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  1. Not really sure how much difference there is in caliper size between a gm 2500 and a f250 but that could be it, the f250 seems to stop better
  2. Bought a 2500 sierra denali a week ago, It seems to me that i have to push excessively on my brake pedal to stop, but not sure that maybe i`m just used to the f250 diesel that i drove for 8 years. Has anyone else felt this way ?
  3. The cheapest I have found a Denali diesel in Texas is around 67k, I like the grill on the Denali
  4. Alot of the dealerships, are selling out of 2500 Denalis, but here in little Greenville texas they have 9, they are tring to get 70k on a msrp of 78k, gonna wait and see what happens in May with incentives
  5. Anyone been able to find a 2500hd Denali diesel for 13 to 14k off ? best I have seen is $10,500 In the dfw area
  6. Anything around 65k for a 2500 hd diesel denali around dfw, prefer the white frost
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