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  1. Make sure to look at anti sway bars as well as a weight distribution hitch. No need to buy them from the RV dealer either. I'd go to a trailer shop as they will sell you what you need not what they can make the most money on. Post some pics of your setup when you get it.
  2. My .02 you won't have any fun towing that trailer. I have towed at 32' Jayco Jayflight G2 around the same weight and it wasn't a good experience. Even with weight distribution and anti sway the tail will wag the dog on a 1/2 ton. Especially with a rig going by you. Bernoulli's principle the moving air between the truck and car as the truck speeds by causes a decrease in air pressure between the car and truck. The car moves closer to the truck as it passes. The trailer does this with my 2500 HD some and is much worse with the 1/2 ton. My father in law who drove a rig will not tow the trailer with his F150. I would say if you are staying local or off the interstate it will pull it but I would avoid a long trip. Hope that helps some.
  3. Here's my 2017 Dbl cab long box, doing what it's supposed to.
  4. Thanks, i wasn't able to order one as it turns out .
  5. Wed last week it was still avail so hopefully you are G2G
  6. Did you order a CC. If so you could still order one last week. If its a Dbl cab then it'll be a 2021
  7. It appears I can't lol. Priced one out yesterday and the trade in on my 2017 is cost prohibitive. Looking at a 17k shortfall...
  8. Not sure but I know in Canada at least you cannot order a 2020 2500HD other than a crew cab. Switching over to 2021 for Dbl Cab with start up in Sept. So not sure if those rebates/promos are still valid.
  9. Had a 2015 and now have a 2017 2500 Silverado HD. 100k on both trucks before brakes or tires. We tow all the time, usually a GN horse trailer or a bumper pull TT. Little pulsating going down a steep hill ( Fancy Gap ) but otherwise they have served us well. Rock Auto has a good selection of OEM parts from economy to heavy duty.
  10. I had this problem on both my 2015 and 2017 2500 HD. Traded the 2015 before fixing but with the 2017 I replaced both the in bed and bumper receptacles. Both occurred around the 60k mark. Now I lightly seat the plug just far enough that the cover catches it and no problems. I found pushing it in more only made it worse. The both receptacles in the bed were aftermarket and completely sealed.
  11. Would you mind telling me the valve size. My trailer is .453 ( 7/16) and wondering if the sensors that you have are .625 valve and if so can they be swapped out. Trying to find out before I order a new truck with advanced trailering? Thanks D
  12. Hi, New here but been lurking awhile. Getting ready to trade by 2017 2500HD WT for a 2020/2021 LT with advanced trailering system. My horse trailer has a 7/16 hole for the valve and I haven't been able to find the size of the sensors (PTT) . Seems like a good price to order with the truck as opposed to aftermarket / GM Accesssory. I have read quite a bit here about the setup so as a followup, is it worth it overall as I am only going to the LT trim to get the advanced trailer package. I put approx. 30K on the truck each year and tow the trailer for probably 20-25 of that. D
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