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  1. I like the Denali but think the grill looks like a bug catcher.
  2. Getting ready to order 2024 3500HD SRW Silverado High Country and am wondering if I need to add the Z71 package to the truck to aid in the ride while towing a 13000 lb. 5th wheel. Do I really need that as the ride will probably be rough enough with or without it? Will have the 5th wheel prep package and the standard 20" tires.
  3. On certain roads (mainly some interstates), I get a lot of chucking and bucking pulling a 33 foot 5th wheel. This one did not come 5th wheel prepped. I had a Curt under mount hitch installed and use an Anderson Hitch. High Country has the Advanced Trailering package standard I believe but I'm stumped on what to do about this. I have talked to other owners of 5th wheels and they report not having these issues. I'm considering air bags and I have already installed Timbrens to replace stock bump stops but that really doesn't help. Looking for suggestions.
  4. One place I read that if you have, as in my case, a 2020 Chevy 2500 HD, the Advanced Trailering System option, that the Tire Pressure Monitoring System is included and that 4 sensors are provided. My dealership says I have to buy the sensors. Which is correct?
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