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  1. I have a Zone 6.5" with 35's and still fit in my garage so nanner nanner boo boo!
  2. SNOW!? Dang! In April? I wonder what the suicide rate is in Wisconsin....I think it's highest in Alaska, but I bet it's up there. Anyway, nice truck to give to the wife!
  3. Specmo Enterprises in Detroit, MI. I got mine in two days.
  4. I've never understood individuals leasing vehicles....businesses doing it, I get I guess. You're basically renting it yet you are responsible for maintenance and wear-and-tear. Is it the allure of the lower payments or what?
  5. That blue is dope. That was my second color choice behind my iridescent pearl tricoat.
  6. MVI has programmed my HMI to support OEM DVD/Blu-Ray playback. Is there anything in the HMI relating to the park assist that may be the cause? It worked perfectly with the old cluster...I guess I could put it back in to see if it works....if it does, then we know it's the Denali cluster. Can you tell me where to find the park assist module so I can see which one it is?
  7. I just discovered a potential issue... I have gotten a "Service Rear Park Assist" message on my cluster a couple of times. The graphic and camera are working on the 8" Infotainment screen and it is beeping as normal, but there is no graphic popping up on the new Denali cluster like it did on the stock one. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    NO! It has been programmed for Phil's VIN. You will still need to send it in to Chris to have it programmed to your VIN.
  9. I don't believe you can get a 2017+ cluster with blue lighting to work in a 2015. According to all the reading I did, the model years have to match. You can contact Chris and he can confirm that though.
  10. LOL! What year is your truck? 2017 and later, GMC went to blue lighted. Edit: Nevermind. I just saw you have a 2015. You're out of luck bud.
  11. Looks pretty nice, but they alienate a LOT of folks who have 4x4. Can anyone explain to me what difference there is in a cat-back exhaust on a 2wd vs. 4wd? Why does their stuff say "Will not fit 4x4"? Makes no sense to me.
  12. Rockin' the new Denali cluster I just got back from Chris.
  13. I really like my Roll N Lock. Looks nice and sleek on the truck and keeps my goodies in the bed dry.
  14. Just got mine back and installed it once I figured out how to release the damn harness connector!!! Works and looks great! Thanks Chris! I now have Denali cluster, LTZ DL3 mirrors, and OEM GM DVD/Blu-Ray....my truck's a mutt! LOL!

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