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  1. The sound is great, not too much as far as performance, little better throttle response, and it does feel like it has a little more torque, but that might just be the sound playing tricks
  2. I have a 2020 HD gas, I have the AFE cold air intake installed, and the MBRP cat back exhaust. Anyone think it'd need a tune? I've been driving with them both installed for about 5000 miles with no issues.
  3. Has anyone ordered or looked into the AFE Momentum GT Cold air intake system? Seems to be the only one I can find available for these gas trucks. https://afepower.com/afe-power-50-70055r-momentum-gt-cold-air-intake-system-pro-5r-oiled-filter
  4. Hey, I use my truck for work, which is concrete restoration, however most of my work is in parking garages. Height clearance is becoming and issue. I barely clear now, and there is lower garages I'll be working in. Anyone know anything on lowering kits for these new trucks yet. I need at least 2inches lower if not 4......any help welcome.
  5. With the new rims & tires on.
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