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  1. Unfortunately fishing mostly. But you have to play the game at first and who knows it might work.
  2. Yes that's the sound and about the right mileage too. I have 3900 miles on my new truck and so far I have yet to hear anything.
  3. I think I saw a TSB on this issue said it was the leaf springs needing adjustment.
  4. What is your DEF fluid level? Also try disconnecting the battery wait 20 mins and see what happens. You can also have OnStar do a remote diagnosis.
  5. No, its flush to the body. It uses 3M type double sided molding tape. Its applied pretty much like like the manufacturer applies most exterior moldings and trim. Its more or less like a second skin to the front of the hood. Its intended not to be removed once applied and to last the life of the hood.
  6. It’s pre painted by Lund/Auto Ventshade. Below is the model number. I ordered direct from Lund/AVS
  7. Perfectly color matched to the truck. Almost completely flush. The unit just about disappears on the Truck.
  8. OK, the stink is from a DEF regeneration. Its going to happen about every 500 miles and after about 3000 miles it will reduce greatly. Now do you have a loaner car if not demand one. Most states have a 30 day out of service lemon law clause that basically makes GM buy the truck back. (ask me why I know) I have about 3500 miles on my 3.0L with no issues at all except a recall. If your truck is stranded for more than 3 weeks apply to the BBB autoline and file a buyback claim. You will be shocked how quickly your car will be repaired. Please keep us up to date it will help all 3.0L owners here.
  9. The dealer most likely did it and is passing the blame so you dont get mad at them. Have the Dealer do a locate and find you one similar and let them eat it.
  10. Try some runs in awd only. Only then can you rule out the jingle issue.
  11. I have the clunk just had it in to the dealer and of course they said they couldn't reproduce it. Please keep me posted.
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