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  1. Selling a new, never-used set of tailgate letter inserts. Paid $59.95, will sell for $45.00 shipped. Message me with a phone number or e-mail and I can send pics if needed. I laid them out and took pics, but they are too large to attach here. Thanks.
  2. You can snake it down through there....no need to remove anything.
  3. Ok, that makes sense now. Thanks. Fox owns BDS so they are just BDS arms. Cool.
  4. Not all 6" lifts come with new UCAs. I still want to see pics of these Fox UCAs they put on it.
  5. You can't get the GM Performance intake on a 2021 unless it was optioned for one from the get-go.
  6. I really like the Roto-Fab. The fit and finish is superb. It just looks more refined and thought-out than the S&B. Little things like how the plastic air inlet tube is much smoother and better-looking on the Roto-Fab. The filter is also easier to access/remove on the Roto-Fab. I didn't like how the S&B required swiveling the intake tube up and just ripping the filter out of the housing/rubber grommet. Nit-picky I know, but between the two, I like the Roto-Fab. It also left room for the Pulsar LT to install and tuck neatly down out of the way with the new mounting bracket they are now including.
  7. Mine is doing the same thing. Had the black dust everywhere and the same squeak. Dealer replaced idler pulley under warranty but reused the old belt since they didn't have any and they are evidently on nationwide backorder. Guess what...still squeaking. They have ordered a new belt, but have no idea when it will come in.
  8. Anytime sir, glad to help! Nice choice of intake by the way! I had one on my '19, but I tried the Roto-Fab on my '21.
  9. Pretty sure that is a designed relief for clearance purposes.
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