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  1. Anyone know if the Sierra hooks and Silverado hooks are interchangeable? The rough country site says it won't fit my truck but I can't imagine they are different.
  2. I work as a salesman at a dealer in another state. I can tell you dealer invoice on that truck is $61,856.40 I can't tell you what rebates are available to you without your zip code. Do you qualify for supplier pricing(company you work for, active/retired military, educator, first responder)? GM has many different options on rebates too so if you don't want to give some random dude on the internet I understand but you can always tell me a neighboring city's zip too if that works. I can tell you the AT4 this month in the region I'm in doesn't have a ton of rebates but that varies region to region.
  3. Only had it for 1 day now and have found myself "getting on it" more to hear that roar ?? I can't imagine it would affect the fuel economy that much but I'll update after a week or so with my findings.
  4. Those look great any links to what they are or where you got them?
  5. That is weird I got mine from a local dealer for them. Might want to give that a try.
  6. I do not think they make it in the carbon flash color. On the carbon pros it's still chrome for some reason I went with the removal option for it. IMO it's too cluttered with it. You could go with the plastidip method on them I did it on the chrome part of my rear gmc emblem. Plastidiping the Sierra part would be super easy though if you went that route. I'll check with my parts department and see if they can find anything.
  7. It's legitimately huge (yes those are 5 gallon buckets it's nearly as tall as one) I wasnt sure it would fit until it did. Here's a link to it for the 6.2L version. https://www.sbfilters.com/cold-air-intakes/silverado-sierra-1500-intake-75-5128?variant_id=431
  8. It can use up to 3 places to get air from. These on the side that pulls from the headlight/wheel well, the factory location, and there is a big panel on the side that pulls from the engine bay if I'm not mistaken but it does come with a cover for that one if you live in dusty or warmer environments.
  9. Been trying to decide which intake to do. I've always been a K&N guy and nearly went with them again until I had someone recommend S&B they weren't sure if they made one for the T1s yet but they do. She's a sexy beast and the filter that comes with it is gigantic! Sound is amazing you can hear her sucking all that air.
  10. They have a flake in them definitely a glossy metallic paint
  11. Finally got a better picture. I'm loving the emblem.
  12. I found it a thousand times easier popping the red out those plastic welds easily popped free for me. It was easier to get to the clips from the front unless you have any other suggestions to get the whole letter off?
  13. Got mine done its definitely hard to see in the day but looks great at night! Like said above works perfectly fine for the 2019 and isn't too hard to install I'll get some better pics this was just after install
  14. Got mine today any tips to on getting the GMC emblem off? Do you have to break them or is it possible to keep them?
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