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  1. Can a bent or shifted leaf spring cause a tire to stick out slightly more than the other side? My rear passenger side sticks out roughly 1” more than the driver side. I took it to a shop and they told me the bent or shifted leaf spring was the cause but I don’t get how that could be.
  2. Okay, so I found out I have a minor bent leaf spring on the rear passenger side. Drives fine etc. The auto shop told me it’s safe and nothing to be concerned about. What’s your take on it? I want to be safe. I don’t tow anything or plan on towing.
  3. Well I took it in to Les Schwab today to have it looked at. They said axles, wheels and everything looked fine. They also said maybe gm newer trucks no has axles shifting for some reason but they said it all looked straight and to take it into the dealer. When I showed them the tire that stocked out they could see it. But after and during there inspection they said the tires were sticking out evenly. Kind of strange. So I took pictures when I got home. It’s in my driveway with a slope. Picture is rear driver side and rear passenger side.
  4. I took it in to where I had the wheels and lift installed and they measured how far out all the wheels stuck out and made sure the stamp for the offset was correct and they said it was and showed me the stamps. They also told me the tires all line up but I got home and measured and they don’t line up. Makes me think the installer was just making it m leaf-backing plate to ensure the rear diffup and lazy to look underneath. It’s actually the front passenger side that is off. It doesn’t stick out as much. Maybe 3/4 of an inch difference. I am taking it to Les Schwab on Saturday to have them look at alignment etc. So we will see. Any suggestions? I’m kind of thinking the installer was not honest when he said they all measured the same because you can even tell with just doing a visual. It was never in a accident or anything. I don’t get it.
  5. I think it is the offset and am going to take it back in next Saturday to have it looked at. I am paranoid about it lol Also, I don't think the bed is off to one side.....its a newer truck and never drive crazy or anything. Also, I've had people adjust my alignment, rotate tires etc and they never said anything about it. So, if it wasn't lined up right I would think someone would have noticed and pointed it out to me. We'll see when I take it back to the shop.
  6. I am not sure, didn't notice it before I put the new wheels on.
  7. I am not sure that I posted in the correct forum earlier..... I have one wheel/tire that sticks out in the rear about 1 inch more than all the other tires? Could this be from a bad shipment from the manufacturer and just one wheel offset doesn't match the others? I am taking it in on next Saturday to have a local shop look at the stamp on the back of the wheels to see if the offsets match but I am worried about safety. Or what else could it be?
  8. M4junkie, i think you posted in the wrong forum or subject...I am talking about my wheels sticking out lol
  9. Yeah , that wouldn't make since to put spacers on it would it? That would mean I would put spacers on only 3 tires.
  10. Yeah , that wouldn't make since to put spacers on it would it? That would mean I would put spacers on only 3 tires.
  11. M1ck3y, I am not sure what you mean by " I can take car of the track difference by installing spacers."?
  12. Rear passenger side tires stick out about 1/2 to 1 inch more than the all the other tires. I've noticed it for a while and it's been bugging. Is this normal? What could be wrong and how can I fix it? Could it possibly be that one wheel offset could be different than the others and is causing this and possibly a shipment mistake?
  13. Digger87 No it’s just a base model 4.3L and I am upgrading it myself.
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