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  1. Has anyone seen any 2020 light bar options or behind the grill led light bar projects?
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00P45MQW6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the one I got. GM part.
  3. I ordered these for my cover install. They look and worked great - very flush.
  4. Hit a deer in Oct with my '17 Escalade the week of the strike. Driveable, but needed light (useable, but cracked), front facia, grille, shudders, misc stuff. Parts were in stock, but couldn't get not get them off shelf and into a truck. After strike, took them 4 weeks to figure out how to fulfill the order. When they got into repair, found out that headlight was cracked and need replacement, but epoxied it to get me out of there as non were available - completely out of stock. I am still waiting on left side headlight....wondering how that can be considering they were in production through January before switchover to '21...
  5. Thank you, cdh7917! Definitely bad ass as I am looking at same wheels. My AT4 is Black. If your wheels offset was 0, would you still think they would rub? How do you like the Ridge Grapplers after living with them for a while? I had KO2s on my 15 DMax and liked them, but your setup looks great.
  6. I have a 3500 AT4 DMax. First - I did search and try to decipher, but am a bit lost - I am looking to upgrade tires and possibly wheels. I know there are lots of threads on this, however I find the info a bit tough to digest as most are interested in leveling, big tires, etc. I want a modest upgrade. I have seen folks put 35x12.5R20s on stock rims with no rubbing/issues - is this fact or fiction? Not interested in leveling or cranking torsions. I am liking some Fuel wheel options - can someone explain the offset and backspacing? I see 1, 18 and 20 options. Definitely not interested in the the sider than fender look - what would be a direct replacement for stock wheels (if 35x12.5s will work)? I appreciate your help and guidance
  7. Has any one purchased this or know anything more about it? Does anyone have access to install instructions from a dealer? Would like to know how it works with covers. PN: 84799308 https://accessories.gmc.com/product/standard-bed-side-mounted-bed-storage-box-kit-84799308?year=2020&make=GMC&model=Sierra 3500 HD&modelId=6581&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheel=Standard Box&wheelId=349&trim=AT4&trimId=5102&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=6.6L V8 DIESEL&engineId=17460&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=12126
  8. I just bought a 3500HD AT4 Duramax that dealer had already coming in on order. Should be here in a few days. I had a previous 2015.5 Duramax 2500HD. Only differences I can seem to find are 12" rear-end, rear helper spring and apparently no torque limiting on 3500s? Everything else seems same. Can anyone confirm / update these for me?
  9. Update: If you look at a parts diagram for the 2015+ Sierra HD you will notice a sound dampener in the passenger side cavity behind fog light in bumper, but not on drivers side. Interesting. Additionally, the felt wheel well liners are very flimsy on the edges in the front. I filled the cavity on drivers side with compressable foam as a filler to block incoming air and vibrations and the droning (not tire/road noise) has been heavily muted. Now all I hear is the road noise from tires and road types as you'd expect. This is much better for my sanity. I have 0 idea why there is a "dampener" in passenger side and not drivers. Likewise, just look at the rubber seal on the hoods...why is passenger side complete to grill and not driver!!!! I know of 3 others on this thread that have or are in the process of trading their 2500HD for an F150 or F250. I am sad to say that is in my future next year as well. The rattles, leaks, and droning in this truck are too much. I am *extremely* disappointed that the GM customer service reps that monitor these boards have not reached out to any of us. All you have to do is read through this board to see we are not nuts with this driver droning noise. I have driven GM for 30 years (Tahoes, Escalades, Suburbans, Sierra HD, Denali Duramax, Corvette Z06 (2 of them), 2006 Jeff Gordon NASCAR (really)) and this is the worst I have had. I wanted a Duramax for as long as I can remember, and it has been in the shop for rattles, leaks, recalls, etc more than any other vehicle I have owned. I can't believe I will be going to a Ford next... Hope this helps. Cheers, Bob
  10. Hey Gang, Regarding tire-noise. I have had the following combos on truck with the same drone. Tire noise difference yes, drone no. All stock heights. - stock 20" wheels with stock SRAs - stock 20" wheels with 285 bfg ko2 load range d - stock 18" wheels with stock Michelin ltx Cheers, Bob
  11. Thanks, John. It is bizarre that there is no insulation there when there is some right next to that cavity. I am ordering a new inner liner tomorrow and the insulation stuff. I am thinking of having local Rhino liner guy do the inside (facing engine) of the liner first to stiffen and then use a dynamat like product on top of that. I will also put that into the cavity you mention on the firewall. I am on vacation until 18th, so probably won't get to it until that weekend (20th). Please keep us posted if you find anything out from your GM friend. Maybe someone will try this before hand. Cheers, Bob
  12. Hey, Gang: Here is an interesting page I found while doing research on best attack. Notice wheel liners....http://www.myturbodiesel.com/wiki/soundproof-car-diy-to-reduce-noise/ Also, just curious. Are well all GMC owners complaining about this? I ask, because the wheel liners are different for silverado than sierra. Silverado uses 18 bolts, and Sierra uses 13 as it relies on the wheel arch moldings to keep wheel liners in place, but they don't secure them. Other thoughts from folks? Cheers, Bob
  13. I am going down the route of the fender liner. Very wobbly and lots of pockets. I put in a piece of pipe insulation to try to stabilize. It did reduce quit a bit. I think the ticket will be to: - Remove fender liner and coat back with dynamat or similar to reduce resonance and stiffen - Put dynamat or similar on all areas of firewall not covered (a lot btw, especially in cavity between liner and firewall right) Thoughts? Bob
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