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  1. I got my first dose of Moderna Thursday evening. No effects that evening at all....went to work the next day. Very sore arm next morning and by that afternoon, I started feeling puny and sickly. I didn't sleep much Friday night due to a bad headache. Headache continued all day Saturday as well as sore arm. Today, Sunday, all is well.
  2. Selling a new pair of these. I'll post pics later tonight. Retail is $400, I'm asking $300 shipped OBO anywhere in CONUS.
  3. Looks good but your idea of "flush" and mine are different.
  4. Are you sure your bed isn't just misaligned like so many thousands of others are?
  5. Yes an alignment will help. Your tires are scrubbing going down the road essentially chewing rubber off of them. This is going to make noise. Get an alignment ASAP unless you like spending money on tires. Also, the truck will still make more noise than you were used to because you've now changed the airflow under and around the truck.
  6. So the new vehicle warranty is worthless then? I'm sorry, but GM isn't going to buy back a truck that a couple of lifters and pushrods will fix. Even if there's cylinder damage, they'll just drop a new engine in.
  7. What is it lately with all this talk of "buy backs"? Isn't a warranty's purpose to take care of these types of repairable issues? I imagine automakers have to "buy back" vehicles on rare occasions when there is no other option, but I can't imagine they jump right to buying back a used vehicle just because it has a repairable fault. What am I missing here? The powertrain warranty on most (if not all) new cars nowadays exceeds the bumper-to-bumper warranty anyway.
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