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  1. True from what I’ve seen a couple years back from taking a trip. Plus 2 other things I hated was that I couldn’t get just sweet tea with my lunch or dinner and they look at you weird for it Love me some sweet tea with my meals here in Tx. And those paper dissolvable straws.... . Other than that, love going to the beaches. Well typical here after just washing the truck and wife’s Yukon, it sprinkled just enough to get the truck dirty again with a little dirt blowing during the time. Told my neighbors if they wanted rain, I will just wash my rides and it will happen.
  2. Holy Hail! Let me know how it turns out. We've replaced our roof twice in 3 years.
  3. Funny story, same best friend lost his grandfather a few years ago. I attended the funeral and was going to give him a ride in the Cobra from the cemetery back to church. He hopped in and said, "Holy Sh*t!! Smells like my old camaro!"
  4. My best friend had this in his ‘69 camaro when we were in the 8th grade and I have used it ever since for about 25yrs. Yes, we took the camaro out without anyone finding out.
  5. Thank you! Think since Ford did this out of factory on the ‘03-04 Cobra, it started other manufacturers supercharging vehicles. Have a buddy who has his second ‘93 Cobra and those are definitely keepers! With my stock blower, I get instant 500+ftlbs torque under 1800rpms to the wheels. It will break my drag radials lose at 60mph.
  6. Got it ready for Cars and Coffee today. Switch over to the Bogart "Terminator" special D-10s.
  7. Took a week to get the part and had it replaced in one day. I'm just going to keep an eye on it from time to time.
  8. I'm wondering what's to say it will not happen again with the replacement part? Unless GM has redesigned them, but I doubt it.
  9. I’ve looked through some of the 22 page thread about about this problems with guys blowing oil all over hwy and left to be towed. Maybe some seized motors too.
  10. I notice some spots a couple days ago, called dealership yesterday and took her in this morning. They said it's the oil cooler line as well and ordered the part which should be here by Monday. Hopefully get it taken care of before she lets go. It's got 41K miles and just bought last May CPO with another 6K miles in extended warranty.
  11. It was my oil cooler line they found out. Ordering the part and I should have the truck back in the shop on Tuesday. Service advisor said he's seen a few of those happen already.
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