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  1. I can't tell any difference in ride quality at all. I decided to just bite the bullet and go with the OEM lift. I didn't want to jeopardize any warranty coverage and make it easy for the dealer to deny anything.
  2. I had the dealer service manager ride in mine today for this exact issue. He confirmed he heard and felt the rumbling. He has absolutely no clue as to the cause or fix. He wants me to drop truck off tomorrow so they can "go through it and hook up a picoscope". I don't feel convinced they'll find anything. I'm reminded of the little snippet in Pro-Comp's lift instructions....it basically says "2019 trucks have an inherent drivetrain vibration from the factory that you just have to live with".
  3. Truck had Ranchos from factory and the kit included Ranchos also. I think the only difference is the new ones are mono-tube maybe?
  4. I had my local Chevy dealer install it for me. I got the kit on eBay from a dealer in Florida for $1,069.00 shipped.
  5. It is a set of longer struts with different spring perch locations, longer CV's, front frame horn lowering brackets, and rear blocks with longer shocks.
  6. Yep. The 4" was causing CVs to vibrate and drone too much for comfort. I took it off and got a refund. Went OEM this time to keep warranty in place without worry.
  7. Looks good, but damn, there's a lot of rake with this setup! I'll be researching leveling kits for Trail Bosses now and the struts will have to come back off AND I'll have to pay for another alignment!
  8. Brand-new emblem. Part number 84133640. List is $80.00 plus tax. I'll sell it for $65.00 shipped. Thanks.
  9. My God that's horrid. Recycled beer cans for light mounting brackets...
  10. Correct, AND the substrate as well.
  11. Yep. I went with factory GM 2" instead for peace-of-mind.
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