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  1. Thanks!! I’ve come to realize my wife’s Yukon low beams/fogs are brighter than my LT TrailBoss LEDs.
  2. Fogs ONLY BOTH Fogs/Low beams Low beams ONLY on garage door BOTH fogs/lows on
  3. Got some Stark Industries Phantom Series LED fogs installed on my 2016 Yukon to match with the GTR Ultra Series 2.0 low beams. HUGE night and day difference in the fogs!!! Can’t believe how bright they are.
  4. I don't know how many tire dressings I have tried. Right now I'm doing Meguiar's Hyper Dressing 1:1 since it's water base and see how it does. But I may have to give Adam's Graphene a try.
  5. So after purchasing my '19 Trail Boss LT with the LED headlights, I realized my wife's '16 Yukon SLT with the halogen bulbs in a projector housing was just horrible and unsafe compared to what I was seeing driving my truck. I guess we were just use to the poor lighting of the low beams on the Yukon it never bothered us until we got my truck. So after researching for a few months, I purchased some H11 GTR Ultra Series 2.0 Leds from Headlight Revolution for $200. I installed them in about 15 minutes as the passenger side took a little longer with the air box in the way. It is literally a night and day difference in the visibility the Yukon has now with LEDs in the stock projector housing. Only problem I had for 2 days was passenger bulb would flicker and then turn off. I would have to manually turn on and off the lights to get them working. Talked to Headlight Revolution, they said get a video of it happening and send for warranty on the bulb. Well, it has not happened again in the last 3 nights driving it around. So until it does it again, I have no video to send them. ANYWAYS, here are a few pics. I can get more if needed. stock halogen GTR Ultra 2.0 Bulb stock halogen GTR Ultra 2.0 GTR Ultra 2.0 low beams ON G GTR Ultra 2.0 lighting up neighborhood street
  6. Just a wash. Needs paint correction so I will have to get my M105/205 combo ready.
  7. That would be great race with mine....but it needs to loose some weight and my tune is about 12yrs old?
  8. Which water base ones do you prefer? I thought about Meguiars Hyper Dressing that can be diluted for shine level and used on multiple surfaces. Just trying to use up the products I have before I get it or something similar.
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