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  1. It appears mine was already replaced and the part numbers are exactly the same as the one the a Dealer replaced two month prior.
  2. Yes there are other avenues to follow besides the BBB. GM is required by law to repair defects while the vehicle is under warranty otherwise it’s a breech of warranty claim. If they won’t /can’t fix your vehicle and it’s still under warranty they are obligated by law to make it right. If for some reason GM can’t or refuses to do so Call the above law firm. Have all your documents and service history ready when you call.
  3. Oh that’s just nonsense. If you don’t want to go through the BBB and your vehicle legitimately meets your states lemon law requirements just sue them it will take awhile but as long as you have all documentation needed you can’t lose if the firm accepts your case. They won’t accept cases however that don’t meet your States lemon laws. Here is who to call. They pay all fees and work with most States.I have used this firm before with great success. If my arbitration goes south for some reason you can be sure I will use them again and I will sue the $hit out of GM. I won my last case with GM 20 years ago. https://call.yourlemonlawrights.com/illinois-lemon-law-attorney/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwrfvsBRD7ARIsAKuDvMOIvM-jb2ZWtHdJTMfGOapDYFXj0ZuOcPULvGNQGsuoI2PpeV-EF0QaAlPWEALw_wcB
  4. I have the same issue dealer can’t find the problem and there is no TSB so far.
  5. *****UP DATE****** I would suggest going back and looking at all of my posts. I had the truck in two weeks ago for GMs miracle fix TSB and the selling dealer refused to work on the truck. Selling dealer said all the new parts GM had them order were EXACTLY the same part numbers they installed 2 months earlier. After the new parts were installed in July the sound went away for about 3000 miles but came back . To date this is the only Fix GM has and it did not work for me. I am now in the process of reopening the buy back dispute with GM and the BBB and have also retained an attorney. GM is in total denial over this issue and seems to have no lasting fix at the present time. I would encourage all with the issue to file with the BBB to protect yourselves and your investment. More to come.
  6. UPDATE... My truck is going in Friday for the new axle squeak fix. They also offered a 72/100,000 mile warranty free of charge on the whole truck. The BBB has suspended the arbitration for now until the truck is repaired. If the fix does not work the arbitration case will re open.
  7. So today I get a call from GM just 12 days before my arbitration date that they have good news they now have the fix in place for my Silverado. GM said they will call the dealer on Tuesday. Has anyone had this so called fix successfully completed yet?
  8. By the way a GM PiP is NOT the same as a TSB. The PIP only tells the service department they are aware of the problem and a fix is pending. A TSB is a bulletin telling Dealers a fix is finalized and in place. So If there is a TSB on this issue who has the number.?
  9. That would be me My BBB arbitration will be on September 12th keep you all posted.
  10. No updates to report. My truck will be going into BBB arbitration within the next 30 days.
  11. Mine is excessively bouncy I was going to change out the shocks. I have a 2019 regular Silverado with 4 WD.
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