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  1. That sucks. It's amazing how things can get screwed up by "professional" mechanics. Some just don't have any pride in their work.
  2. I am having issues with intermittent CEL's with codes U0100 and P0700. CEL comes on and stays for about 5-6 key cycles and then shuts off. No driving issues, etc. Dealer is researching, and I will leave the truck with them at some point. I found a GM TSB talking about how aftermarket devices plugged in to the ODBII could be the cause - even passive devices like the iDash. However, I kept my iDash unplugged for a while, and the CEL came back. Curious if anyone else with the iDash is having this issue? Or anyone else at all for that matter. Thanks.
  3. I'm in CA, so I have not dealt with snow and ice on the cover. However, the Retrax is finished/painted aluminum and should be fine once you clear the large chunks off. I think you would have similar issues with a fold up cover as well. The Retrax I had on my '07 had a vynil covering over the slats, so that might not have done well with snow and ice. Drainage is fine, as you run a couple of drain tubes from the vault down through the holes in your bed. I didn't even use those this time due to how the bed drainage is set up.
  4. I've had the folding covers and both a Retrax (currently) and Roll-n-Lock retractable. I think the retractables are great, as you get maximum flexibility - you can lock it in place anywhere along the rail. The folding covers only lock all the way forward to the cab, or "standing up" for full bed access. However, the folding covers are pretty easy to remove when needed. I have/had the retractables on my long beds, but went with the folder on my shortbed. Don't mind losing the 8-10" in the bed with a full 8'...
  5. Have to ask...Did you check the settings and switches (brightness, etc.)?
  6. That is not encouraging...I think we all agree that the sound is there for a second at cold start up, then oil pressure builds and it quiets until the engine is warm. Oil pressure is highest when cold, obviously. Definitely seems to tap at engine/crank RPM/speed as well. I am shocked that no one here on the forum has posted definitively about the belt removal test. A before and after video would be great. I had emailed Banks a long time ago given their intimacy with the Duramax - never got a response...Pissed me off, as I am a customer, and that request got me added to their email ad list, but never got a response to my inquiry. Thanks, Banks.
  7. I would consider other factors as well. My 2020 DRW was the first vehicle I ordered versus buying off the lot or having a dealer locate what I wanted. New truck took a long time to get due to the strike, and it had the steering shake when I got it. It took a lot of time and frustration to figure it out and get it corrected. Yes, I should have caught this in the brief test drive, but it is much easier to test drive a vehicle on the lot and move on if there are issues.
  8. Does it still do that after you shut down the truck and restart? Our trucks do strange things if you plug in or disconnect a trailer while they are running or still powered.
  9. Are you in tow/haul? If not, you should be stopping to and starting out in 2nd, right? I would try with tow/haul on and off to see if that makes any difference. Doesn't make it right, but I would be curious.
  10. Looks great. Is that the light bar they note for the 2019+ Silverados? How was the install?
  11. Wondering if your springs are nor installed correctly? When I turn the knob to release the latch, it opens an inch or so. From there, it is easy to open with the dial/knob or by grabbing the front of the lid...
  12. That's the same as mine - factory ordered as well...
  13. I forgot to mention that, oddly, the exhaust brake would not turn on when the CEL was active...Light would flash a few times on the switch then nothing.
  14. I thought I had this fixed after reading the under-hood fusebox TSB and properly torqueing those bolts, as they were not even at 10 inch pounds. After I did that, the CEL and codes went away - this was about 2 months ago. Today, the CEL came back and I had the same codes again. CEL went away after about 3 or 4 key cycles this time. P0700 is something about the Transmission Control Module and U0100 is a PCM communication error from what I have found. There is also a TSB on the 1500's for a loose connection between the 2... Any ideas or suggestion would be much appreciated.
  15. Great info. I actually tried a TireMinder repeater/booster that did not work or connect either.
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