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  1. GM knows whats causing it they just don't have a fix for it yet. And no time frame as to when the fix will be available. They have instructed Dealers to stop trying to repair the trucks that suffer from it. See the screen shot below.
  2. Well this is what I thought also. They replaced my front differential and half shafts and everything was fine for about the first 800-1000 miles then it slowly came back again just as it did when the truck was new. Now im jingling once again. GM has put out a directive to Dealers not to repair the issue until GM engineering figures it out. However for me with no firm time frame for the repair fix its just not good enough. If I wanted to buy a Truck that sounds like trash going down the interstate I could have saved myself $50K and bought one with 150K miles on it.
  3. Yes it did after about 800 miles almost the same time as when it was new.
  4. Join the club after I refused the extended warranty offer its been crickets from GM. No matter if they don't do the right thing by me I will sue them through Krohn and Moss lemon lawyers.
  5. Im in the middle of a buy back case myself. It seems GM put this truck to market way before it was ready. Call the BBB and at least get your paperwork started.
  6. So this Morning I start the truck and I have a check engine light come on and get this email. I decided to go with the buy back/exchange I just cant take this any more. If GM fights it im going to sue them for putting me through this mess.
  7. Well I just got an offer from GM on my jingle lemon. They are offering to extend the factory warranty to 72 months or 100K miles 0 deductible in lew of a replacement. what are your thoughts??
  8. Get a replacement with the newest build possible. Whats the worst that could happen, you get a brand new unit and it starts chirping again BUT they already said they are working on a fix so at least you get a newer unit for your trouble and in the end maybe 6 months down the road they come up with permanent a fix.
  9. Now its time to file for a buyback. No Fix is breach of warranty. Trying to figure out isn't getting your truck to perform as designed. Who knows how long its going to take them to come up with a fix?? Protect yourself get your BBB paperwork started soon.
  10. It’s an internal GM memo to dealers. Not really meant for public eyes.
  11. Also you could try putting a tank full of premium gas in it just to see if it might be a spark knock issue.
  12. I would get it in and have the Dealer look at it. The 6.2 is known to have rocker issues in the Corvette community.
  13. This is the 6.2L in my Corvette. They are not quiet engines but yours does sound a little clacky.
  14. They just issued a stop fix bulletin on May 29th for this issue. look in this thread around page 6. It states more or less that GM is working on a fix but its not officially out yet and dealers should stop trying to repair it until they release the fix.

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