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  1. Exactly what I want to do. I'm going to have to buy the damn leveling kit to get the UCAs though since they don't sell them separately. My tires have about 1/2" clearance to the factory arms....I'm fairly certain I'll have to run a small spacer on the front to clear. What is your wheel/tire setup?
  2. I have no experience with spacers on aftermarket wheels...I always just bought the offset I wanted.
  3. Thanks. I installed them at the third notch (highest setting = 1.2"). Mine is a 6.2L. They have settled just a tiny bit as expected but nothing noticeable at all.
  4. So you want around -50 offset??? Wow, ok. Good luck.
  5. It's buried on the shelves in the garage. I'll try to dig it out this week if work permits.
  6. Anybody want one? Pay for shipping and it's yours.
  7. The AutoSync does not work. The flash tool to update the BCM with all the changes you are describing does work. That said, they are virtually the same thing I'm told.
  8. The AutoSync programmer does not work on T1 trucks and his programming is limited to BCM stuff. So, he can't disable autostop or turn off AFM.
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