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  1. Ok, very similar to my issue- mine does it on left turns even when I am not applying the brakes, and has began to do it on flat turns as well. I will update after I meet with field engineer, they have been data logging and sending the info to GM Engineering. The dealership is able to duplicate it just pulling into their lot- they have tried a number of things- swapping parts, calibrations etc and they have not been able to fix it yet.
  2. They are working on a fix from my understanding- GM Engineering is coming out to evaluate. I will update once I have more info. Is yours only with left turns?
  3. Anyone having issues with their steering column? Posting a video, I’ve gotten the service steering column lock a couple of times and the dealer says it’s only a stored code for “loss of communication” so they don’t really know how to diagnose. The steering lock or gear shift column lock is randomly engaging- doesn’t do it all the time unable to upload vid for some reason
  4. Just an FYI, wheel hub, speed sensors, re-cal all failed to fix the issue. Tech is working with GM Engineering (something regarding a steer angle sensor). Multiple Denalis on the lot are doing the same thing. If anyone has any info, would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I will pass this along to the tech- thank you. I know they mentioned Thursday that something was off 180 degrees at times, which they said was extreme
  6. Update: truck has been out of service for 6 weeks now- new speed sensor (no fix), new wheel hub (no fix), new calibration (no fix). Did something with the steer angle sensor and thought that may work after the tech test drove, did one final test drive yesterday before telling me to come pick it up and the truck began engaging traction control and ABS on left turns, so they have another request into TACS. The dealer has another brand new Denali Duramax on the lot that is doing the same thing. If anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated. $80k experiment truck, trying so hard to remain patient, it’s getting tough though.
  7. Speed sensors replaced, no fix- ABS Traction Control activated as soon as the first turn. The dealer will be attempting to replace one of the front hub assembly’s Anyone else who may be experiencing this should definitely report. Will update
  8. Over 1 month sitting in the service parking lot out of service. I am highly disappointed. No one is able to provide info as to when parts will be available.
  9. Yep, mine did it a couple of times and I didn’t really think too much into it- then it got to where it was doing it every time- traction control continued to activate and pump the abs- dealer has had it for 3 weeks now and GM Engineering has had them pull speed sensors etc with no fix. GM is having them replace speed sensors- however, no parts are available. Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed. Deemed inoperable
  10. Anyone having issues with the traction control cutting on and applying brakes? Truck is activating brakes & traction control system when turning left. Also, sporadically applying brakes and displays “hill start active” when not on hills. Dealer is waiting on GMs direction- speed sensors, wheel hubs, etc
  11. Awesome, will look out for your update. As for the CEL, I’ve put minimal miles since the reprogram, but it definitely appears to be doing regens and acting normal now.
  12. Hi Everyone, I was able to take it in to the dealer- they did the recall (Reprogram) for the engine light/nox sensor (emissions issue). They found three codes stored for the steering and chassis modules along with trailerbrake control module. They cleared them for the time being. I will update with the code numbers tomorrow. Steering module lost connectivity was one of them- steering column still making noise. Advised to bring it.back when the service steering column lock message re appears.
  13. Please post what you find out from the dealer
  14. Thanks, I’m taking it to the dealer this week to have them check out- definitely hearing some noises from the steering column, but no rhyme or reason. Will update after the dealer looks at.
  15. Anyone have any issues with Steering Column noise- “Service Steering Column Lock”. Traction Control seems to be acting up with left turns, could be related, not sure
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