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  1. Power mirror issue

    Contact pgamboa on this forum.
  2. Had all four wheels replaced under warranty because the clearcoat was chipping.
  3. Z71 to LTZ grille upgrade

    LT to High Country for the win!
  4. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Correct. Long press the auxiliary light button and the connected light(s) will come on and stay on, regardless of headlight setting. Think of it as a standalone switch.
  5. Drive it until you research more and get some quality components that play well together.
  6. Dude, take all that crap off your truck and return it to stock. No need to create multiple threads. You already have Rough Country knuckles and upper strut spacers and your UCA's are rubbing the coils now. Throwing Rough Country UCAs at it is not the solution.
  7. I'm gonna say your knuckles are the problem (among other things possibly). What brand is that? They look like shit.
  8. It should hit the droop stop BEFORE it hits the coil. Something's not right.
  9. Yep. And when I got the coilovers on and got the truck aligned, no more contact. 👍
  10. I run 12.5" wides on stock wheels with stamped UCAs. No issues.
  11. Quite the assumption. 😂
  12. 🙄 I wouldn't go that far.

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