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  1. Silverado LT HID headlights for sale

    I do not. Never used that.
  2. www.specmo.com. $30
  3. Drove around town with a laptop hooked up for like the 20th f***ing time trying to dial in Whipple calibration.
  4. As previously stated, that is your ABS module/pump and the related wiring harness.
  5. Wanted black leather glovebox, other two pieces

    So how did you go from asking for part numbers to having this in your truck in 7 hours? 😂 I need a leather stitched cluster visor in cocoa.
  6. 2016+ Chrome LT grille for sale

  7. My truck is lifted 6.5" and the dealer had no issue changing the pump. There are no brackets in the way of the pump. If anything, it makes the replacement easier.
  8. Truer words have never been spoken.
  9. You're welcome man. As for the bolt torque, I couldn't find the setting anywhere so I just cranked it down good 'n tight. Then one extra grunt. It's not coming apart.
  10. Installed! Just need to purge coolant system and put new plugs back in. Then, upload tune and start it!!!
  11. Radar detectors

    Yes sir, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. Of course, I think I paid $500ish for it when it was new....they can be had for $250ish now. It does have the GPS-based false signal lockout. If you pass the same GPS coordinates 3 times and the same frequency is detected, it locks out the alert. The detector gets quieter as you own it. Mine is several years old and has learned my common routes over time. It is virtually silent now, but when it alerts, it's a cop!
  12. Radar detectors

    I do not have the autodim mirror. Mine is the same as yours. I ran the MirrorTap up into the area that houses the Homelink buttons and found power/ground in there to tap into. Blendmount came directly from them.
  13. Radar detectors

    Left to right position isn't as critical, but the higher, the better.

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