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  1. Hmm, xpel is what I had done. They said they have tried on other GM trucks with no success. it looked great for a few months and then it peeled/bubbled apparently. I'm considering doing line x there. I have running boards ordered but they are currently out of stock so just waiting. Would that protect the paint?
  2. Truck is 100% stock. Elevation x31. I've driven on a gravel road maybe 3 times since I've owned it. My 2011 F150 had 34x12 duratracs on aftermarket wheels. Off road almost every weekend. Not a single chip on the side panels after 12 years of ownership.
  3. I noticed today that my 2021 1500 has at least a dozen paint chips in front of the rear tires on both sides. The section of the panel that flares out. I've only had my truck 3 months. My truck is already wrapped with PPF and ceramic coat. The shop said they could not wrap the panels that have textured paint due to air bubbles forming over time and the ppf doesn't stay on. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  4. Yup. These fixed my issue. Can't thank you enough for recommending them!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion but I believe the trail boss and x31 have different shocks (I could be wrong). I installed the spring things and the noise is gone so it was the leaf springs
  6. Thank you! I won't bother with the dealer then. I'll order the spring things
  7. Just purchased a 2021 sierra 1500 Duramax. I've owned it about 5 weeks now and it was smooth and silent up until a few days ago. I'm now getting a knock/clunk coming from the rear end. It happens when I'm driving slowly going over bumps or when turning. I did some research on this forum and narrowed it down to defective leaf springs or it's the DEF sloshing around and making noise. I jumped up and down in the bed like a crazy person. The leaf springs were silent but I did hear the DEF tank although it wasn't the same sound. Could it be anything else? I'm taking it to the dealer next week but as we all know, more often than not they are absolutely horrible at diagnosing strange noises so I'd like to make some suggestions for them.
  8. I'm just curious how you guys are getting updates on the build progress of your truck. I ordered a 2022 elevation 3.0 Duramax around the start of Nov. Dealer told me they can't give me an ETA or update, they have no way of getting that info. Basically I just have to wait until it shows up at their lot. They estimate 6 to 8 months. If I get sick of waiting I can cancel and get my deposit back. I'm in Canada so maybe it's different here. I'm not sure. Also they told me there's a parts shortage for the 3.0 so there's a possibility they may not even build it at all. Any truth to this? Searched online but could only find info about the halt in production for 2021.
  9. Wow, that's good mileage! 5.3? I'm waiting on my 2022 elevation diesel still but my 2011 F150 with 33's only gets 14 mpg
  10. Which lift kit did you go with? I think it looks great. You'll appreciate the rake whenever you haul a heavy load.
  11. Has anyone measured the height difference with the 2 inch level? On my F150 I could have sworn the front was higher but after measuring, it turns out the front was lower by 1/4." Still waiting on my 2022 elevation to arrive but interested in possibly doing a level.
  12. Thats exactly the piece I was worried about. Didn't realize they added an additional air dam under the bumper. Looks easy enough to remove. Thanks for pointing that out.
  13. I'm in BC, Canada. Picture is from an FSR in squamish. Here's another shot from one of my adventures
  14. When I saw the truck in person the clearance looked tight. I was thinking 275/65/20 with the gm 2 inch lift.
  15. Thank you for all the input! Very helpful. I should have been more clear. I am not doing any off road trail, wheeling or rock crawling. I am only driving up forest service roads and logging roads to get to mountain bike trails so the roads are nothing extreme. My only concern is hitting the front bumper with the low ground clearance. Basically I'm just hoping it can go everywhere my F150 is able to take me. Picture shown is about as gnarly as the roads get. Sometimes after lots of traffic they can be covered with large loose rocks.
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