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  1. Is anyone else having issues with there sunroof leaking? Today marks 1 year owning my 2020 AT4 1500 and I just dropped it off for the 3rd time at the dealer for my sunroof leaking. First time in they said nothing was wrong. Second time in they said they had to adjust it because it wasn’t sitting flush. Today I dropped it off and they said there going to replace the seal around the sunroof. Every time I can visually see water dripping across the front of the sunroof into my headliner. I know I have read a lot of people having issues with the rear window leaking but no so much sunroofs.
  2. I’ve been looking into these as well but have found limited info. I did email them asking about the rear view mirror camera that I have in my truck but of course it will not work with this cap or any other cap manufactured right now. That’s the only thing holding me back on ordering a cap. It does look kick ass on your truck though. Post some more pictures when possible.
  3. Valid point...guess I will leave it how it is.
  4. Ya I comes with a lock so you can’t lower it down but it doesn’t stop someone from cutting the wire that holds it up in the center of the spare.
  5. What’s everyone doing for a spare tire lock? Debating on just running a cable through to the frame and a weatherproof lock. I just don’t want it to rust and screw me if I ever need to use it.
  6. I just installed them last weekend. It was pretty easy but you do have to remove the tires and drill a couple holes. Also, it comes with 4 rivets for the front ones so make sure you have a rivet gun. Overall I like them a lot better then the Weathertech ones that my dad has on his Silverado.
  7. Has anyone installed the corsa cold air intake on there truck? I’ve seen a lot of guys run the rotofab and the GM one but haven’t seen anything on Corsa. I would think they make a superior product because of there exhaust systems.
  8. This is with them reinstalled...I think it came out really good and only cost me $10.
  9. Hard to get pictures of the 3 10mm bolts on top of the exhaust tips. I had to fish the air ratchet into the bumper from the back side to loosen two of the three bolts... but here’s how they came out. Sandblasted, 3 coats of high temp primer and 3 coats of high temp gloss black
  10. Just took mine off in about 10 minutes without removing the bumper step. The key was using an air ratchet with 10mm socket. Has anyone sprayed there own with high temp gloss black paint? Im going to sandblast the chrome off first. Then I’m going to use Rustoleum high temp primer and then use Rustoleum high temp gloss black spray paint.
  11. I live in Lake Zurich IL. I got a few different quotes and ended up going with Auto Image in Barrington. Got XPEL PPF on entire front end, a pillars, 12l on hood and fenders, windows tinted, the entire truck ceramic coated w 9 year GTechniq. They did an awesome job. I think it was around $1800
  12. Thank you for the input and I would agree keeping most water out is better than the inner tailgate not closing without popping the top
  13. My truck is at the dealer now. There keeping the truck to get my rear door aligned properly as well as look at me Rev hard-folding cover. They tried to screw me around saying that leaking is normal. I understand that it’s not going to be watertight but the amount of water that gets in is ridiculous. Not sure what there going to come up with. My original sales guy said maybe swap it for the Rev hard rolling cover. Anyone have the hard rolling cover or any input on it?
  14. A little pricey for a piece of rubber....I just take my hitch out
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