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  1. I also on the fence about changing the muffler. Have the flapper clamped open and the tailpipe screens tapped up. Sounds just right to me. But if I were to try one I would also go with the Magnaflow. Had one on my last truck. Waiting for this one to become available. https://www.magnaflow.com/products/19533-performance-exhaust-magnaflow-d-fit-muffler-replacement-kit-performance-exhaust-system-with-muffler?aces=11127703
  2. Turn your wheel full left or right. Start jacking up one side. I was about three inch's up with the jack. Tire still in contact with the ground. The boot was making contact. Took my 1.5 lower spacer out. Not the trail boss. Went with leveling shock instead. PS changing my name to still squid. been riding over 36 years. brand new tire on 2016 Yamaha FJ09. Just finished washing the wife's car. Pushed the bike out through the soapy water. Took right out of the driveway. To the stop sign. Stop signal turn left. Start going up hill. The back tire just broke lose. I high sided. Bike went down on the right side. Came down on my right shoulder. Broke my clavical in three places. fracture in right arm. Had full gear on. Don't know what I was think when I shut the traction control off. I should have let the tire brake in before the the fun starts. I never had this happen in all my years riding. Surgon call me monday get me in. Already to the bike apart with my one good arm. Order the parts from bikebandit. Stay safe out there. Still squid
  3. With a 2 inch block in the rear you need shock extensions in the rear for sure. Also make sure you shocks are tight in the back.
  4. With a 2 inch block in the rear you need shock extensions in the rear for sure. Also make sure you shocks are tight in the back.
  5. With a 2 inch block in the rear you need shock extensions in the rear for sure. Also make sure you shocks are tight in the back.
  6. Thanks for the kodo's guys. These new truck are very nice for sure.
  7. Rough Country 2 inch leveling shock review. I have to say it rides great . First thing I noticed was the extra 1/2 after the removal of the Motofab 1.5 lower spacer. The ride is just a tad better then the factory shock. Jump on the highway up to 85 felt great. Went over some low grassy hill in the tractor supply parking lot at some speed. Soaked them right up. I would like the have them in the rear to to get a full review on them. But don't plan on it. I did measure the the Rough Country Top plate to center hub bottom. 23 1/2 inch's. The factory measures 22.0 inch's. So that's 1 1\2. And I mentioned the spring on the rough country is smaller in dia. Fender's measure about 40 inch's . I know the truck was 38 in the front stock. Still have my 1.25 block in the rear. Still have a slight rake. But if your looking for something close to factory good price. You will like the ride. Now that I have the factory struts out. When the time come 3 or 4 years from now . I will buy a spring compressor. Maybe try the Eibach or Billstin. But I'm good for now. Best I don't have to worries about those lower spacers. At least RC had the common sense to remove them from there product line. Best of luck. Ps parked next to a trail boss at the store. Looked just as high.
  8. So I got my RC 2 inch Leveling Struts. I Wanted them in for the weekend so I could use my truck instead of work on it. Plus having a second par of hands would be nice as and member posted to me when he removed his. My two other sets of hands are never around when you need them. So I took it to the dealer just to get it done. I talked with the service guy . Went talked with the tech. Said 2-2.5 hours labor. Plus alignment. Though was fair. Then I get a call at work the desk guy calls. The main tech said oh this is going to take way long. So I got him on the phone. He question my lower spacer said it way close. I say I know that's why it has to come out out. I told the guy at the desk it has to come out he wrote it down. . He never told him what was going on. I said your just swapping out the strut assembly. I told him I put the spacers in and how I did it. Told him He might half to remove the axle nut for clearance . I asked him. They never put in a TB kit. He was worried about damaging the axle boot he says it a new truck. I"m like your a Chevy dealer. Explained what I wanted done. Which was never relayed to him. Always nice when you have to tell your dealer how the job is done. Didn't leave me with a good feeling at all. He said he would get it done. Price went up some. Should get it back tomorrow. I hope it rides just as nice as the factory shocks. The factory spring dia is 18 mm or .708 diameter. The Rough country spring measured 11/16 or .6875 diameter. So it not a strong as the factory spring. But the dampening might be different on the RC. The new Ranchos with the valves are ok. I think I ran them set at 3 or 4 in the front when I had them. It was a little firm. But nice on the street. Planted. But I like how the factory shocks just soak up the bumps. Fingers crossed
  9. Thanks so much for the response. I though there might be enough room to drop the arm without removing the axle nut. Just don’t want to damage the boots. Remember it went pretty far when I installed the lower spacer. I can see where the extra per of hands would come in handy . Went to get my daughter to hold something last time. She was gone out the front door. They just came in today. Quick note the factor spring dia is 18mm or .708. The RC 2 inch strut spring is 11/16 dia . Or .6875. I figured it would be less. Hope it ride just as nice as stock. Thanks again
  10. I posted my experience With the past Rancho leveling strut on the 2019+ leveled board three days ago. Had two sets on my 2009 Silverado. There ok but the knobs seize up after a few years. . After I post it. I e-mailed Rancho. Here’s there response. I see you finally came out with the 2 inch fully loaded leveling strut for the 2019 2020 Silverado. . RS66310R9 I had two sets on my 2009 Silverado.. First set lasted a little over 4 years. Not bad.. Traded in the truck for a 2020 before having to replacing them. But in both cases the adjustments would seize up about 2 years in. So you where stuck where ever you had them.You could go up, but not back down. If they did anything at that point. Was kind of hoping you got rid of the adjustment on these shocks. If they don't last the life of the shock. What good are they? response I apologize for the issue that you have gotten from the adjustment nobs on our RS9000 series. I will document in our system, about this issue. If you happen to run into this issue, we can have adjustment nobs sent out to you. Kevin Stinnette Technical Resource Center Gurus On-Call +1.314.977.0653
  11. Truck look good Vmax. Will be removing my Motofab 1.5 lower spacer. RC 2inch leveling struts should be here this week. I install my own lowers. When removing the complete strut do you need the remove the axle nut and push the spline through the hub in order to gain enough clearence to lower the lower control are enough without damage to the axle's to remove the complete strut assemble?
  12. Tire sizing . 275-60-20 . Stock tire on 2019 Silverado with 20 inch rim. 275 * .03937 = 10.82675 tire width. Answer 10.82675 - 60% = 6.496. Answer 6.496 * 2= 12.992. Answer 12.992 + 20 inch Rim = 32.992 tire dia. 33 inch's . Using this formula you can figure any metric tire size. 275-65-20 = 34.074 tire dia. Should fit no problem with a 1.5 level or 2.0 level. It the same width just 1.0 taller. Or 1./2 on each side. Use any leveling kit in a 2 wheel drive truck no problem. Use caution in 4 wheel drive going off roading. Tire formula will get you very close. Tire manufactures very some with ply, road tie ect. Best to check manufactures web sight for exact dimensions.
  13. I have the 1.5 Motofab lower spacers installed now. They are coming out as soon as I get my Rough country 2 inch leveling struts. Don't like the closeness to the boots either. RC stopped selling lower spacers for the 2019 to 2020 all together. Good luck. will post when i"m done.
  14. Question for those of you who have installed these kits. I ordered the 2 inch RC struts with coils. Will remove my lower spacer. Do you have to remove or lossen the axle nut in order to pull the full strut assembly , and reinstall ? Was kind of hoping I have enough clearance to sneak them in without removing the nut. Thanks
  15. I used my 2009 Silverdo factory block 1.25 inch. left over parts with u bolts. But have seen them on e-bay . Before I remember I had them somewhere in the garage.
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