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  1. Mine does this as well. I think I read somewhere early on that it is injector noise - makes sense...
  2. You need to set them up through the trailer's profile. It will ask you the "PSI" setpoint and alert you based on that...
  3. I said quite a while ago that I think it is the EGR valve / pump. It is definitely loudest there when you listen to different components with a mechanic's stethoscope. I emailed Banks a long time ago with the question - no response.
  4. See my previous posts on this...Great concept, but...
  5. Same issue but no solution. A repeater is key. I tried the TireMinder repeater, as it said it was 433.00 MHz. Turned out it is actually 433.92...
  6. The front has the usual "carpeted" liners, but there is nothing on the backs...
  7. Dang. Same build date as my DRW. I have the thump, of course, and had the steering issue. An alignment was ultimately the fix for the steering shake. Only problem I am dealing with now is "gremlins" with the trailering app - mileage tracking and TTPMS "disconnecting."
  8. What is your build month and year from the door sticker?
  9. There is a TSB authorizing dealers to replace pads under warranty for this...
  10. Just remember the spec / TSB calls for 53 Inch-pounds. I saw another post where someone mentioned foot-pounds...
  11. That would be odd, given that the trailer TPMS works om the same frequency. Where di you get that info? I know mine are 433 mhz...Truck was built in January 2020.
  12. I looked at the exact set up you are describing (4x4) to find the payload at just under 3,600. I was shocked, as advertised was around 4,200. Ended up going DRW as a result.
  13. I would just go with a locking fuel door then.
  14. Mine has done it a couple of times, but my 2015 did it regularly. Must be something with the torque converter...
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