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  1. Does anyone know how to remove this cover without tearing the front end off? It is on the bottom of the radiator covering the radiator, trans cooler, etc. Directly behind the aero-shutters. Truck had a cracked transmission cooler from the factory. Dealer replaced it, but left a ton of transmission fluid all over everything. I can't tell if I still have a small leak somewhere, or if spilled fluid is still working its way out. If I could get that cover off, I could get a good view of everything and get it cleaned up. Thanks.
  2. Mine has done that but it continues after a few seconds. I think it is related to something I would do or a certain part of the test - can't remember which.
  3. The weights and measures they show online are RARELY accurate for specific configurations. I would ask the forum members if anyone has what you are looking for so they can check their door tag.
  4. DMax or gasser? Either way, when I Google that code, it talks about the fuel rail pressure / pressure sensor. Has the dealer looked at that?
  5. The only time I ever had a foaming issue of significance was with B20 biodiesel. I did not want to use it, but that's all the station had. Too me about 10 minutes to fill the tank.
  6. Pin weight is a big factor along with ensuring your rig is level behind the truck. I had the same issue with my 2015 Sierra, and, to a lesser extent, my 2020 DRW - trailer pin weight of 3,200+/-. I went with a FlexAir pin box with the 2015 Sierra, and it eliminated 95% of the chucking. It was too long for my 2020, so I went with the RotaFlex, and it did the trick. I like the RotaFlex much better than the FlexAir, as it is a simpler design, and you don't have to worry about adding air all the time.
  7. I have one, and it is great for watching saturation level and regen status, among other things. I always try to let the truck finish its standard regens, even if I have to drive for a while longer. I have not needed to run a manual regen.
  8. My 2015 would do some weird stuff like that intermittently. Are you pressing the brake when you hit the button?
  9. Have you pulled the DTC's or called OnStar for them? I had an intermittent ESC issue with my 2015, and it turned out to be a wheel speed sensor.
  10. I had my pads replaced under the TSB, and they are now doing the same damn thing again after about 2K miles. To top it off, the dealer screwed up my outer rear rims when they reinstalled them and did not connect the front driver's side wear sensor. Idiots.
  11. I can say my '20 DRW took about 5-7 days to build once it hit the factory floor, and then only 7-days to get to my dealer in CA. Should be pretty quick barring any delays.
  12. Appreciate it. So I'll mark that one as "dark" black. I hope they didn't just delete the dark gray like my Carbon Black...
  13. I do that all the time for short periods on mine. I just hit the lock when I step out and it works fine. Not sure how long it would keep running though?
  14. I made the decision to order a new truck. Stepping back to a 2500 gas this time, as I am just tired of dealing with DEF and all of the surrounding issues along with the stupid price we pay for diesel in Commie-Fornia. I sold our Fifth wheel and just don't need the DRW or the diesel anymore. Also, it will be nice having a truck my wife can drive when necessary. So...Does anyone have the scoop on the new Forest and Hunter Metallic paints? Color was the biggest challenge when I ordered my 2020, as I wanted something close to my 2015s Iridium. Some of the new colors were nowhere to be seen when I ordered. Turned out Carbon Black was close to Iridium (looks like it was only 20/21 models) which I love on this truck. All I see for 2022 HDs are Onyx Black, Summit White, White Frost, Pacific Blue, Quicksilver, Cayenne Red, Ebony Twilight, Forest Metallic and Hunter Metallic. From what I can find, the Hunter is a green. Is the Forest Metallic green as well??? Is the Ebony Twilight "dark" black - maybe the super metallic black they had in years past on Cadillacs? Thanks in advance for any insights
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