re over axle? Or is the only way to go to a CAT scale and get a cert? Would it be safe to assume most of the passenger in the vehicle be put on the front axle and the hitch weight of the trailer plus any cargo in the bed be put on the rear?
  11. Yup. One of the reasons the Sierra has real advantage for me over the Silverado even though I personally prefer the look of the Chevy but I can really see myself using the buttons on the back door with kids etc.
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