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  1. Finally got a better picture. I'm loving the emblem.
  2. I found it a thousand times easier popping the red out those plastic welds easily popped free for me. It was easier to get to the clips from the front unless you have any other suggestions to get the whole letter off?
  3. Got mine done its definitely hard to see in the day but looks great at night! Like said above works perfectly fine for the 2019 and isn't too hard to install I'll get some better pics this was just after install
  4. Got mine today any tips to on getting the GMC emblem off? Do you have to break them or is it possible to keep them?
  5. Yeah those are the same parts numbers I put in the post earlier. I get employee price on parts which is a few bucks better than what I could find them for online.
  6. What year is your truck? The emblem already looks soooooo much better without that chrome surround!
  7. Awesome thank you for this post! It looks like the one you ordered came with the rear emblem too from the instructions it looks like both? I was talking with my parts manager at the dealership it looks like there are two options one that comes with the rear emblem and one without? Also it looks like it should work just fine for the 19 as well as the 20 is yours a 20? I'm pretty excited now!
  8. Yeah I think im going to go illuminated. I'm not positive it will work its not a option in the 2019 accessories page. I know they are the same emblem but talking with my parts manager it may not have the right wiring harness but we just aren't sure until it shows up. I was planning on taking off the front emblem and plastidiping it but we got about a foot of snow and a cold snap down in the teens. I'll probably get it done here in a few days.
  9. Here's the ridge in the door I am talking about.
  10. Here's a Pic of the packaging they come in I just lined up the top of that white foam to ridge on the door. They came off pretty easy just hit them with a heat gun for a few seconds (it's been very cold here) then fishing lined behind them they came right off hit it with the wheel cleaned with alcohol made sure it was dry then lined them up and stuck them on.
  11. They come in this Styrofoam cut out that lines right up with the ridge in the metal of the door I'll grab a pick of it as well. I also used a suction laser level just to be sure but I had that laying around I'm not sure it was really even needed. My other option I was going to do was frame the old one with masking tape use that as my guide
  12. 84690478 is the bigger door one 84690479 is the smaller tailgate one.
  13. Correct that's exactly what I had to do
  14. One is for doors the other is tailgate. The doors are the same just had to order 2
  15. Just ran across this today. Has anyone installed the new illuminated GMC emblem on their truck yet? I'd like to know how the install is and what it actually looks like in a truck. What's everyone's thoughts on them? I'm thinking of getting one but I'm kind of on the fence with it being too much. Part number is 84741557
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