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  1. I got bored and cleaned up the exhaust some, not much like I would normally do for a car show on my other ride. ^^^BEFORE ^^^AFTER Haven't had time to take it out with the big thunderstorms and hail damage that has occurred here 3 times within 4 days. Planning on taking it to the ranch with family and see how it goes.
  2. Within 4-5 days of purchasing my Trail Boss, I got on Amazon as well as WeatherTech and ordered a couple of things. On Amazon with was BDTrims Tailgate dome lettering, Yoaoo Silverado LT emblems, Philips Xtreme Ultinon LED license plate lights, and Philips Bright White Vision LED reverse lights. From Weather Tech it was their SunShade(No pics of it). The lettering and emblems I thought went perfect with the front end and plus Texas Tech fan. Did some before and after pics. ^^^Halogen Reverse Lights ^^^Halogen License Plate Lights ^^^LED Reverse and License Plate Lights
  3. Long time watcher, first time poster! Bought my first truck last Thursday looking for a new Silverado Z71 and seen this 2019 Trail Boss in the use car lot in the back. It was the only one they had since there was not any new TBs on the lot. Couldn't pass it up and got her in.
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