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  1. I'm just curious how you guys are getting updates on the build progress of your truck. I ordered a 2022 elevation 3.0 Duramax around the start of Nov. Dealer told me they can't give me an ETA or update, they have no way of getting that info. Basically I just have to wait until it shows up at their lot. They estimate 6 to 8 months. If I get sick of waiting I can cancel and get my deposit back. I'm in Canada so maybe it's different here. I'm not sure. Also they told me there's a parts shortage for the 3.0 so there's a possibility they may not even build it at all. Any truth to this? Searched online but could only find info about the halt in production for 2021.
  2. Wow, that's good mileage! 5.3? I'm waiting on my 2022 elevation diesel still but my 2011 F150 with 33's only gets 14 mpg
  3. Which lift kit did you go with? I think it looks great. You'll appreciate the rake whenever you haul a heavy load.
  4. Has anyone measured the height difference with the 2 inch level? On my F150 I could have sworn the front was higher but after measuring, it turns out the front was lower by 1/4." Still waiting on my 2022 elevation to arrive but interested in possibly doing a level.
  5. Thats exactly the piece I was worried about. Didn't realize they added an additional air dam under the bumper. Looks easy enough to remove. Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. I'm in BC, Canada. Picture is from an FSR in squamish. Here's another shot from one of my adventures
  7. When I saw the truck in person the clearance looked tight. I was thinking 275/65/20 with the gm 2 inch lift.
  8. Thank you for all the input! Very helpful. I should have been more clear. I am not doing any off road trail, wheeling or rock crawling. I am only driving up forest service roads and logging roads to get to mountain bike trails so the roads are nothing extreme. My only concern is hitting the front bumper with the low ground clearance. Basically I'm just hoping it can go everywhere my F150 is able to take me. Picture shown is about as gnarly as the roads get. Sometimes after lots of traffic they can be covered with large loose rocks.
  9. I recently ordered a 2022 sierra elevation with the x31 package. I do a fair amount of off roading (more like soft roading) on FSR's and decommissioned logging roads. My 2011 f150 has about 11 inches ground clearance (with a leveling kit and 33's) while the sierra only has 8.1 inches so I'm a little concerned about it's off roading capabilities. I'd like to avoid adding a leveling kit/lift until the warranty is up. Hoping someone here has a stock Z71 or x31 and can share their experience with off roading.
  10. Good to hear you love your diesel! Beautiful truck. Good point about the larger screen and shifter taking up space. That's definitely a deal breaker for me. I went to the dealer today and finally test drove a diesel. Literally blew me away. I did not expect the torque. My phone flew off the dash and landed in the back seat lol. The interior was much nicer than I expected (huge upgrade over my current truck) and I can see myself being happy with it for many years. Maybe Canada is different, I'm not sure but the manager told me there's already a 6 to 8 month lead time for the diesel 2022 LTD so if I wanted the new interior I could be waiting a year or longer (for a custom order). Ended up ordering an elevation LTD. My blood pressure definitely spiked when I saw the price but I guess that's what trucks cost these days.
  11. Ya good deals right now, even on a custom order. I know for sure the new interior will get a price increase and that worries me as trucks are already ridiculously expensive. As for durability, I meant the interior. I'm pretty hard on my truck due to my job and lifestyle.
  12. All good points, thank you for the input. My budget is 65k CAD which is about the price for a loaded elevation. I really wish they would share pricing info for the new model, would make my decision a lot easier. I do a fair amount of off roading and and I have a dirty job (heavy equipment operator) so durability is most important to me.
  13. Hey everyone, hoping to get some advice. I currently own a 2011 F150 which I bought new 10 years ago. Due to astronomical gas prices in canada (I pay $220 per fill up) I'm looking to replace it with a sierra elevation 3.0 diesel. My local dealer has the exact truck I want. 2021 Crew cab, blacked out with black emblems, fully loaded and x31 offroad package. It's about 4k cheaper compared to new as it's an ex demo. For those of you with the current sierra, are you happy with the interior? If you had the option would you rather have the new interior? Either way, the sierra will be a huge upgrade from my basic F150 XLT interior. Any advice would be appreciated as this will be my first GM. Included is the picture of the truck I'm considering buying
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