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  1. Mine didn't come up on the GM site either. Call your service department and have the service writer check for it.
  2. I have noticed after the reflash for the DEF TSB im using more DEF now. So keep an eye on your DEF gauge.
  3. Totally normal It should fade by the time you hit 5000 miles. The regen cycle will always produce a little smell even after 5000 miles. when you are down 3 bars on the def gauge you can add a whole 2.5 gallon jug of def.
  4. I will be very happy to surrender all of my BBB papers and decision declarations.
  5. The No Parts available for a known defect is a case. Contact the BBB and get going. Trust me this issue is well known to the BBB and GM. Once the ball is rolling I will be willing to help anyone here with there cases. Will be happy to give you my name and case numbers to verify GM re purchased mine for the same issue. just PM me when the time comes. If mine was repurchased yours should be too.
  6. It could be, because the DEF regeneration raises the idle somewhat. Sometimes I do hear a pronounced clacking sound when driving. It could also be the fuel I normally use Shell.
  7. I had the DEF recall done about 2 weeks ago as well. Mine was certainly using DEF fluid so im not completely sure what the re flash fixed. On the knocking I do notice at times a pronounced "big rig" sound coming from my little 6 banger that surprises me, however I think diesels just do that. Mine will do this once in a while too.
  8. Go after them as I did. File for a lemon law buy back. Study your states lemon law rules. Go after them I won my case you can too. No one should have to listen to that racket.
  9. I would say a good power washing then some spray on rust reformer then a coat of spray on bed liner would help greatly.
  10. I'm afraid its today's GM. The former Giant just isn't too good anymore. Mary Barra's cost cutting at its finest.
  11. I have the 3.0L diesel now with the 10 speed. I run it on all of my A-8 equipped Corvettes with no issues. No fuel economy issues at all.
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