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  1. It is not in tow haul mode. I have done some towing with it as of recent but felt the bump when it was not in tow haul. Its sometimes more subtle than others. Its just something odd to me. maybe I am overreacting.........
  2. 2020 Gas motor. Noticed that when coming to a stop there is a harsh downshift possibly from 2nd or 3rd to 1st. It is not violent but can definitely feel it. Anyone else having this?
  3. My infotainment randomly shuts off. Sometimes it just goes black and you cant control it. The other day it went black and had volume but the buttons would not work. I put in reverse and the back up camera came on. When i put it in drive again the camera view would not go off. Any suggestions
  4. I bought a 2020 custom gas motor this week. When I left the dealer on Monday they were $4500 away. I would not let them run my credit because I knew that would not be a problem. They kept working off of payments and I wanted bottom line OTD. Called Tuesday morning and they were 2500 away. I trade my current truck and they gave me some more on it. By lunch time they were 1000 away. They kept working on payment and the interest rate was too high. Kept wanting me to agree to payment. Never do this, if credit score is good. Mine was around 725. When I went in to talk the last time the pric
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