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  1. Dragging my station car 200 miles to use when down on LI for work. I’d dropped the engine in April due to a slight overheat, wound up installing larger pistons, cylinders (1584-1660 CC) and generally rebuilding/replacing everything from the case-out. First oil change after 5-7 miles of ring break-in, adjust valves, carb and timing. Good to go.
  2. Good looking new truck. I would have preferred the Diesel too but beggars can’t be choosers. My neighbor has one and takes it from Hudson Valley to Rhode Island and back every week on less than a tank of fuel. I forget if you’d said your truck was 4x4 or not, but if so, remember you would have had to regear two differentials not just one. And now you get a new truck too. What differentials are in the new truck, and what is the payload/towing capacity of the new stuff?
  3. This past week, I towed my light boat 200 miles (including across NYC) and didn’t notice temp exceeding 145*F. Speeds stayed under 70 mph. If anything, flipping the pill seems to result an extra cooling; my 2004 F150 usually ran 165*F.
  4. While getting ready for a night dive, realized a proper photo op. Key Largo, FL.
  5. I flipped mine 1700 miles ago, and last week drove the truck straight through from upstate NY to the Treasure Coast FL, cruise control set to 75 and then 85 towards GA to make up for lost time in SC. Checking temps every few hours showed the temp never exceed 151*F.
  6. Today's low vehicle supply not-with-standing, $17k for a nearly 200k mile 2wd truck seems crazy. If this is being financed, you'll likely be paying it off long after the vehicle has reached its end of life. It *looks* nice, but looks can be deceiving; my friend started a simple tune-up on a customer's '75 Beetle Convertible with perfect paint that turned into a full blown restoration after he found that the heater channels were 2x4s glassed into place, and the "new" floor pans weren't even riveted into place, they were siliconed! At that mileage, you're looking at wear on every moving part:
  7. That looks about the same location that I installed mine.
  8. You’d never see the pay back converting your newish truck to electric. I’ll keep electricity for my power tools lightbulbs; every time I hop in a vehicle I drive 400 miles or more, so gasoline is it. When the grid fails, or power is out due to storms, i won’t be left SOL; with points on some of my vehicles, they’ll always run regardless of the grid or EMP blast. Until production, distribution and reliability of electricity is drastically elevated, Id think twice about putting all eggs in that basket. My power went out twice in the last week for a day each time due to storms, which won’t be get
  9. Yes. Hence my drain and fill taking 45 minutes less than yours, and in the comfort of my driveway.
  10. Bug rebuild is in a holding pattern awaiting a clutch cable so I used today to get the truck ready for its bi-annual coastwise trip. new tires courtesy of dealer. Pirelli Scorpions. 5 quarts of ATF, a 10 Oz bottle of Lubegard red and a new trans pan drain plug. new front diff fluid, Valvoline 75w-90 full synthetic. Those new squeeze bottles are a game changer! new rear differential fluid. I’m an ardent support of draining to remove any settled debris, but that unfortunely requires removal of the cover which I wasn’t in the mood to do. So I used my extr
  11. Despite the mileage, the fluid came out darker than expected. I also replaced the drain plug as its gasket was flattened and hardened. It took 5 quarts of Redline D6 and a 10 Oz bottle of Lubegard red; I wouldn’t run a transmission without that.
  12. I'll be doing this on my '17 6 speed today in anticipation of a trip NY-Key Largo next week. Not going to pull the pan for filter, though; just remove the drain plug in the stock pan, drain out the fluid, and then pour in the ~6 quarts of new Redline D6 with a half bottle of Lubegard Red. The fluid change is a 10-15 minute ordeal. The fluid was last changed about 14k miles ago. I recently "flipped the pill" so even with the short OCI, the fluid has been heated. In my manual on the 6L45, GM lists the ATF replacement at 45k, or as little as 15k miles under "Extreme" conditions; I
  13. I dropped mine off at the dealer a week ago for new tires, alignment, brake fluid flush, an oil leak, and to verify operation of the thermostat and check for radiator leakage. Why dealer? Pirelli Scorpion all terrains cheaper than Tirerack, $30 off the alignment, I hate brake fluid flushing, and warranty. I then left and drove 500 miles away for a week; I’ll pick it up tomorrow on my way back to NY from OBX, then stop at Advance for some tune up items for the ‘84 GMC. Just what I’ll feel like doing after 500 miles in the saddle. I still have 2000 miles but a month left on the oil
  14. Well sure it is. I can’t get to FL, OBX or Norfolk without spending a few minutes in DE. Lack of state sales tax also makes it a destination for purchasing big ticket items, like generators and outboard engines.
  15. Bought this one for $96 two years ago. It's a plastic tub, there's not much to "love" or "hate" about it; it is what it is. I searched for the cheapest one I could find, no need to over pay for glorified tupperware. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113385877464
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