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  1. 7/8/20: UPDATE: Dealer thinks they found the problem: Loose UBEC Bolts. There was a recent bulletin posted on 6/26/20 about this that may be the cause for this issue as a whole. Ask for document ID 5628169 or the following title for the GM bulletin: #PIT5756: Various Electrical Concerns (Inspect UBEC Bolts for Being Loose) - (June 26, 2020). SEE ATTACHED Condition: Some customers may comment on any number of electrical related symptoms. The following are some of the known reported ones: no crank no start starter grinds or re-engages after engine starts SES MIL IPC guages sweep/fluctute and/or various IPC warning lights or messages High or low system voltage May have any of the following DTC's: B1325, B2750, B305D, B297B, C0049, P0562, P0700, U0100, U0101, U0102, U3006 some of these concerns may be noticed with powertrain movement, like when accelerating or braking. Cause: These concerns could be caused by the X50A underhood fuse box bolts being loose. The X50A has built in indicators which pop up as the X50A bolts are tightened down, to inidcate the X50A is fully installed. In some cases, even if these green indicators are popped up, the bolts may still be loose. Correction: Inspect the X50A Underhood Fuse Block bolts and verify they are properly torqued to 53 lb in (6Nm) Dealer stated that my box was indeed loose (that's what she said). Has not been able to replicate issues. Really hoping this is the fix for my truck and all of yours. Will update forum either way. Best of luck. UPDATE: 7/14/20. I have had no issues with the truck so far. I start and drive it every day. I really hope this was the simple fix; hopefully you guys give it a try and it works. You can do this fix yourself. I've attached the bulletin for everyone here. Good luck. BUELLTIN (1).pdf 1.02 MB · 36 downloads Thanks for the fix! Tripped both P0700 and U0100 today and found this. Those 4 bolts were only at about 15 inch-pounds, and the green indicators were up. Talked to my service rep at the dealer to cover my arse and not void anything. Tightened them to 53 and the CEL was off at the next start!!!
  2. Yes, I only changed out the dash tweeters - left all the other factory ones in. I had a shop do the install, but I am pretty certain they ran the JL after the factory Bose amp. I believe you need it for various controls of the system.
  3. What was the main issue with yours? I had mine in for its first service yesterday and had them fix the steering wheel alignment. They aligned it a couple of months ago that fixed my steering shake, but the wheel was slightly off center. Now it is off the other way and pulls to the right! I am thinking it is their alignment guy, but now I am wondering.
  4. Did they need to take it to a certified scale for a weight cert? They did with mine here in CA due to the curb weight.
  5. I had the same issues with Michelin's on my DRW. Ultimately, it was a bad alignment from the factory that turned out to be the cause of the shake. Have the dealer check that.
  6. Great product. Gave my truck just enough resistance so it feels like a truck and not a Prius...The steering on our new ones is way too light.
  7. Remember the old saying...Your last vehicle will cost as much as your first house. I am probably older than most of you, but I almost hit that with the new Denali DRW MSRP. If you think trucks are bad, take a look at boats nowadays. I had a nice bow rider that we used the heck out of 20-years ago. Paid $21K for it brand new. Same model today is well over $60K. But that's nothing...The new wakeboard boats that were $60-$70 20-years ago now push $200K!!! Insane.
  8. I was very apprehensive about going DRW for my daily driver. It has actually turned out to be a non-event so far (took delivery on 2/3). I've had 1 issue with a parking garage, but I was able to find alternate parking.
  9. Be careful with the online numbers. I almost went with a 3500 SRW based on them, but, fortunately, I was able to look at some door tags before I ordered. Found that one with the options I had checked online had a payload of about 3,600 pounds versus the 4,200 I saw online. I would go look at some actual tags on the trim and configuration you want before deciding.
  10. Do you have only 1 trailer profile? I have 2 trailers that I tow, so I am wondering if that has something to do with it. Also, I wonder how the phone app is related to the truck dash/computer. Could it stop counting miles when there is no cell service on my phone / to the app? I wouldn't think so, but who knows. Truck is going to the dealer next Wednesday.
  11. Having issues again with the mileage not accumulating properly. Towed about 280 miles today according to my dash trip meter, but the trailer only showed 190 in the dash display. I did not catch it bouncing down this time, but something is obviously wrong. And here's the weird part. The app on my phone shows the correct mileage!?!? I thought this was fixed when I deleted the extra profiles I had in the phone app - after having deleted them in the truck. How the heck could the phone app be correct, but not the truck? Also, I had 2 of my trailer TPMS sensors crap out. I forget the error message I got, but they are both on the driver's side. I will try to troubleshoot and reprogram tomorrow. This tech would be great if it worked right.
  12. GM originally spun off the factory extended warranty program to/with Ally Financial. They still offer the "old" plans. GM Financial also has extended warranty plans as well now - as I think you found. Both are great and well worth it. I recommend waiting until your factory warranty is near expiration and then shopping around with a couple of dealers on price. You don't need it now, and don't listen to the "...it costs less when you buy it now..." And go with a 0 deductible plan - well worth the little bit extra.
  13. Is what you are describing the "thump" or knock we have? Has GM now confirmed it is the DEF injection? Thanks.
  14. Totally agree. The main feature I use is to drop the center when I need to get closer to the bed to load / unload. Part of the reason I need that is due to the height of our trucks and the length of the tailgate.
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