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  1. How did you wire the winch into electrical system?. Is it still as simple as attaching straight to battery with appropriate circuit breaker and switch?
  2. I have 2020 with similar. Last week I took 2 rolls of tape and stethascope and hit the interstate for some trial and error. I sealed the door/tow mirror interface with one wrap of electrical tape that got most of wind noise. Doesnt look as bad as it sounds. I've read some dealers are installing 2 gaskets there. I ordered some .6" and some .9" rubber o ring stock for permanent. Still had a whistle which I traced to where the vertical and angled line of front edge of driver side window meet. It was not a leak but turbulence. Rigged a 1"x1" piece of gorilla tape stuck to black triangle trim on outside so that tape just extends over that joint and past it about .5" These two things eliminated maybe 75% of noise.
  3. That's why I bought a GMC. Well, that and the grill.
  4. I may be wrong, but I thought the anti-syphon valve required since the '80's to prevent gas fires in a wreck made it impossible to steal gas this way.
  5. We have a folding golf cart and 30' TT and travel at about 16,500 gross combined. It's fun to drive towing or solo. And I love the integrated brake controller, absolutely seamless.
  6. The owner's manual says to wait 500 miles before towing, and to change oil before first tow. This is not under break in, but first paragraph under towing section. I have 8k travel trailer and load the truck to 9.3 k lbs when traveling. I just traded a 19 dmax for this 20 Gasser. It is plenty powerful for me, and more fun to drive than the dmax.
  7. I know this is off topic but searching for this info and your discussion was close. Do you know where I can plug in for a small amount of "switch off" power??
  8. Not meant as an insult, but have you tried changing the direction the vents blow? On mine, if I aim a vent all the way down it closes the damper for that vent.
  9. TOMATO: here are pix of my horn additions, 2020 gmc double cab 2500 gas: The silver bolt next to the yellow wire in 2nd picture is an existing bolt on a bracket extending towards the engine on the rear inboard corner of the battery. Used a scrap 1"x1"x1/4" piece of aluminum angle and fastened the horn assembly to that one existing bolt. These are just Auto zone/Adv auto horns off the rack (they come this color). Nothing exotic but a very different tone (very loud beep) that makes the combination of the 4 horns more noticeable while not being a discord. I looked on Ebay for those 4 horn sets that used to come on cadilacs but they were pricey. I measured amps, looked at fuses, and decided I HAD to add a relay which just gets the hot right off the battery. The relay delay is not noticeable.
  10. Transmission is controlled by a computer. I just Wondered if there were some error messages or codes set that would lead the dealer to a problem that is preventing the downshifts and hurting drivability. I haven't been up a hill yet where I could not maintain the speed limit, AND while staying under 4500 rpm. I do not normally use cruise in the mountains as it seems to keep rpms too high.
  11. I just added 2 additional horns. Relay tapped in to original horn wire. Mounted new horns on firewall over engine.
  12. Another viewpoint: 8k lb travel trailer. =original TV was '13 tundra, 5.7, tow pkg, 4.3 gears =Bought '19 chevy 2500 duramax ,=15 months later, traded for 20 gmc 2500 gasser Gasser is 2000 lbs heavier than tundra empty, and on a camping trip the truck weighs 9700 lbs including 1000 lb tongue wt plus remaining 7k lb trailer wt. i'm very pleased so far with towing. haved pulled up a couple of 7% grades 2-3 miles long and was able to pass some but not all traffic, nothing like the diesel but completely respectible. First time i pulled it had some downshift burps but has done fine since then. its a little noisier than tundra but to be expected with weight and gear difference. Tow/haul, chevron 89 octane, 10% ethanol You might have the dealer see if any codes stored in engine or trx. I think i read gm completely redesigned the axles for strength, so might be hard to do gear swap I have banks idash left over from the diesel and banks said they would eventually tune this engine. I really wonder if you have a trx programming problem.
  13. ( CHOPPERDOC:. I live in Decatur. ) 20 Gasser getting 8.5 pulling a 8k lb trailer. It's all about air drag, and that increases as the square of speed. Faster you go, less the mpg.
  14. Bought '19 Duramax 11/19 to pull 8k travel trailer but mostly to correct a half ton way over gvwr. Kept it 15 months and traded for '20 GMC Gasser 2500. Dmax pulled the trailer great, smoother and quieter than wife's Acura. But exhaust filter made it virtually unusable in my town. So many red lights that Regen needed every 80 miles so had to drive to next town every week. Love the Gasser, pulls trailer just fine and has 2800 lbs payload vs 1800 on the diesel. Driving is fun again for me, but it was a very expensive lesson.
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