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  1. Changing the tire size I would think it going to throw your speedo and odometer off. Would think you need to have recalibrated to the new tire size to be accurate for fuel tracking. Hypertech makes one.
  2. Yeah You truck looks great Lapoolboy. Im sure it's tall. I test drove a LT trail boss before I bought my 2020 RST. I remember the bed was up to my neck. I"m happy with the 1.5 level in front and 1.25 in the rear. 1.5 shouldn't tax the front end components to much either. It's just right. Still might get those Rought Country Leveling struts some day. Until then I'm good.
  3. Factory 2009 Silverado 1.25 rear block installed. Motofab 1.5 lower spacer up front. Perfect.
  4. Just finished installing my 2009 silverado factory rear blocks in back. 1.25 inchs. Motofab 1.5 lower spacer in front. Seem to drive nicer with some rack back in it. Perfect for me now. xsquid
  5. I went with the Motofab 1.5 inch. 2 inch would have been to much. As far as which brand spacer to use. There all just a piece of billet alum machined and powdered coated. Then there is the bolt quality. I'm a Machinist by trade for over 35 years. I could have made my own if I had the dimensions. I would of had to order it measure it and return it. Or take my shock off to get dimensions .But that is down time. Could make one out of titanium if we had the stock. But as I get older time is more important then 36 dollars. . I think the ready lift is over selling the 5 degree taper. The mounting tab on the bottom of the strut is mounted with a rubber bushing which would seem to rotate inside the rubber to a flush mount anyway . The Motofab was alot cheaper . Bolts seam good quality. Rough country seems like a reasonable price also.Only went with the Motofab because I wanted 1.5 inch. As I measued my fenders first. I still plan on installing my 2009 Silverado rear factory blocks which measure 1.2 inches.For some small rake. There is no block under my rear springs now. I know because I looked first. Titanium part from solid included,
  6. It seems Magnaflow it working on a Just muffler replacement. Looks like you retain the tail section. Should cost less then a full system. I would think it would be cat back, cut after the muffler. I'm on the waiting list. Had the Magnaflow on my 2009 Silverado. I loved it. Not to loud. Just right. Have the flapper clapped open now and screens covered. Sounds great. Don't want much louder. Just a smidge. https://www.magnaflow.com/products/19533-performance-exhaust-magnaflow-d-fit-muffler-replacement-kit-performance-exhaust-system-with-muffler?aces=10227677
  7. Truck looks great. Was i my garage and I remembered I had the stock rear blocks from my 2009 with the u-bolts in great shape . They measure 1.2 inch's . Should be perfect to put some small rake in the back of the truck with the Motofab 1.5 front. Will post some pictures when I install them.
  8. Yes now the front end of the truck is now level with the back. Trucks come higher in the rear called rake to offset any weight loaded in the bed of the truck. Or towing at trailer. Putting a lot of weight in the bed of a leveled truck. The nose of the truck points towards the sky. But If you don't load up heavy often it's no big deal.
  9. Just got back from the Chevy dealer from my alignment . I install the Motofab 1.5 leveling lower spacer. 2 inch would have been to much. She now measures 39 inch's at all the fenders. Accept the drivers side 39.375. It was a litle higher to start with. When I was waiting at the dealer I measured a Trail boss with the 20 inch wheels. It measured 40 inch's front fenders. Still like a little rake. might install a small block in back for a 1 inch lift. At full droop or articulation. The boot come very close to the shock. This wouldn't be the ideal set up for heavy Off roading . Dont plan on it any way. Love the look and the truck.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Truck looks great . I test drove a trail boss before deciding on my 2020 Z71 RTS in the color I wanted. Figured I could lift it sometime later. Factor truck sits just as hi as my 2009 Silverdo I traded in with Rancho Leveling struts in front , 3 inch blocks in back. I measured it in the lot the day I picked it up. On hold for now as 6600 dollar new furnace came out of now where. Got time . Still might go with the rough country leveling strut. Xsquid
  11. Lapoolboy wern't you going to get the rought county 2 inch leveling struts? Don't get me wrong what you did is the way to go for sure. xsquid
  12. I ran my fog lights through the one on the drivers side. You have to cut the tip off the rubber. Inside pull bake the insulation under dash to access.
  13. Installed Tiger auto bull bar this weekend. Some led fog lights. https://www.tygerauto.com/i-50351-tyger-auto-tg-gd6c60508-front-bumper-guard-compatible-with-2019-2020-chevy-silverado-1500-textured-black-light-mount-bull-bar.html .
  14. Trying not to get off topic still interested in the RC leveling shocks reviews. But i finished the install of the tigerauto bull bar. Still need to adjust the lights . Bar look nice with the shape of the truck. Better without the plate for sure. Bought the LED's and wiring harness on Amazon. Removed the fuse block on the drivers side to access behind the dash. There is just enough room to drill the dash next to the parking brake for the switch. Look like it belongs there. Small rubber access port near the steering column . Just cut the rubber tip off run the wires through. Keep the RC reviews coming.
  15. Also thinking about these leveling Struts for my 2020 Silverado RST . Vs the Ready lift leveling front spacers. Let us know what you think. Had the Rancho leveling quick loaded struts on my 2009 silverado. They were adjustable. But after 2.5 tyo 3 years the knobs would freeze up. Use less. Had two sets on the truck. Same thing happened. Had the 3 inch ready lift blocks in back. Working on installing a Tiger auto push bar this weekend in the garage. With led fog lights. Will post pics when it done. https://www.tygerauto.com/
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