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  1. Sigh... What is the obsession lately of running tires too narrow for the wheels?
  2. 6 inch or 4.5

    Of course, not all 12.5" tires are created equal and some brands/models in the same size may rub where others don't. I am running Toyo Open Country R/T for reference.
  3. 6 inch or 4.5

    Oh ok. I don't see where he was complaining of tires rubbing....I just read it as he was concerned about the wheels sticking out too far. I'm running stock wheels with 12.5" wide tires and have no issues rubbing my stamped UCAs.
  4. 6 inch or 4.5

    How are aftermarket UCAs going to affect the amount the wheels stick out? As I stated in another thread, UCAs pivot up and down as the suspension articulates. They don't significantly affect ride quality and they don't affect the amount the wheels stick out (provided they are stock-equivalent replacements and not wide or extended travel; which would require more than just UCAs to accomplish).
  5. 6 inch or 4.5

    I have that EXACT setup. The fronts will stick out an additional 1.5" over stock. it looks perfect to me and absolutely no trimming of anything was required. Throw some 1.5" BORA spacers on the rear and you're golden.
  6. I do too. Pricey little suckers though!
  7. LOL, the dealer doesn't do anything unless it is profitable for them. Lesson #1. Them: "Hey, we'll give you another $1000 off your new truck if you finance through GM Financial." You: "Yeah, that sounds good." Sales manager to salesman: "Shhhhh, don't tell them the 8.99% interest we are about to charge them FAR exceeds the $1000 we are 'giving' them." Salesman/Sales manager: *jovial gut-laughter*
  8. There is no way in hell I'd accept an APR of 8.99% with a credit score of 843. Should have walked.
  9. I'm Out!

    Who cares. It's called a truck because it's not a car.
  10. 6 inch or 4.5

    Tell me how UCAs that aren't hitting the coil buckets or droop stops contribute to a harsh ride. Unless one or both of the conditions I stated are occurring, the things just go up and down. I have factory UCAs (stamped steel at that), and my ride quality is superb.
  11. 6 inch or 4.5

    I'd definitely say my truck's ride is the same (if not slightly better) than stock. Not in the Northeast....I'm in the Deep South.....Louisiana
  12. 6 inch or 4.5

    Stock 20x9 wheels. 35x12.5x20 Toyo Open Country R/T tires ran at 35psi.
  13. Yep, lip service to give the illusion they care.

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