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  1. Thanks for the reply Rooftop. I took the truck in last week to the dealership local here and they said there is no issue that they could find. I expected that response. I guess ill just live with the leak and move on.
  2. You can push the Start engine button on the dash until you hear a chime and the light turns green on the button. This will engage the fuel pump and prime the fuel housing. I would do this about 3x before trying to start the truck after a fuel filter change. Just remember to not press the brake otherwise it will attempt to start the truck.
  3. Hey SpeedyD, Nice Rig, looks amazing! I live in Oregon and we get snow once and a while with ice and I do use my truck for winter fishing and hunting so I decided to not go with the retractable cover on my truck for that reason. I have a Bakflip G2 cover which works great and is sturdy enough for a little weight if it snows. I cant really comment on the reliability of the retractable style in the snow and ice but they sure do look awesome and easy to use.
  4. I have not had it looked at yet but I will at my first oil change. I am currently at 30% so once i take the truck in for the only change they will do I will update the post with what they find. I do agree though I should be able to top off the tank with no leaks like every other truck that I have owned. I have gone under the truck and tightened every hose clamp but nothing has worked so far.
  5. I have never filled the truck until I can see the fuel in the neck of the fill tube. The leak is during the fueling process. This only happens after the fuel has clicked off and I am topping off the tank. I appreciate all of the feedback.
  6. I do understand that if I stop before its all the way full that is a solution but after 26 years of owning diesel pickups I have never had this happen before.
  7. Does anyone else have an issue when topping off their Diesel fuel? Fuel leaks from under the truck and seems to be coming from the fuel fill lines that go to the tank. I have tightened all of the clamps on the truck for the fuel lines but I am still getting a lot of leaking fuel when topping off my tank when filling. The leaks seem to be near the inlet at the fuel fill port but its not making sense to me if all of the hoses and clamps are seated properly. I have not been in for my first oil change yet and I will let the dealer know when I actually take it in for the oil change
  8. I have a 2020 Duramax 3500 single axle 4x4 pickup and I have used over 10 gallons of DEF fluid since new. I am currently at 4700 miles with 1/2 of the DEF tank remaining according to the DEF gauge. This seems excessive to me since my brother has the same truck in 2018 that he has never added DEF fluid to in 14k miles. He is at the 30% mark in his pickup but hes waiting to get that level really low before adding more since it has been in the truck so long.
  9. I have a 2020 3500 Duramax 4x4 Z71, build date 6/20 and my truck does have the Automatic grill shutters. This truck also has the Camper/snowplow package installed as well.
  10. I agree with Londart2020! Plastidip your emblems and they will turn out great! I have done all of mine on my truck and it looks OEM.
  11. I have noticed when towing down hill in Tow/Haul mode and EB engaged that if I press the brake briefly the transmission will downshift then if I repeat the Brake it will down shift again and hold my truck and load steady with noticeable EB sound. Tapping the breaks to downshift seems different but it really works well in my truck.
  12. I have always used Power Service Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost in my diesels including my last truck 2004 dodge ram cummins. I add this in my 2020 Duramax 3500 at 1/2 strength to each fill up.
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