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  1. My dealer did mine for free in a couple minutes.
  2. Just realized I didn't upload a pic....will do tonight.
  3. Ok. Bilsteins are good too. They make a ka-jillion part numbers with different specs so just make sure they are correct for a 6.5" lift.
  4. The "BDS Fox" shock is a Fox shock with a BDS sticker on it. Fox makes great products.
  5. They are not "Fox" branded shocks.....they are Zone. They are both part of the same company. They are the standard Zone nitro shocks that come with the 6.5" lift kits. I upgraded to Fox 2.0 so I don't need these. It looks like they sell on average for about $50 each. Where are you located? How does $80 shipped sound?
  6. Why are you still asking? Have you called Sport Truck USA like I suggested? They can give you several options for shocks. Or, I am happy to send you the Zone shocks that came with mine.
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