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  1. No the chips were there prior to putting on. Covering up all those chips, I need something to just tape off a section and spray on. The folks that do bed liners wanted $50.00 a side to put on about a 6 inch of spray along the bottom of that area. Thought that was a little much. I could spray some black undercoating and doubt anyone would know.
  2. Will finely got the Weather Tech mud flaps, hope they don't break, a little bigger that I thought. Still got some chips on the rear fenders from gravel, should be some stuff I could spray in that area, kind of like what they spray for a bed liner. Guess I should have put these on sooner.
  3. Well sent what I got from Amazon back, didn't have any mounting hardware, well there were two screws and 2 washers. Also, there were no instructions, they did look nice, didn't even see if they would fit. I looked at the Weather Tech and they cost more, but it is clear they come with mounting hardware.
  4. Thanks, I ordered those from Amazon I listed above, will give them a try and if they don't fit Amazon will take them back. I will update and post pic when they get put on.
  5. I been thinking of putting on some mud flaps. I spens a lot of time on gravel roads. Anyone have any suggestions, found these on Amazon, they say " Without OEM Fender Flares Only ". My Silverado has some flar to the fender, but I thought they all did? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FY9S447/?coliid=I1GIES0PT3FTYS&colid=20ECPV8V1IOBF&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  6. Thanks, as long as I know that is the way it works, I will be able to deal with it . I just wanted to make sure I was missing a setting somewhere. Been through all settings, but thought I might have missed something. If I have it on mute, it comes back on when started as mute, just have to look a little more to see the time. Like to be on time when making a delivery, my 72 year old eyes aren't what they use to be. Doesn't have bluetooth in radio for calls, so not a problem there. If I wanted to make calls I could get another radio put in or they make some bluetooth adapters that will pair with phone that fit on visor.
  7. The radio comes on whenever I start truck. I rarely listen to radio, could live without it just fine. Anyway when driving around, I just have the clock showing. When I start truck, the radio is on, but muted on the last FM station I used, prior to muting and holding until radio powers off and just shows clock. While this is not a big pain, would be nice if when starting, it went back to same status as when I shut off- just clock.
  8. Yes, dealership checked it out and kept it several days while a part was ordered and put on. When I picked it up, nobody that was there knew what part was put on, manager was gone. Next time I am there I will ask, but so far it has not thrown anymore codes.
  9. Plugs in truck bed?

    Okay, I see, they must push in there and then twist to tighten down. The existing built in tie downs seem good enough for me. You would have to take these out or some kind person would steal them. I may see if I can buy plugs to put back in, but it looks like if rock did go in them, it would just fall on through. Thanks for the info, I can see that they could be handy for some things.
  10. Could someone tell me what these holes below rail of truck are for? Some of them have plugs in them, ( assume that was when new). Some have no plug, I don't see them being used for tie downs as there isn't a place to hook and sheet metal just too thin, would just bend. If the plug has been removed, then the same plug was removed across on the other side of bed. Somewhat concern about getting rock in there when I haul gravel/rock for landscaping, don't want to plug something up that might rust. There are small holes on floor bed right behind cab, assume to drain water and I doubt rock will go down them unless I load pea gravel. I do have one job for an underground drain I want to use pea gravel. My old Dodge didn't have any holes like this.
  11. I noticed what looks like a fuel pump on drivers side right in front of gas tank. I thought fuel pumps were pretty much all in the gas tank anymore. Maybe that isn't a fuel pump, sure has hoses etc heading to tank. Just got this truck and trying to figure everything out, not like my old Dodge that I knew every sound and part location.
  12. My 1500 WT has a temp sensor somewhere as it displays when radio on. Don't know where it's located (sensor). Wish is showed when radio was off and not just clock as I don't listen to radio, but can mute it and see temp. I was surprised it had temp sensor for outside air, this is basic truck. It does have snow plow package, towing package, but nothing much else extra. Snow plow has never been used, it was only WT truck available and package was on it. No CD etc, but that is fine with me.
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions, this truck is a lot different than my 1996 Dodge Ram 1500, put somewhere around 220,000 miles on it. Was a real workhorse, sometimes when they weighed me I was always .8 to 1.1 ton of rock for landscaping and it did just fine. So I have some new technology in this Silverado and figuring out GM, hard to do when I am a bit OCD on knowing what every sound, bump, feel etc
  14. This shows the wheels they put on, I bet they look a lot better than the old steel ones.
  15. This was part of the deal buying the truck, I was on thin ice and had a list we negotiated. Didn't show it until the last minute after pulling out checkbook and said "well one more thing we need to discuss my list here".

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