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    2019 Custom Trail Boss Double Cab
  1. These are some of the highest selling vehicles on the planet, I can't believe there isn't a good hi-po replacement muffler for them other than a $350 muffler!!!!
  2. New TB Owner. Some questions.

    Don't worry, my TB has been perfect!!!!!
  3. Anybody know which of these wires are the + and - of the front speaker wires. Are the left speakers wires in the same place on the drivers side?
  4. Custom Trail Boss Console Upgrade?

    $276 at GMpartsoutlet
  5. 20 gauge AL sheet from Home Depot, tin snips, SS tie wraps- 15min job
  6. Torque Specs

    Perfect - thanks
  7. Torque Specs

    Thanks - good to know. What do you torque the new ones to?
  8. Covered the all six now slightly louder than stock - no drone yet.
  9. Just covered the back 2 (figured the lowest frequency) very little difference.
  10. Torque Specs

    Anyone??? I'm changing my rear spring blocks and not sure of the u-bolt torque.
  11. Rear Splash Guards

    Anyone have part numbers?
  12. factory subwoofer

    I'm looking for a sub tap or high level speaker tap to add a sub amp to a non-Bose system. The kicker instructions mention the brown and brown/blue wires at the audio control module. Does anyone know if this is a low level sub output or a speaker tap? Thanks in advance.
  13. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    15.9mpg - 200 miles flat straight (alligator alley ) 80-85mph

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