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  1. Hey there.  With regards to the RotoFab CAI for the ‘20 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L as opposed to the factory GM CAI upgrade.....the GM installed CAI gets a dealer tune/recalibration.  What is this recalibration that is being done with the Gm Cai that I’m not getting if I go the RotoFab route?

    1. Roto-fab


      While we can't speak for any competing products, I can tell you a few things about our development process:

      During development one of our main goals is to produce a system that will perform great on the factory calibration. This is no easy task, especially on newer GM vehicles. We implement unique development and prototyping methods which allow us to test over 100 different configurations on the road and track. By closely monitoring and logging pertinent data over the course of many months, we arrive at what we consider to be the “perfect” cold air intake for the vehicle. Then we tool up for production and prepare for release. At Roto-fab, the constant chase for perfection is the real motivation for everything we do.

  2. OK....but this screenshot has been saved to my phone since before I bought my 2015 All Terrain, well before the X Package was even announced.
  3. Damn, poor bastards who paid $5k for a performance off road package that can be had for $900 of existing aftermarket parts. Smh
  4. The part numbers for this "new exhaust" you've listed, have been available through the GMC public performance parts website for several years, so if this "new" exhaust is what is being put in the X package then this is all just a marketing scam. I have printouts of this exhaust option from 2014. So if 6 GMC dealers and GMC customer service have all been unable to tell me what the new exhaust is that's put in the X is this option, I can understand why they have avoided answering it bc it's just an existing option. What I don't understand is Borla's corporate engineering office telling me they've designed the GM Borla exhaust and a new, GM Borla exhaust designed specifically for the '16 all terrain X. It also makes zero sense that a brand new truck would leave the factory with an exhaust that was going to have to be replaced and installed by a dealer. Sounds fishy to me.
  5. Would you be able to post the part number here? What dealership do you use?
  6. I asked parts that exact same question and they said a) they can only order parts based on their parts books which can take months to update on new vehicles and repairs can be delayed and b) they didn't know if the exhaust was tweaked with different air intake and some tuning to get HP bumps on X package and may or may not work on other Sierras. Baffling so many dealers can't address this for those looking to maybe spend some new $$ on a new exhaust like me and want to know all options that won't have droning.
  7. I think this thread is headed in an uninformed direction. I have spoke directly with Borla, and they designed the performance exhaust for the '16 all terrain X specifically for this truck. It's not the same as the GM Borla exhaust you can order for any truck through GMC performance parts and it's NOT the 1 made by Corsa. So far, you can not order this exhaust, it only comes with the X package on the new truck.
  8. They will fit. Be prepared for 3-4mpg drop. Great tires but super heavy and high rolling resistance.
  9. This is not the same GM Borla exhaust you can buy through GMC performance parts. Borla told me they designed this exhaust specifically for the '16 AT X and they aren't sure if GM also tuned and added high performance air intake to get those claims. Of course truck is so new GM dealers don't even know the exhaust part number and if they can install it on my '15 AT.
  10. . Yep, the KO2 is just heavy as crap combined with really high rolling resistance. I just switched them out with Nitto Terra Grappler G2 and got 3 mpg back instantly. Loved the look of KO2s but not enough for that mpg hit and the Nittos are way quieter. Problem solved for me. I don't do hardcore off roading anyway, just gravel roads.
  11. 3:42 ratio, only 3.42 available in the All Terrain
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