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  1. I did one cut about 6 inch's behind the muffler. It straight and measured 2.75 I think. Have a pipe coupler connector from auto zone with to clamps in the garage from my last truck. Easy to reinstall the factory if needed to. Running the borla touring system 2020 RST 5.3
  2. Just installed Borla touring 140767 factory tips retained. 2020 RST 5.3 . Rotfab intake. Install was easy. First impressions it very quite. Start up seem quieter then my factory exhaust with the flapper clamped open and screens taped over. The muffler is larger then the factory's. I only really drove it around a few blocks after install. Exceleration sound great. Way better then factory. Has a nice tone to it. Not to loud, just right. Foot slightly on the gas you can't even hear it. Highway is going to be quite for sure. I was torn between the Corsa and this. I was afraid the Corse might be to loud. All the video's for them sound great. I quess I will never know now. I didn't want anything to loud. The pipes are larger and smother then factory all they way back to the tips. No more stupid flapper. I'm happy.
  3. Have the katzkin installed not long after I got the truck. The factory cloth is nice. Just like the easy maintenance of the leather. The heated seats don't feel as warm with the leather unless you put it on high. Cloth felt nice on low
  4. Did you weld those steering stop tabs to the lower arms. I was just reading the instructions. Never saw that before.?
  5. I think you have the top plate with the three studs off 180 degrees. The lower plate with the two holes is on an angle. You can clap the lower plate in a vise and twist plate in the rubber bushing. Or reorient the top plate so the angle of the lower plate is correct.
  6. 2020 RST 5.3. Do 80 on the highway mostly. Seeing around 17.3 with some back road driving. Truck goes 80 so smoothly down the highway. Plus I have the stop start disabled. I guess you really have to stay around 65 mph if you really want to get the best mpg. I know when I had the leather seats installed. They took the truck like 60 miles round trip. Must have babied it had some insane MPG. Sorry just not my style. Although I do love the MPG compared to my 2009 5.3 with the hypertech 93 program. Ordered the Rotofab intake. Like to see if there 2 mpg increase is for really. Either way it should be a nice improvement.
  7. Yeah those lower strut spacers are not worth it with the new trucks. Why take a chance. That's why Rough county got rid of them. Up date on the Rough county leveling struts. They did seem to settle some after a couple of weeks . Was a full 2 inch lift. Maybe dropped a 1/4 inch to 3/8. So a 1.625 to 1.75 off lift. Love they way the ride. Have about 3500 miles with them now.
  8. I also on the fence about changing the muffler. Have the flapper clamped open and the tailpipe screens tapped up. Sounds just right to me. But if I were to try one I would also go with the Magnaflow. Had one on my last truck. Waiting for this one to become available. https://www.magnaflow.com/products/19533-performance-exhaust-magnaflow-d-fit-muffler-replacement-kit-performance-exhaust-system-with-muffler?aces=11127703
  9. Turn your wheel full left or right. Start jacking up one side. I was about three inch's up with the jack. Tire still in contact with the ground. The boot was making contact. Took my 1.5 lower spacer out. Not the trail boss. Went with leveling shock instead. PS changing my name to still squid. been riding over 36 years. brand new tire on 2016 Yamaha FJ09. Just finished washing the wife's car. Pushed the bike out through the soapy water. Took right out of the driveway. To the stop sign. Stop signal turn left. Start going up hill. The back tire just broke lose. I high sided. Bike went down on the right side. Came down on my right shoulder. Broke my clavical in three places. fracture in right arm. Had full gear on. Don't know what I was think when I shut the traction control off. I should have let the tire brake in before the the fun starts. I never had this happen in all my years riding. Surgon call me monday get me in. Already to the bike apart with my one good arm. Order the parts from bikebandit. Stay safe out there. Still squid
  10. With a 2 inch block in the rear you need shock extensions in the rear for sure. Also make sure you shocks are tight in the back.
  11. With a 2 inch block in the rear you need shock extensions in the rear for sure. Also make sure you shocks are tight in the back.
  12. With a 2 inch block in the rear you need shock extensions in the rear for sure. Also make sure you shocks are tight in the back.
  13. Thanks for the kodo's guys. These new truck are very nice for sure.
  14. Rough Country 2 inch leveling shock review. I have to say it rides great . First thing I noticed was the extra 1/2 after the removal of the Motofab 1.5 lower spacer. The ride is just a tad better then the factory shock. Jump on the highway up to 85 felt great. Went over some low grassy hill in the tractor supply parking lot at some speed. Soaked them right up. I would like the have them in the rear to to get a full review on them. But don't plan on it. I did measure the the Rough Country Top plate to center hub bottom. 23 1/2 inch's. The factory measures 22.0 inch's. So that's 1 1\2. And I mentioned the spring on the rough country is smaller in dia. Fender's measure about 40 inch's . I know the truck was 38 in the front stock. Still have my 1.25 block in the rear. Still have a slight rake. But if your looking for something close to factory good price. You will like the ride. Now that I have the factory struts out. When the time come 3 or 4 years from now . I will buy a spring compressor. Maybe try the Eibach or Billstin. But I'm good for now. Best I don't have to worries about those lower spacers. At least RC had the common sense to remove them from there product line. Best of luck. Ps parked next to a trail boss at the store. Looked just as high.
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