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  1. Til you drive it! 😂 Are wheels the real-deals or replicas?
  2. Your wife is going to kill you.
  3. Nope, no front spacers. I only have spacers in the rear to even the track width. I have stock stamped steel UCAs. The tires come close to making contact with the UCAs at full lock, but there is clearance. I have had this setup installed for 20,000 miles without any problems.
  4. Zone without a doubt. Add Fox coilovers and 2.0s.
  5. I'd love for someone to figure out how disable the stupid active shutter system.
  6. Did it eliminate the noise? Was there any noticeable defect of the boot when you removed it?
  7. WTB: 2017 5.3L air box lid

    Hey guys, Do any of you who have upgraded to a CAI system still have your stock airbox lid lying around? I need one. I do not need the MAF sensor or rubber coupling...just the lid. Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. So you didn't have to cut any of the shutter assembly at all? You eliminated the shroud/surround that goes around the shutter assembly to tie them into the grill, correct? Looks like from your pictures you cut the top half of the RC brackets off, cut the grille, and added some spacers. Seems easy enough. Were the top halves of the brackets hitting the grille?
  9. Amp Research Steps

    How did you "order" a 4 year old truck? I have a Silverado lifted 6.5" on 35's and the regular Amps are perfect.
  10. Help!! Bought a truck tonight!

    You're probably screwed but you best be on the phone with them at 8am tomorrow to have ANY chance.
  11. wheel locks

    I'll take them if other guy doesn't.
  12. Blown rear main seal

    Well, thank your sir! Sometimes I'm able to form my own thoughts.
  13. Blown rear main seal

    I'm out too. I don't even have a catch can! 😂
  14. Blown rear main seal

    Hahaha! If you truly believe taking aftermarket parts off a truck PRIOR to taking it in to the dealer to avoid the hassle and circumvent their quickness to blame in an effort to avoid paying out any warranty repair is FRAUD, then you sir have probably been a victim of fraud yourself. Keep fighting the good fight. I, for one (apparently, since you say I'm not in the majority), will continue to hedge my odds by not giving the dealer any leg to stand on to deny my warranty. By your logic, I guess all the handheld tuner manufacturers are bad guys too by printing in their instructions "Return vehicle to stock prior to any dealer service". Shame on them!
  15. Blown rear main seal

    LOL! You're worried about committing fraud toward the dealer?! How noble of you! The rest of us are worried about the dealers defrauding US! 😂

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