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  1. I tow several different trailers, some with 2" ball and some with 2 5/16" ball. Sometimes I switch a couple times a day. I use the weigh safe 180 and love it for the ease of change back and forth and height adjustability for the different trailers I use. I use the 8" drop and it worked well for me on my 2016 2500, and my 2020 3500
  2. Thanks for the info, I would love to get one. I'm kind of holding off to see how this pandemic shakes out before putting out the money. I see the bumpers are also made in Montana, are you affiliated.
  3. So the bumper itself was reasonably easy to install and fit is good? I don't have front camera or heater plug so that's not a worry.
  4. I love the look. I had an Iron Bull bumper and grill guard on my 07 1500 and have been thinking about one for my 2020 3500. I took out a big eight point in Iowa with that bumper and didn't even scratch anything. Paid for the bumper right then and there. Did you install it yourself and how did it work with the sensors for park assist and air bags.
  5. Yes I'm thinking the SeaLights should fit I will probably order them soon.
  6. Thanks for the additional links and info. I'm thinking seriously about giving the Sealights a shot. although the Amazon link says it doesn't fit my truck
  7. I experience exactly what you describe with mine. don't know why a 50k truck should be this way. The one LED bulb option in your other thread was $144 each. kind of spendy to experiment with
  8. Thanks for response, I was hoping there was a solution that didn't require changing out the whole headlight assembly. maybe there are better halogens out there. Yes I saw that thread and was hoping for more confirmation of possible options. I know since these trucks are so new that solutions are still evolving.
  9. So my new 2020 3500HD LT lights are very unsatisfactory. The low beams are what I would describe as ok, and the high beams are only a bit brighter. Although on low beam and country roads I occasionally get flashed as though they think I'm on high beam. My 2016 2500HD WT lights were much better, especially the high beams that would actually light up the roadway well ahead of the low beams. I saw the thread about converting to LED's and have also seen a lot of info out there about halogen light based fixtures not being designed properly for LED and that it could be a real problem for other oncoming drivers, if LED's are switched out. I'm wondering if anyone that has switched out the halogens for the LED's has had any trouble with blinding oncoming traffic and if they have really been better. Also wondering if there is an upgraded halogen bulb to use that anyone has experience with.
  10. So far the 8" drop has been fine with the new 3500HD also, I put it on the bottom holes for my enclosed trailer and it is fine.
  11. Thanks for the replies I was out of town and away from computer, I will try suggestions
  12. When I purchased my 2020 3500HD LT I thought I was told that I could have a temporary rear view of the camera to check things while driving. I forgot to ask how to use it when picking up the truck. Now I can't figure out how access the feature. It doesn't have the surround view trailer camera set up. Any Ideas?
  13. I just traded my 2016 2500HD for a 2020 3500HD. I used the weigh safe 180 with 8" drop and loved it because I tow a lot of different trailers. The easy adjustability for ball size and drop are great. I just hope the 8" drop is enough now with the new truck.
  14. When My dealer could give me no info on wether GM would pick up the build or not I did a 1000 mile inventory search and found an acceptable 3500 gasser about 700 miles away. picked it up this weekend. It's kind of ironic to go that far when the truck is built about 30 miles from me.
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