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  1. @kpromero There is no 2" leveling kit for AT4 that I'm aware of. Which kit did you have installed?
  2. Bilstein is one of the most respected companies in shocks/struts - I trust them. I spoke to one of their engineers who was part of the R&D on the new 6112 kit for the TB/AT4. They are very proud of their kit and he said they did meticulous testing to determine the maximum lift offered (1.2") is still within the stock suspension "envelope". He specifically said they designed the kit and limited the lift to 1.2" max for the sole purpose of not having to add any other parts to the truck. He said it is a 100% complete bolt-on kit and the ball joints/CVs will be "happy". I'm good with his answers. I'm putting the 5160s on the rear tonight and I'll let the shop install the 6112s on the front next week when they arrive.
  3. The install is virtually the same as your 2015 was. What's concerning you? You asking about torque specs for front or rear shocks?
  4. Well....I have changed course on my plan.... After speaking more with Bilstein and ReadyLift today, I am NOT installing the 2" SST kit with the Bilsteins. I am going with the Bilstein 6112 kit up front set to the max lift of 1.2" (which should put the truck pretty close to level) and keeping the 5160s in the rear. This way, I can ditch the 1.5" leveling kit (preload spacer) I have and get better shocks at the same time while maintaining close to the same height up front I have now. I'm not even sure the RC 1.5" leveling kit actually gives a full 1.5" anyway so the difference may not be much. The other good news is I don't have to replace the UCAs with the 6112s either.
  5. Damn! Should have ordered from Summit....they have them in stock.
  6. @Unclebud87, please be sure to let us know how install and test-drive goes with the Bilsteins soon as you get it done!
  7. My MAN! I expect after me and you do it, everybody and their cousin gonna be doing it! Somebody's gotta be the first!
  8. Yea, the droop limiter removes any issue with over-travel. The Bilsteins may have more travel, BUT the suspension can only droop as far as the mechanical limit (droop stop) allows. You putting Bilsteins on anyway?
  9. The Auto 4WD thing is really no big deal. I never use that setting anyway. I want my truck in 2WD or 4WD when I decide- not my truck. Even if you use it, it isn't likely to catastrophically self-destruct. ReadyLift just said it "could" cause some vibration in the CVs and/or front diff that some people may find undesirable. This is caused by the varying torque the truck sends to the front diff when it is in Auto 4WD "hunting" for traction.
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