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  1. No updates to report. My truck will be going into BBB arbitration within the next 30 days.
  2. Mine is excessively bouncy I was going to change out the shocks. I have a 2019 regular Silverado with 4 WD.
  3. You should not drive it on dry pavement in Auto so im told. I got a call from GM yesterday. My arbitration is close and GM is trying to settle.
  4. Non repair Its a breach of warranty and is covered under the federal Moss Magnuson Federal warranty act. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnuson–Moss_Warranty_Act
  5. Perfect its now a breach of warranty case for the lemon law.
  6. Attached is a letter I received from Gm stating the truck is currently non repairable. This response is from my certified letter to them for last chance to repair.
  7. Im going to ask GM to put it in writing for my future legal case, that it wont effect safety or further damage the Truck and have engineering sign off on it. Then will see what they do or say. Hey if its 100% true they should have no issue with that.
  8. I had everything replaced and the sound came back in about 1000 miles. I got a call the other day from GM regarding my buyback and the lady said they can not do a final inspection as long as GM has that no fix available bullion in place. So this works in my favor because the truck is now being deemed "unrepairable" and hence qualifies for breech of warranty.
  9. If the BBB fails and it shouldn’t because Illinois law states a non conformity not safety issue I will simply sue GM.
  10. I just got a call today from the GM business resource center after they got my certified letter for the final BBB inspection and she said they have no fix yet so the inspection is null and I should continue on with the BBB for the repurchase.
  11. Could be a harmonic balancer issue. With the motor running look at the balancer for movement.
  12. The lighting on my screen sometimes wont come on bright in day light hours and sometimes at night it wont dim and its to bright. I find taking the headlamp switch from auto to manual and back again usually corrects it for the time being anyway.
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