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  1. Thanks, also want to apologize, I posted this under 2019 and should have been under 2014. Don't see a way to delete or move.
  2. I once had a Compustar remote start on a truck I bought and it was kind of nice. Didn't like the truck, kept it for 5 months. I never would have thought I would like one, but I did find it handy. Never did like the brains of the things kind of wedged into the kick panel by driver side, there were sure a lot of wires going to that thing, think it was a CM-800? Just looked like a mess that didn't need to be there. Anyway, thought about having one put on my 2014 Silverado. Wondered if there was anyone on here that had some history with one and maybe I should just forget about a remote start. Don't really need one, just was kind of cool. Talked to a Compustar Pro dealer here in town, said $279.00 installed. Asked where he would put the brains as no room where it was on last truck, said it would be fasten under steering column. Don't look like much room there, also not sure I like all those wires coming off the brains being tapped into existing wires, looks like possible problems that aren't needed.
  3. Thanks, for now I am doing like you did, turn off the AC. But may get tired of thet or start forgetting all about it. Years ago I had a bad heat sensor on a car and the electric radiator fans wouldn't come on and car was overheating,. I was around 400 miles from home. So I turned on AC even though I wasn't that hot. Reason is that the AC forced the fans on radiator to come on, whenever AC on the cooling fans were energized. I wonder if that is the case now days with this truck as the AC light is on. I would assume it has the programming not to force cooling radiator fans on like the old days? Easy to check out which I will do.
  4. Maybe I will leave that AC switch on and see how it or if it heats up. I got the feeling the damn computer is trying to do something for me and I don't like that! Tired of computers doing what I know how to do or trying to think for me! I was hoping a work truck would have less of this crap! Should have saved my old 3/4 ton 71 Chevrolet. Some wonder why I dislike computer stuff so much when I spent almost 40 years as a system software developer. I try to explain it just that reason of spending 40 years developing software is why I don't trust computers. They are just a machine programmed by a person and cannot reason or adjust to circumstance as well as a brain. We are going to have a generation of folks that can't think for themselves.
  5. Just to make sure I am not crazy, I took pictures. When I shut it off at night and throughout the day AC off (I have to press AC switch to get it off, but it does stay off until next day): After sitting overnight goes back to AC on:
  6. When I start truck up and turn on fan control, the small 4 inch screen above the climate controls shows A/C mode is on and the A/C light is lite on the A/C button. When I stopped the truck the day prior, I was using heat with temp all the way over on the red and floor button pushed. Then I press A/C button and the A/C goes off and I get heat, 4 inch screen shows A/C mode off after that when I adjust fan speed. If I stop to go in store and come out, it stays on heat, seems only after setting overnight it goes back to A/C mode described above. Maybe it is some timer, but after overnight it goes to A/C, but doesn't after short stops. The temp outside is around 33 degrees, temp in garage where stored is about 60 degrees if that would have anything to do with it??? I have read the manual and no help in section 8. There are some comfort settings, but when I go there all there is a chimes volume setting. I do not have dual control, but basic heat and A/C.
  7. I think the outer ring that 1SLOW1500 mention is that piece with what looks like a latch at about the 4 o'clock position. Sounds like the open pin holes as well as uses pins are weather packed so water and trash don't get in causing problems. I was going to stick plastic wrap or similar in first (didn't want to fill holes up with putty) and then pack with plumbers putty or Ideal duct seal putty. Now I will leave alone. Yea, that is a butt ugly fitting that looks like something missing.
  8. While under the Silverado the other day, I noticed this connection that goes into the transmission on the right/drivers side. Just doesn't look right, looks like a cover is missing? Thought about covering somehow or filling with some of that putty I use to seal around A/C tubing as it goes into the house, but have left alone for now. Maybe this is suppose to be left open to elements? Not the way I would do an electrical connection, but I am an old fart and not use to new ways.
  9. No the chips were there prior to putting on. Covering up all those chips, I need something to just tape off a section and spray on. The folks that do bed liners wanted $50.00 a side to put on about a 6 inch of spray along the bottom of that area. Thought that was a little much. I could spray some black undercoating and doubt anyone would know.
  10. Will finely got the Weather Tech mud flaps, hope they don't break, a little bigger that I thought. Still got some chips on the rear fenders from gravel, should be some stuff I could spray in that area, kind of like what they spray for a bed liner. Guess I should have put these on sooner.
  11. Well sent what I got from Amazon back, didn't have any mounting hardware, well there were two screws and 2 washers. Also, there were no instructions, they did look nice, didn't even see if they would fit. I looked at the Weather Tech and they cost more, but it is clear they come with mounting hardware.
  12. Thanks, I ordered those from Amazon I listed above, will give them a try and if they don't fit Amazon will take them back. I will update and post pic when they get put on.
  13. I been thinking of putting on some mud flaps. I spens a lot of time on gravel roads. Anyone have any suggestions, found these on Amazon, they say " Without OEM Fender Flares Only ". My Silverado has some flar to the fender, but I thought they all did? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FY9S447/?coliid=I1GIES0PT3FTYS&colid=20ECPV8V1IOBF&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  14. Thanks, as long as I know that is the way it works, I will be able to deal with it . I just wanted to make sure I was missing a setting somewhere. Been through all settings, but thought I might have missed something. If I have it on mute, it comes back on when started as mute, just have to look a little more to see the time. Like to be on time when making a delivery, my 72 year old eyes aren't what they use to be. Doesn't have bluetooth in radio for calls, so not a problem there. If I wanted to make calls I could get another radio put in or they make some bluetooth adapters that will pair with phone that fit on visor.
  15. The radio comes on whenever I start truck. I rarely listen to radio, could live without it just fine. Anyway when driving around, I just have the clock showing. When I start truck, the radio is on, but muted on the last FM station I used, prior to muting and holding until radio powers off and just shows clock. While this is not a big pain, would be nice if when starting, it went back to same status as when I shut off- just clock.
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