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  1. I have the same cover. You will soon find out it leaks pretty bad. I do like your idea of maybe using duct putty. I was thinking about using black RTV sealant but I like the putty idea better. Other than it leaking I Iike the way the cover functions and overall look.
  2. Thanks! I didn’t know if you drove they turned off. I know if you keep hitting them they turn off. Just would be nice if they had something inside to say/show they were on.
  3. Following....great idea. Also, I wish there was something that would come on the dash to show if they were on. Ive hit that button by mistake instead of the fog lights. And no idea if I turn them off without getting out of the truck.
  4. I test drove a 2019 AT4 with the 5.3 8-speed and ended up buying 2020 AT4 with the 5.3 10 speed. I think the throttle was noticeably better with the 10-speed as well as the tuned shocks are better as well.
  5. I wonder if you have a kink in a hose somewhere or a bad washer fluid pump.
  6. Has anyone installed weather tech mud flaps on there 2020 Sierra? On there website they only have them for 2019’s. I don’t believe GM changed anything in the wheel wells between the 2019 and 2020 but not 100% sure if they will work.
  7. Haha...I Can’t put a dollar figure on the money I lost for the paint chips but I did see that the dealer is selling my avalanche for $4000 more than they gave me and they didn’t fix any of the paint.
  8. I just picked up a 2020 AT4 crew cab pacific blue...MSRP $63,800 and got it for $54500 before TTL. They also threw in the REV hard-folding tonneau cover.
  9. Thanks for your input. I’m going to get a quote for the 3m and see what they come up with. I just know that over 11 years with my black avalanche it had quite a few rock chips on the hood/front end.
  10. I don’t consider the 6.2 making the truck fully loaded it’s just a different motor. There no way in hell I would pay for premium fuel for a pickup truck let alone 2500 extra for a little more horsepower. If I was concerned about horsepower I would have bought a Sportscar.
  11. I finally joined the club. I pulled the trigger on a fully loaded 2020 Pacific Blue AT4 after many months of researching and following this forum. I almost bought a 2019 a few months ago but, since I wanted the 5.3, I waited for the 2020 with the 10 speed. I absolutely love this truck so far. I’m coming from a 2008 Avalanche so everything is an upgrade and no complaints so far except for the REV hard folding tonneau leaks like a siv. I know many are disappointed with the interior of these trucks but it’s perfect for what I need it for. I do have a few questions and if anyone has some input I would love to hear it... 1) I’m thinking about getting the truck ceramic coated/front end wrapped. What would be a reasonable price to look for and is it worth it? 2) How do I get this Rev cover to stop leaking? I was going to us black exterior caulk to fill voids at the corners.
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