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  1. I’ve been following this thread for a while now and I believe it was first mentioned by another member, but you can order an AT4 with a solid window but the only package you can add which is very minimal is driver alert 1. When you get to the accessories tab you can what looks to be universal remote for your garage door(s). I would’ve really like some of the other options especially the Bose speaker system but oh well. I believe you can on an SLT too but you can’t get front bucket seats if I remember correctly.
  2. The frame looked to be a little thicker when I intitally looked at the OP’s pictures. No?
  3. Nice to see some physical changes being done to address the issue. Hope it’s the fix everyone’s been waiting for.
  4. Is navigation only an option on LTZ trims or higher or does anyone have an LT with it? Thanks!
  5. Good eyes! Would you mind sharing what salon you go to? Your toes look great btw. ?
  6. $8,000 dealer discount!? Wow. That’s one of the more hefty dealer discounts I’ve seen. Good for you.
  7. Going back to your comment of why GM would offer it on some packages/trim combos and not others, my guess is demand for certain trims is demand is too high and they feel confident they can sell the truck without the discount. Hell, some dealerships around my neck of the woods flat out told me they normally offer the educator discount but aren’t currently because supply is so tight aka, not needed to sell the truck. In one particular case the truck I inquired about was sold about three days later.
  8. What website are you using to do your build that’s reflective of the ED/SP discount?
  9. Interesting. When I was being quoted by dealers for new trucks, they often referred to the educator discount as supplier pricing. That’s at least been my experience thus far.
  10. Now that I’m back to considering an HD, are you sure they’re not included? I saw a list of 2020 vehicles and it just lists Silverado and Sierra without labeling any class specifically. Did a dealer tell you they weren’t accepting it anymore?
  11. I think someone else here made a hint that it's body flex causing the leak as GM took too much "meat" out of the cab to make it as light as possible, which if you look at the HD models, very few ( I think one member) had the leaking window issue. But it doesn't seem to be nearly as widespread on the HD trucks. Well, I'm glad I wasn't overly aggressive in pursuing a 2021. I guess I'll have to look at Ridgelines now. Ha ha...never.
  12. Well, there goes that. I was hoping the 21's would be fixed.
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