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  1. We're glad to hear that you guys are happy with your Roto-fab CAI! We appreciate your feedback.
  2. We are developing a very high quality CAI system for the 6.6L gas truck. It will be similar in appearance to our GM 1500 CAI pictured below! We are receiving awesome feedback and reviews on the 1500 CAI when it comes to quality, performance, and fuel economy! More info coming soon on the CAI for the 6.6L gas trucks.
  3. This thread is for anyone who would like to post pictures or share their feedback on the Roto-fab CAI system. We are receiving awesome feedback and customer reviews for our new 2019-2020 Silverado / Sierra 1500 Cold Air Intake, and we're excited to continue our tradition of performance and quality on this new platform! Roto-fab CAI Web Link: https://www.roto-fab.com/products/make/gmc Photo Credit: Rakkasan Motorsports, Authorized Roto-fab Dealer Gen5 DIY, Authorized Roto-fab Dealer onthereel, GM-Trucks.com Forum Member RyanbabZ71, GM-Trucks.com Forum Member @Cfowler_75, Instagram @Mayhem_1LE_, Instagram Thanks for the Photos everyone!
  4. Thanks everyone for your interest in this CAI system! The order link is live at www.roto-fab.com and at Roto-fab Authorized Retailers! Order Link: https://www.roto-fab.com/products/make/gmc The link includes Silverado & Sierra 1500 - 5.3L & 6.2L. CAI systems are scheduled to start shipping on 9/30/19.
  5. That’s a good question. We haven’t tested our competitors’ intake system, so I will focus more on what we have learned during our testing and development of this intake system as well as others. First, here are some things to consider when comparing and/or evaluating dyno numbers: 1) Dyno numbers vary 2) “Back to back” testing without the vehicle thoroughly learning a new system is useless information 3) Manufacturer’s claims along with results from as many sources as possible should be used to evaluate a system. The first point will always be true because the large number of variables involved. The second point is one most people don’t understand. Straight “back to back” testing of an intake either on a dyno or at the track is not an accurate way to test. The testing is not accurate until after the engine management system has “learned” the intake. The third and most important point is a tough one since this particular vehicle is relatively new to the market. With the 2016+ Camaro SS as well as the ZL1, we don’t have the highest horsepower claims among aftermarket air intake manufacturers. However, after time on the market and countless test results from many of the best tuners in the country and abroad, it’s very safe to say we have the best performing intake available for those applications. In fact, this same principle holds true with virtually every intake we offer. We don’t have the highest horsepower claims in any market. Nonetheless, when the systems have been on the market for a year or two and all the new hype settles, our intake systems are recognized by most as the top performing intake available for the application. We know how our new Silverado/Sierra 1500 intake performs and we fully expect the same conclusion to be drawn with this system. Your question was in regards to horsepower gains. In addition to performance, our system is constructed using high quality components, sounds great, looks very clean under the hood and fits the truck as it should. We also offer great customer service and we are here if you want to talk to us-both before and after the sale.
  6. We are excited to announce that we plan to start shipping the 2019-2020 Silverado/Sierra 1500 Cold Air Intake systems on Monday 9/30/2019!! Retail price will be $499.95 for this system. For more information, visit www.roto-fab.com
  7. The Roto-fab CAI for the 6th gen Camaro received the same kind of skepticism, but after thousands of units sold and over a hundred independent dyno tests, it is now recognized worldwide to be the best CAI available for 6th gen Camaro. We expect the same to happen with the Silverado/Sierra.
  8. To answer the last few questions: Our CAI has not been CARB tested yet. The system will only be offered with the oiled air filter. We recommend checking with the dealer doing your warranty work on warranty related questions, and we will announce pricing later this week!! Thanks everyone for your questions and interest in this product! We look forward to hearing some first-hand feedback once we start shipping these systems out.
  9. We spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning our CAI to perform extremely well on the factory calibration. Driveability has been excellent in the 10,000+ testing miles we have logged with absolutely NO CEL with our cold air intake! We don't think it's enough to simply avoid a CEL, we actually develop our systems to maximize performance on the stock calibration. We took the extra steps with this system to eliminate what many consider to be common CAI issues. We plan to release pricing on this system later this week.
  10. Over the past several years, we have used proprietary development techniques that offer CAI performance which remains unmatched. We are very excited to hear feedback from the end users!
  11. Our CAI components are designed with future modifications in mind. For example, our 6th gen Camaro intakes perform well on otherwise stock vehicles, while still capable of meeting the air demands of high horsepower builds! This particular intake was designed in anticipation of throttle body upgrades.
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