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  1. Yes those are the ones. You will love the ride quality Better then stock plus the lift. Get alignment done after. This was the day I installed. Did further test. It did hit when I jacked up the truck let tire hang.
  2. Yes don’t install them. The bolts come to close to the axle boots touching at full droop and turning . I removed them like two weeks after I installed them. Went with Rough County fully assembled 2 inch struts. I posted somewhere about it. Like 320 for the pair. Ride is better then stock. They have settled to about 1 5/8 of lift. Perfect with or without the 1 inch rear block. Don’t use the lower space.
  3. Yes don't install them the bolts come to close to the axle boots. Hit at full droop and turning. I removed them two weeks after and use Rough Country 2 inch leveling strut. Ride is way better the stock. You will love them. Have Beilstein in the rear. Will eventually put them in front. They weren't out yet when I did it. Settled at about 1 5/8 of lift. Perfect. Don't install them . Don't take the chance. P.S Moto Fab Fine for 2 wheel drive
  4. Come to think of it I did use 7075 Alum. So I did use aircraft grade Alum. HA HA. I'm with you Chris . Good enough for planes. I was out of titanium . So I guess all the raiser they sell on e-bay made from some polysomthing to stamped steel with grade 8 bolts are junk also. Agree about the leverage thing. A lever amplifies an input force to provide a greater output force, which is said to provide leverage. The ratio of the output force to the input force is the mechanical advantage of the lever. At least I wasn't told how I should spend my money or save it. Grade/Class Strength Metric Class 10.9 Similar to Grade 8. Metric Class 12.9 The highest metric class for strength, it exceeds Grade 8.
  5. Made my own seat raisers for the passenger seat for my 2020 RST. Used 1.25 thick alum blocks. Spray painted black. Bought m10 * 65mm long . Grade 12.9 socket cap bolts at local nut and bolts store. Work in machine shop so materials were free. Seat was so low. Not that I sit there much. Saved a bunch of money. Like switching to Geico. PS sorry about all the dog hair.
  6. Went into setting and found update. Install took about 14 mins.
  7. Took my motofab 1.5 lowere spacer out right away after seeing how close it was. Hit on full droop. Try Rough Country leveling strut. Worth to extra cash rides better the stock. My seem to settle at 1.5 . Also have a 1.25 block in rear.
  8. I would definitely go with a leveling strut verses a spacer. The numbers your looking for are on the manufactures web sight. Under the installation instruction.
  9. Have the borla Touring . When I first installed it . Going on the highway up slight long inclines for a good distance you will here a hum that sounds like a drone. Which I would say it is. I was like what have I done to my new truck. But I got used to it really fast. It just fads away over time. Love the sound when I get on it. You will get used to it.
  10. Anything over a 2 inch block in the rear I would use a shock extender. Even with your 1.5 block you should be fine with the extenders. Shock still has plenty of travel in its range. Max tow trucks have heavy duty springs in the rear . And with an air bag your kind of limiting you rear shock travel when going offroad. 5100 Bilstens might help but I would think it would be even firmer ride. Only 1.5 lift from the 5100 is because you have the 6.2 which is heaver then the 5.3. Gravity. Can't have it all. But you have a 6.2 with 3.42 gears. That something to smile about.
  11. I can see my dealership doing it for sure. I try to stay away as much as I can. Glad I went with the Rotofab. Very nice clean setup.
  12. Finally got the rear Bilsteins installed. Have to say you can feel the extra damping when driving. Makes for a nice ride. Will keep my RC 2 inch leveling shocks which now have seam so settle at about 1.25 lift. Will get the new Bilstine front shocks with there spring when they come out in the future.
  13. Yeah they have a larger shock body the the 5100 fronts. Agree should be around 400 to 500 dollars. Same as the Eiback front setup. I'm going to wait for then also. Leave my RC fronts for now. My rear 5100 will here this week.
  14. Looks Like Bilstein just came out with a complete front shock set up for the Silverado. Two front shocks includes springs. Adjustable up to 2.5 height. No price yet. To new https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/product-search-detail/?ItemId=2529051871219378392&YearId=7730404248667934985&MakeId=5847006694556421104&ModelId=1371149820201548888&SubModelId=3226783550847319469&DriveId=7384355516708740713&EngineId=8334853240121872416
  15. Ordered the rear shocks last night. I'm sure I will like them with all the positive reviews. The rear of the truck did always skip side to side on uneven pavement. Will post a review when I get them. Should compliment the front RC 2 inch leveling struts nice. Would have bought the beilstein fronts. But at the time they weren't out yet. Will run the RC fronts for now.
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