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  1. Went to Breckenridge, CO for our family vacation last Wednesday and got back Sunday. It was very much needed.
  2. It's a truck! My first truck when I went from driving a 2006 Toyota Avalon for work all the time while Cobra sat for shows, racing, coffee get togethers, and my wife has her 2016 Yukon SLT. Enjoying the TrailBoss a lot better than the old avalon we had.
  3. Nice! Before my Trail Boss, had a '06 Toyota Avalon to get to work and back, and run around town. Sold it for down payment towards the TB. Rain-X always works for me as well when I had the Avalon. I added Rain X wiper blades to both Avalon and my wife's '16 Yukon. It makes a difference for sure! Bet your LaCrosse likes to whine once you put your foot down.
  4. They didn’t. It’s either coupe like his, lx with hatch, GT with hatch and body moldings. Coupe and LX could be either 4 cylinder or 5.0, GT only 5.0.
  5. Sounded similar to me. Had a Foxbody GT and ‘03 Cobra (both black), sold GT and wife’s firebird to get an Avalon for bigger vehicle 10 yrs ago, which I sold my Avalon to get my ‘19 Trail Boss. What are details on that red coupe? It’s nice!!
  6. There are options out there. I bought my used TB in May and it has some small chips on the grill as well. Best bet would touch the chips carefully and if you really wanted protection after the touch ups, then having it wrap which I hear can get pricey.
  7. Yesterday I decided to wash her with Meguiars Ultimate Wash and wax, air dry her, then Meguiars Ultimate detailer spay. I took off my wheels and slapped on Bogart's "Terminator Special" D-10s on. Before doing so, I gave the inner fender wells some needed attention by using some degreaser, scrubbing, rinsing off, drying, and then applying Chemical Guys Barebones on to bring out the shine.
  8. Congrats on the new truck! I'm in the same boat with my first truck ever and enjoying it. I know you will and those are some great modifications so far.
  9. Miss having classic car. If I ever get rid of my Cobra, may go back to a classic again.
  10. Some nice rides in here after scrolling around through the pages.
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