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  1. Id love to get the blue one for my AT4 as well. I wonder when it will be available. It would also be nice if Leer or ARE would come up with a way to put the rear view camera in the camper top.
  2. I got the entire front end, partial hood, A pillars, fenders, headlights and fog lights covered with XPEL then the entire truck ceramic coated with GTecniq ultra. I paid $1450 cash. Great investment to protect an expensive truck.
  3. I misread the numbers my mistake....The dealership told me they were on back order as well.
  4. I was at the dealership this morning getting a couple recalls taken care of and while I was there I had the parts department look up the blacked out Carbon Pro emblems and exhaust tips since I am thinking about buying them. The part numbers that were listed above did not come up in The dealerships system. This is the part numbers they gave me while looking up a Carbon Pro VIN #. FYI Gm parts direct website has them for a lot cheaper.
  5. Just ordered a set. Will see how it goes when they come in.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I’ll give it a shot. Why wouldn’t this be done at the factory? Doesn’t make much sense to me but then again it is GM.
  7. Seems like everything on my 2020 AT4 has HID/LED lights except for the license plate. Has anyone changed out the bulbs if so which ones did you use and where they easy to change out?
  8. Weathertech has them for the 2019 GMC Sierra. I emailed Weathertech a while back asking them if the 2019 AT4 mudflaps would work on my 2020 AT4 and they said they couldn’t verify that yet. I think they would work since the body didn’t change between 2019-2020. I haven’t ordered anything yet.
  9. I have the Factory bed liner on my At4 and I used the weather strip along the front. It doesn’t leak from there just the corners. I would put the weatherstrip on to help with the front but that will still leave your corners that leak.
  10. I have the same cover. You will soon find out it leaks pretty bad. I do like your idea of maybe using duct putty. I was thinking about using black RTV sealant but I like the putty idea better. Other than it leaking I Iike the way the cover functions and overall look.
  11. Thanks! I didn’t know if you drove they turned off. I know if you keep hitting them they turn off. Just would be nice if they had something inside to say/show they were on.
  12. Following....great idea. Also, I wish there was something that would come on the dash to show if they were on. Ive hit that button by mistake instead of the fog lights. And no idea if I turn them off without getting out of the truck.
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