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  1. I took mine to the dealer yesterday and got the update. My two biggest complaints are when I re enter and start my truck the radio will work for 30 or so seconds then go muted. I will change inputs or xm stations and comes back on. Then go back to the station I was on. Also the volume on the ringer on the phone being reduced when connected to Bluetooth. Neither of those were fixed with the update. I can also tell you the text messaging is still not available when Bluetooth connected just when connected with cable thru apple car play. For the features I use, the update did nothing. Maybe I will find something else as I go along.
  2. I use a B&W Companion with the puck system. The gooseneck ball is placed two inches behind the axle. However using the pucks with my B&W the pivot point is directly over the axle. Most new campers allow for better turning radius with curved fronts and extended king pins. I still watch very close as I could put my camper into the cab especially backing up and jack knifing. .
  3. The ones I bought on eBay work temp and pressure. Also appear to look exactly the same. I do have one that is slower to connect and have to drive some to get it to work. It also will stop connecting for a minute But starts again quickly. They were somewhat difficult to learn once on the trailer. However I had synced them when I first got them to test from in the cab. I ended up using that trailer profile instead of a new one. Two complaints is they only go up to 102 psi. My tires require 110. Also had to use the band clamp ford method in wheel as my trailer wheels had larger valve stems than what GM supplies.
  4. I had marginal luck with my 2016 HD. But since it was free I activated WIFI again after the initial trial on my 2020. It’s was in response to the Covid 19. They allowed 3 months or three gig. Mine has not worked satisfactory anytime. I assumed it was ATT poor coverage in northern Colorado. If I let my phone connect to it I lose all internet ability. Have not tried the battery disconnect. Just disconnected my phone from it. However the on screen apps like weather and streaming services like I heart radio continue to work. Will just let it drop at end of free period.
  5. I just went thru the same experience as you. eBay and all. I was fortunate to have tested the sensors before instal and had them synced from the cab when I got them. The mistake I made is assuming they would learn again once installed to a new trailer profile. No luck with air reduction or spinning tire with tool. I went to the old profile and drove about a mile before they all were operating. Now I just need to identify which wheel is which location and move them. my suggestion would be to drive several miles try again. Mine were definitely sleeping until driven.
  6. Trailer is 39’. The TST with booster is what i am replacing also. Want to eliminate the additional screen once i have confidence in them.
  7. I tried the air pressure method and rotating with tool. Without success. However since i had tested them before instal i had a trailer profile with them synced. I had to drive about a mile for them to start working but they did. Only problem now is i made the assumption learning wouldn’t be difficult and don’t know the correct location of sensor. I will get that figured out by letting air out again, watching display and moving tire and wheel. They all read 102 psi like you said but i am getting happier. Thanks for your help.
  8. Does the rotating activate them like the older sensors? I will try it tomorrow.
  9. I got everything installed similar to yours. I am having a tough time getting them to learn with the inexpensive tool I have. I know everything works as I test synced when I got them. However I wonder since the sensor is inside the rim and tire if I should have synced them when wheel is broke down. Or if there is a difference in learning tools. Let me know how you did yours. Thanks.
  10. Your 2015.5 was also LML. The new ones are LP5. Bigger horse.
  11. I also thought it was a gimmick. But use it frequently. Makes many duties easier.
  12. Not only is the pressure limiting but the size is also. GM only offers the sensors in the smaller .435 diameter and not the .625 my new Van Leigh fifth wheel comes with. Still looking for alternatives to utilize the trucks monitoring system.
  13. I believe the problem I am going to have is the size of the hole in my trailer wheels. We have ordered a Vilano fifth wheel made by Van Leigh a division of Tiffin Motor homes. The wheels and tires are supplied by Lionshead. They are aluminum and use a larger valve stem. It is .625 diameter and GM only supplies a .453. This is very disappointing as I wanted to use the trucks system and retire my TST monitor. Has anyone else ran into this potential problem?
  14. Please look at and confirm or correct me. But looking at my 2020 oem puck configuration I can see the gooseneck ball placement is the 2 inches back but using the pucks placed my center of B&W puck non slider two inches ahead of it. I don’t believe they moved the pucks back like the ball. I will probably set my hitch in the back position but in normal position it is in front of ball.
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