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  1. Anyone put on a steering stabilizer? I have 35" tires and looking to dampen them a bit. Any experience with a kit like: https://suspensionmaxx.com/product/SMX-SSB2520kit
  2. I went with 35x12.50x20 on OEM rims after seeing this thread originally. I bought the oem black option rims and put KO2s on them. I don’t like the sticking out look many folks like and didn’t find aftermarket with oem offset. Truck is stock 3500 with nothing done to bars. You can see in pics they fit perfect and look like they belong IMO. I have about 1000 miles on them. Love the ride too.
  3. I didn’t drive a 2500, but my srw 3500 will break free with modest acceleration or taking off towing. The thing moves...
  4. I don't have 5th wheel, but snow-plow and towing as part of 3500. I am wondering if people with no shutters have an option like snow plow prep or something else? Weird that there are 2500s with / without. My initial thesis was 2500 and them and 3500s didn't. What options do people have with and without shutters?
  5. Is yours a 2500? I am wondering if it is a 2500 vs 3500 thing. Doesn’t explain your extra ones though
  6. Here is the video I saw. This is a 2020 duramax... From GM: " In addition to the Silverado HD’s larger dimensions and distinctive trim personalities, 2500 and 3500 SRW models are available with active aero shutters for improved efficiency and a taller, more dominant hood line that asserts the trucks’ strength and character."
  7. I have a 2020 Sierra HD AT4 3500 SRW Duramax built 1/29/20. It does not have active aero shutters in front of radiator - looks like it has the holes for each shutter, but no shutter. Didn't really think about it until watching a YouTube duramax channel with a grille off a 2020 and there were active aero shutters. I have no codes so I wonder if this was intentional from factory? Do others have (or not) these active aero shutters shutters on their 2020 L5Ps?
  8. Hi - What dash speakers are these? Did you find OEM plug adapters or did you have to cut? How do these sound? Wanting to do them too, just haven't find right ones yet. Thanks! Bob
  9. Has anyone seen any 2020 light bar options or behind the grill led light bar projects?
  10. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00P45MQW6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the one I got. GM part.
  11. I ordered these for my cover install. They look and worked great - very flush.
  12. Hit a deer in Oct with my '17 Escalade the week of the strike. Driveable, but needed light (useable, but cracked), front facia, grille, shudders, misc stuff. Parts were in stock, but couldn't get not get them off shelf and into a truck. After strike, took them 4 weeks to figure out how to fulfill the order. When they got into repair, found out that headlight was cracked and need replacement, but epoxied it to get me out of there as non were available - completely out of stock. I am still waiting on left side headlight....wondering how that can be considering they were in production through January before switchover to '21...
  13. Thank you, cdh7917! Definitely bad ass as I am looking at same wheels. My AT4 is Black. If your wheels offset was 0, would you still think they would rub? How do you like the Ridge Grapplers after living with them for a while? I had KO2s on my 15 DMax and liked them, but your setup looks great.
  14. I have a 3500 AT4 DMax. First - I did search and try to decipher, but am a bit lost - I am looking to upgrade tires and possibly wheels. I know there are lots of threads on this, however I find the info a bit tough to digest as most are interested in leveling, big tires, etc. I want a modest upgrade. I have seen folks put 35x12.5R20s on stock rims with no rubbing/issues - is this fact or fiction? Not interested in leveling or cranking torsions. I am liking some Fuel wheel options - can someone explain the offset and backspacing? I see 1, 18 and 20 options. Definitely not interested in the the sider than fender look - what would be a direct replacement for stock wheels (if 35x12.5s will work)? I appreciate your help and guidance
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