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  1. It’s a common issue. I had it on my 2019 but it appears to be fixed on my 2020. My Dealer never was able to fix it.
  2. Nice to hear someone got a well behaved A8. The 10 speed is very good it’s what I have now.
  3. This is a very common issue with the A8 transmission. Usually it’s only the first shift of the day. Once the transmission warms a bit it’s usually fine. Honestly I can’t believe they are still producing this turd.
  4. Yea you should have the new fluid. I believe they started using it in January of 19.
  5. The A8 transmission can really be miserable. The jerk is from the fluid bleeding out of the torque converter. What was your build date? They have a double fluid flush TSB that many say helps using a different trans fluid. Call your dealer.
  6. This is 100% correct. You might want to ask a tuner if they can turn that feature off.
  7. I would go and check out your states lemon law first before getting a lawyer. FYI one of the GM reps “John” assigned to my case was fired from GM around that time frame and I lost communication for awhile also. You may have been dealing with this same guy. Google the BBB auto line and get the case opened with them first. This will cost you nothing and it did work for me. Please feel free to message me here if you need help.
  8. Hi and Welcome to the Forum! I have had my diesel for about 1 month now no issues and I really love it. Make sure you study the diesel supplement in the owners manual.
  9. My repurchase was solely based on the differential and drive shaft noise while in 2WD /Jingle.
  10. That’s usually a tire issue. I haven’t noticed it at all. Do you an aggressive tread tire on the truck?
  11. A Great reference for why AFM and DFM is horrible for your transmission. The thread is over 1400 pages. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c7-general-discussion/3999067-a8-transmission-failure-tracking.html
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