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  1. Tons of issues with my 2019 GM ended up repurchasing it. My 2020 3.0L is much better. The 8 speed automatic is a toilet google how many class action law suites GM has pending against them.
  2. Its the torque converter in the 8 speed. Its been an on going issue on C7 Corvettes as well. Its just a poorly designed transmission. It will have to be rebuilt most likely. IT IS NOT NORMAL GM check out the class action law suits on this transmission.
  3. This is a long on going issue. See the Jingle Jingle thread in this section all 67 pages of it. The only fix is to contact the BBB and start a buyback claim with GM its your only way out. They repurchased mine with the exact same issue. It takes some time but its the ONLY way right now to resolve the issue.
  4. Consider getting the 3.0L Diesel I absolutely love mine. No jingle whatsoever.
  5. Correction my buyback was solely for the jingle. And yes I was awarded a new truck or money back.
  6. Absolutely no audio on start up however the screen was working. Tried shutting truck down and restart still nothing. Even the turn signals had no clicking sound. After a few hours of being parked it was all back to normal again. Anyone else?
  7. Add me to the list as well. POP/Creak coming from the left side front of the drivers seat somewhere. annoying.
  8. What you are getting is normal the system will very by tire temperatures.
  9. Im guessing so. The regeneration cycles are much more frequent now.
  10. Well I had the required re flash done for the DEF system and now she is drinking DEF like a $2 hooker drinks Ripple. I would say 50% more def consumption than before. Keep an eye on the DEF gauge folks.
  11. Mine didn't come up on the GM site either. Call your service department and have the service writer check for it.
  12. I have noticed after the reflash for the DEF TSB im using more DEF now. So keep an eye on your DEF gauge.
  13. Totally normal It should fade by the time you hit 5000 miles. The regen cycle will always produce a little smell even after 5000 miles. when you are down 3 bars on the def gauge you can add a whole 2.5 gallon jug of def.
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