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  1. They should fit. I bought there window rain guards for my 2020 Silverado . Says for 2019.
  2. Start e-mailing the auto eliminator folks. Maybe they will change there mind and make the Stability control eliminator. Lets take control of our trucks again.
  3. It's about being able to to control your vehicle the way you want . Like shutting off the safety alarms on the wife'as 2014 Impala. But there is time when I want then on like late at night long drive home. But I have the option. You where taught to counter steer growing up. Now it leave the driving to us with all the new vehicles . Hands free parking, automatic braking , ect. Its all good don't get me wrong. 53 years young.
  4. Yeah that's what I was thinking . If enough people get on board them maybe they will produce the product. I would always shut my Stability control on my 2009 Silverado. But it was my fun truck.Had her since she was new. Tuner with bumped up shift pressure so chirping the tires was a blast. Rough county traction bars. But I took great care of her. Only had 82000 mile on her when I traded for the 2020. It would be nice to be able to control your truck as you see fit with the stability control off. Yeah the auto stop is very seamless on the But I find in my town the light are very fairly quick. As soon as I stop it shuts off then 30 sec it green . It was easy enough to install. Will leave it off. But I can always turn it on when I need to. For the record traction control is different. Stability Control is when you hold the traction button for more then 5 seconds. This shut off stability Control . Allowing you to fish tail side to side when you want to as you see fit. The new trucks turns it back on when you reach 35mph. Or you wheel spin reaches 35mph.
  5. So I just install my Auto Stop Ellimator . Great product. So I got to thinking . I e-mailed them to see if they could make a product to block the signal to the Stability control from allowing it to turn back on after 35mph. Kind of like the auto stop elliminator . I realize there is some safety concerns with this . As I brought this to there attention. But most company's will make you sign an electronic waiver to protect them. Like when I had my ECU flashed on my motorcycle. Anyway they said it was possible to create such a devise. But were pretty busy with the Auto Stop Elliminator. I think there would be a market for this. As I have seen some complain about this in the Fourm. Hope they will change there mind.
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