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  1. Bump. Still got most of this stuff sitting in my garage taking up precious space. Offers welcomed!
  2. Yes I still have it. Looking for $400 shipped.
  3. Traded in my truck and I stripped it down before I let it go. None of this stuff will fit my new truck, so I need it out of my garage. 1. Sylvania Zevo #921 LED reverse bulbs, pair - $20 shipped 2. Sylvania Zevo #194 LED license plate bulbs, pair - $17 shipped 3. GM #84408372 "bowtie" puddle light set - $90 shipped 4. Fumoto #F137 oil drain valve, brand-new, never installed - $22 shipped. ***SOLD to bluemonstercali*** 5. Stake pocket covers - $20 shipped 6. Salex console organizer tray - $20 shipped 7. Oxilam #7440 amber LED front turn signal bulbs, pair - $17 shipped 8. Shorty antenna - $20 shipped 9. UPR Products Pro series catch can with bullet check valve add-on, #5030-243-1, $180 shipped Thanks guys!
  4. Bump. I'll entertain offers guys.
  5. Got an offer I couldn't refuse so I traded my truck in. I took off all the accessories beforehand and I'm selling a like-new Pulsar LT. Had it on the truck just a couple of months. Asking $425 shipped. In original package with all documentation, mounting bracket, etc. Thanks.
  6. I don't think a pulley misalignment issue would be eating up the BACK of the belt though, right?
  7. I agree with your sentiments. The A/C belt looks flawless and new. You can see it in the background of my picture - the markings/words on the back are still very clear and legible. To me, this indicates no amount of slippage or wear. The alternator/water pump belt on the other hand... The back of that belt is completely devoid of any markings/words and you can see the wear on it.
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