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  1. You can purchase the tips from Borla and have an exhaust shop weld them up to your tailpipes. Getting the stock trim valances off the bumper is the hardest part.
  2. Here is another white one I found with black wheels
  3. Hey guys, I'm wanting to get some aftermarket wheels with a more negative offset to push the wheels out about 1" past the fender (around a 0 offset). I'm also going to switch from 33" Ridge Grapplers to 35". My truck is white and it's an LTZ so it has chrome front/rear bumpers, chrome grille, chrome mirrors/door handles, etc. The windows are dark-tinted and they miscellaneous other trim is black. Do you think it would look o.k. with black wheels? Honest opinions welcome. I've scoured the tire/wheel database sites and there are a few similar trucks that look good to me. Anyone on here have one? Pic of my truck attached for reference. Thanks!
  4. I'm going to order the 2" SST kit and run the Bilstein 5100s with it. The fronts are adjustable, but I will have to set them to stock height of course.
  5. They shifted the bed right-to-left slightly to line it up with the cab. However, the driver's side cab body line is lower than the bed body line. So they have to replace that sagging left, rear cab body mount to bring it back up into alignment.
  6. I'm halfway through my TSB repair. They adjusted the bed left-to-right already but had to SPAC order a left, rear cab mount (GM calls it a "cushion"). They called me last week letting me know it was in, but I haven't had a chance to get the truck back to them yet. I'll report the results when I do.
  7. Griots Satin Tire Dressing. Dries to satin finish and makes tires look new.
  8. The highest setting is only 1.1" I believe....that isn't going to level a TB/AT4.
  9. Bro, where are the pics of your installed intake!?!? Today is FRIDAY!
  10. The lubricant they squirted between the pads and the leaves has washed away. The pads do nothing to solve the problem.
  11. "brakes didn't work"....yep, you have to look up from your phone to see the stop sign to press the pedal for them to work. Glad everyone came out o.k. Good luck in your insurance dealings.
  12. Kept it safely parked in the garage to avoid Laura's wrath.
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