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  1. That makes me think it was parked in deep/standing water for some time. Or, somehow, water sat up inside the frame rails. Is there a spot where you could shine a light and use a small inspection mirror to look inside the rail? Or do you have one of the cheap Amazon "snake cameras?" If there is rust inside, I would sure think and demand that it is a buyback...
  2. I was going to post separately, but I found a black "goo" all over my frame and chassis when i installed my steering stabilizer. Is this the wax you are talking about? Comes off easily and is worse than grease.
  3. Finally was able to get out and camp again, as some lakes have opened up around here for locals. Took my small trailer. All was fine with all systems on the way out (65 miles), but the trailer TPMS popped up LOW PRESSURE on the way back - about 10 miles in. Pressures were actually fine on the readout, and I verified all was good after stopping. Started down the road again, and shortly thereafter noticed that the trailer mileage had gone backwards. Started watching it then - would go up a few, and then down. Went in to edit the trailer profile when I got home, and the TPMS recommended pressure had changed from 50 PSI to 100 PSI which is what I have for my big trailer... Not sure if anyone has had similar issues or has heard of a reprogram or fix... Don't feed them after midnight, and don't get them wet!
  4. Did your antenna hit the bar? Trucks are designed so the antenna is about 2" higher than your truck...
  5. Glad to hear it. I am very happy with mine as well. I can say now that my steering shake is 99% gone. I think the tires needed to "re-wear" properly after the alignment. Make sure you have your alignment checked if you still have the steering wheel shake/vibration. I would say that made the biggest difference on mine.
  6. 150 mile round trip, mostly highway at 75MPH with my DRW today averaged 15.0. 2,200 miles on it now.
  7. Glad you at least have them working. How long is your trailer? I had a TST TPMS system on a different trailer, and that actually had a signal booster mounted up front on the trailer tongue. I wonder if GM or somebody has something like that for these?
  8. Update: Noticed the shake was still there, but not as bad, at around 70 MPH on a smooth road...I installed the Suspension Maxx steering stabilizer today and went back on the same roads - it definitely helped. After all I have done, I would say the shake is 95% better. I hope it sticks. I really like the steering stabilizer, as it adds a bit of resistance and makes it feel like my 2015 3/4 ton - not like my wife's Acadia. I really do think there is still an issue with programming. I hope GM gets it right, but at least my truck is to the point where I enjoy driving it.
  9. Not sure what you mean, but rotating them just gets the TPMS sensor in the best position for the truck to pick it up. I think much depends on the length of your trailer. I am guessing you are +/- 40 feet, given the G rated tires...
  10. I had some trouble, too and had to rotate the tires to just the right spot to get them all to sync. In hindsight, I should have left them off to sync, but I ended up lifting the trailer with the hydraulic leveling system just enough to turn them
  11. No, GM changed the puck layout on the 2020's...
  12. Triple axle boat trailer? Dang! Are you towing a yacht?
  13. Pleased to report that the inside lips of the wheels are fine. No pinching at all.
  14. Thanks, guys. They said they did all of the required programming, and, since the alignment, the shake is dramatically better. that is with about 100 miles since. However, the wheels are definitely a carry-over from previous years. Also, as you can see in my pictures, the wheels were definitely not centered when I pulled them previously. This could indicate that they were improperly installed and I will have to pull the fronts and check for the lip...
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