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  1. Not only is the pressure limiting but the size is also. GM only offers the sensors in the smaller .435 diameter and not the .625 my new Van Leigh fifth wheel comes with. Still looking for alternatives to utilize the trucks monitoring system.
  2. I believe the problem I am going to have is the size of the hole in my trailer wheels. We have ordered a Vilano fifth wheel made by Van Leigh a division of Tiffin Motor homes. The wheels and tires are supplied by Lionshead. They are aluminum and use a larger valve stem. It is .625 diameter and GM only supplies a .453. This is very disappointing as I wanted to use the trucks system and retire my TST monitor. Has anyone else ran into this potential problem?
  3. Please look at and confirm or correct me. But looking at my 2020 oem puck configuration I can see the gooseneck ball placement is the 2 inches back but using the pucks placed my center of B&W puck non slider two inches ahead of it. I don’t believe they moved the pucks back like the ball. I will probably set my hitch in the back position but in normal position it is in front of ball.
  4. Hopefully someone else can help. I took out the hitch out for pheasant season. It will be back in by the first of November and can measure then if you still need it. Good Luck.
  5. One other thing I think I notice is along with the higher rear end gears contributing to coasting easier is that the transmission seems to shift to higher gears all the time when not accelerating. I am sure this helps with mpg when not towing but my 2016 LML seemed to stay in a lower gear and stayed in the power/torque band longer regardless of speed. Always around 1,300 to 1,600 rpm. Thus when letting off accelerator truck would quickly slow. Again not bad just different.
  6. I suspect you are correct. I hadn’t thought of that. I was stuck in thinking the ten speed must be geared higher and allowing more coasting.
  7. My 2016 2500 LML required the brake to be pressed to remove from park. Owners manual indicates that’s the design.
  8. Yes you need to step on the brake to remove from park. As was my 2016 HD. However my brothers was malfunctioning and wouldn’t come out regardless. Again it was a loose wire connection in the steering column.
  9. Outstanding. Thanks for your help. I’ve been on the fence with adding a data plan for the truck. This looks like it will work great!
  10. Can you explain how you did this? How can the truck attach to your phone or home WiFi to access their data? I am familiar with the other way around when your phone uses the available data plans from onstar but not the other way around.
  11. This is my brothers truck. It is the ten speed. He just got it back. There was a wire in the harness of the steering wheel that was crimped at the connection. All good and working now.
  12. So far no firm fix yet. However it was discovered that if you extend the telescoping steering wheel is when it locks in park. If you shorten it the shifter works as it should. Still looking for the permanent fix.
  13. No The steering wheel does not lock at same time. The dic does not indicate the park brake is on. Going to dealer today.
  14. Has anyone had their new truck randomly refuse to come out of park? Park brake off and running. After many restarts, applying and removing park break and five to ten minutes it will start working properly.
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