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  1. I will report back once I get it to the dealer. It has not been diagnosed as a fuel problem or carbon on injectors only emission malfunction. Could be many things. Just so bg1988 doesn’t need to guess and make assumptions on what I use I can report I use Costco Kirkland fuel which is a Top Tier fuel supplier and recommend by GMC. It’s cost is very competitive.
  2. Filled at dealer at delivery. Still 3/4 full, only 1,700 miles on it. No fuel put in def.
  3. I am still in my trial period of Onstar. Just pushed the button and asked if they could see something. She told me and emailed me results. Kind of handy.
  4. I also had the engine light come on yesterday. 1,600 miles. Onstar reported code P20EE. Emissions. Service at my convenience. Will get it checked out with my dealer when I get home.
  5. It’s the 6’9” box. We currently have a 2018 Cedar Creek Silverback. Pulled it with a non slider Reese Elite in my 2016 6’6” for three years. Going forward I can turn as short as possible and not hit. Backing up in a forced jack knife I can hit. Don’t know the degrees. I tried it after install and to be honest the stress on the axles, tires and wheels was more of a concern. I am careful and watch very close when backing up. I currently have BW hitch installed with pivot point all the way forward. If I become more concerned I can move it back 2 inches although the end gate might be getting close.
  6. It also looks like the ball is moved two inches but the puck system keeps the fifth wheel pin right over the axle. Installed a BW companion today.
  7. Has anyone else felt that the truck with the ten speed coasts a lot easier? My 2016 LML with six speed would slow down much faster without brake. I now need to apply brake much more when approaching stopped traffic or stop sign. Not all bad just different than what I’m used to. Exhaust brake doesn’t seem to affect it either.
  8. It’s there. You just need to put in you have an 8’0 box. It’s a non slider. https://www.etrailer.com/Fifth_Wheel/B_and_W/BWRVK3710.html Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. When I set my four up I was asked on a graphic with a picture of three trailers. They had two, four or six wheels to select. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Ordered RVK3710 from etrailer. Supposed to have it Wednesday the 4th.
  11. My dealer can get the curt hitch. GM part #19418687. I am trying to find out more information. Is it an A20, Q20? Complete specs. Its kind of pricy at $999.00. Etrailer has Q20 for 2019 at $823.00.
  12. Seems to be hit and miss. Mine was built The week of June 10, completed June 14 and bayed for QC. It shipped August 1 and got it Aug 15. My brother’s was built July 12 and he received it the same day as me. Two different dealers. Well worth the wait!
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