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  1. Good to know they fixed the recent design.
  2. I thought it looked a lot like the Ford design too. Hope it works out for GM.
  3. Is it just my bad eyes or does this look like a new rear sliding window design? https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/10/refreshed-2022-silverado-rst-spotted-for-the-first-time-live-photos/
  4. Yup, well said. I'm gonna quote the movie Super Bad and say, "people don't forget."
  5. Current Tundra owner. Looking to get a GM because I have boring interior and bad mpg. Ha!
  6. Nice! Good for you. Glad it all worked out. Honestly, I’ll have no problem continuing to support the dealer that’s ordered my truck for future purchases even though they’re 2 hours away compare to the dealer that’s 10 miles from my house.
  7. I live in CA as well and had similar experience with using the educator discount since my wife is a teacher. I ended up ordering a truck through a dealer 2 hours away who advertised on their website they do offer/honor the educator discount. I don’t know exactly what the program is called, but the dealer sent me a screen shot that caps the rebate for the month of March as the floor for when my truck arrives middle of May. So, right now the rebate on 2021 Silverados is $4250, if the rebate is lower than that come May, GM will cover the difference. I believe the order has to be placed before the 31st of this month. Maybe they’ll continue it in April as well? Depending on how far you’re willing to drive, I’d me more than happy to share the contact information of the dealership and sales manager I’d dealing with.
  8. I wonder if this sealant is in tight supply and they’re just spreading out the very little supply they do have on hand to get the trucks out the door?
  9. I suppose it could? Some buyers may not be knowledgeable enough to even know there was an 8 or 10 speed trucks or care for that matter.
  10. There was an article on GM Authority a few weeks ago stating they were dumping $75 million into the 10 speed plant in Ohio for expanded production. I just think the demand has out stripped the supply for the 10 speeds and rather than hold up production on the entire vehicle, they’re being supplemented with 8 speeds right now.
  11. Not sure. Check out the article I posted. Maybe your symptoms are a reflection of what their talking about?
  12. This just came out today.... https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/03/gm-to-replace-eight-speed-transmissions-in-some-2021-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-units/
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