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  1. Have the borla Touring . When I first installed it . Going on the highway up slight long inclines for a good distance you will here a hum that sounds like a drone. Which I would say it is. I was like what have I done to my new truck. But I got used to it really fast. It just fads away over time. Love the sound when I get on it. You will get used to it.
  2. Anything over a 2 inch block in the rear I would use a shock extender. Even with your 1.5 block you should be fine with the extenders. Shock still has plenty of travel in its range. Max tow trucks have heavy duty springs in the rear . And with an air bag your kind of limiting you rear shock travel when going offroad. 5100 Bilstens might help but I would think it would be even firmer ride. Only 1.5 lift from the 5100 is because you have the 6.2 which is heaver then the 5.3. Gravity. Can't have it all. But you have a 6.2 with 3.42 gears. That something to smile about.
  3. I can see my dealership doing it for sure. I try to stay away as much as I can. Glad I went with the Rotofab. Very nice clean setup.
  4. Finally got the rear Bilsteins installed. Have to say you can feel the extra damping when driving. Makes for a nice ride. Will keep my RC 2 inch leveling shocks which now have seam so settle at about 1.25 lift. Will get the new Bilstine front shocks with there spring when they come out in the future.
  5. Yeah they have a larger shock body the the 5100 fronts. Agree should be around 400 to 500 dollars. Same as the Eiback front setup. I'm going to wait for then also. Leave my RC fronts for now. My rear 5100 will here this week.
  6. Looks Like Bilstein just came out with a complete front shock set up for the Silverado. Two front shocks includes springs. Adjustable up to 2.5 height. No price yet. To new https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/product-search-detail/?ItemId=2529051871219378392&YearId=7730404248667934985&MakeId=5847006694556421104&ModelId=1371149820201548888&SubModelId=3226783550847319469&DriveId=7384355516708740713&EngineId=8334853240121872416
  7. Ordered the rear shocks last night. I'm sure I will like them with all the positive reviews. The rear of the truck did always skip side to side on uneven pavement. Will post a review when I get them. Should compliment the front RC 2 inch leveling struts nice. Would have bought the beilstein fronts. But at the time they weren't out yet. Will run the RC fronts for now.
  8. I have the Rough Country 2 inch full assembly strut. I can say the ride is just like factory. I have had them for some time now. They lost some height over time. When first installed gained a full 2 inch. Now about 1.5 after 7000 mile. Have a 1.25 block in the rear. Truck still looks good. Rides good. Will be getting the bilstein rear shocks next. 2020 RST.
  9. Have the Borla Touring . Rotfab Intake. 5.3. Mainly went with the Borla because of the price. Love the sound. Still getting 20 mpg highway. Cruse set at 76mph.
  10. I have the rough country 2 inch leveling struts installed on my 2020 z71. I like the ride . it is very close to the factory ride. Maybe a little better. The coil springs on the rough country are wound with a smaller diameter spring then factory. Belistin has come out with a front strut. Would try them next. But these are fine for me now. If anything I feel the back bounces around to much. Will replace the backs next with beilstin.
  11. I did one cut about 6 inch's behind the muffler. It straight and measured 2.75 I think. Have a pipe coupler connector from auto zone with to clamps in the garage from my last truck. Easy to reinstall the factory if needed to. Running the borla touring system 2020 RST 5.3
  12. Just installed Borla touring 140767 factory tips retained. 2020 RST 5.3 . Rotfab intake. Install was easy. First impressions it very quite. Start up seem quieter then my factory exhaust with the flapper clamped open and screens taped over. The muffler is larger then the factory's. I only really drove it around a few blocks after install. Exceleration sound great. Way better then factory. Has a nice tone to it. Not to loud, just right. Foot slightly on the gas you can't even hear it. Highway is going to be quite for sure. I was torn between the Corsa and this. I was afraid the Corse might be to loud. All the video's for them sound great. I quess I will never know now. I didn't want anything to loud. The pipes are larger and smother then factory all they way back to the tips. No more stupid flapper. I'm happy.
  13. Have the katzkin installed not long after I got the truck. The factory cloth is nice. Just like the easy maintenance of the leather. The heated seats don't feel as warm with the leather unless you put it on high. Cloth felt nice on low
  14. Did you weld those steering stop tabs to the lower arms. I was just reading the instructions. Never saw that before.?
  15. I think you have the top plate with the three studs off 180 degrees. The lower plate with the two holes is on an angle. You can clap the lower plate in a vise and twist plate in the rubber bushing. Or reorient the top plate so the angle of the lower plate is correct.
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