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  1. Hey Cobra - Thanks for the kind words. I picked up the truck on the 12, did some work on it over the weekend - including the Nittos - 35x12.5x20 - no rubbing I don't think. I dropped it off at my detailer on the 15th to get tint, PFF and ceramic and I haven't seen it since! It has 50 miles on it! Haha! I pick it up tomorrow finally! On the kit, I see what you're saying. You're thinking of the one just below the "Elite" line. Agree that may be a better option if you don't want to cut. Looking forward to hearing how it goes as this and air bags are next up!
  2. Cobra - I'm thinking of the same kit from Cognito but it is spendy! What are your reservations? After looking at the install docs, are you unhappy with the cut you have to make for the UCA "bump stops"? (Can't remember the proper term)
  3. At the detailer getting ceramic, tint (35%), and vinyl.....
  4. I carefully cut it with a hacksaw right along where the divider goes. Fit perfect!
  5. Picked up the truck on Friday and went right to work! Cold in the garage! GMC illuminated emblem HAM/Amateur Radio install - including a hole in the roof! ?(It really is the best way! haha!) Kicker Sub install - including level control in the console Modified under-seat storage Ridge Grapplers tomorrow Future Possible lift/level Derringer + Pedal Monster WAMS BCM Programming soon!
  6. The 295 is roughly an inch wider. Will they stick out on stock (+44) wheels?
  7. Yes. Sorry in advance, everyone. From my research on this board, the topic has been thoroughly discussed. Many times, however, specifics aren't discussed (e.g. "Wrapped with 35" Ridge Grapplers"). I'm about to take delivery of my AT4 and one of the first things on the list are new tires. My plan is to go with a 35" tire on the factory "AT4" wheels. Research shows that staying under 12.5" (the max that most shops will mount on factory wheels anyway?) will yield the best results in no rubbing. I also would like to keep the tires from sticking out past the fenders. So, I turned to Nitto's page to see what was available and surprisingly found 27 (!) 20" choices with several being roughly 35" in diameter. Here are a the ones I believe I have narrowed down: LT285/65R20 E 127/124Q ---- 34.8" Dia ---- 11.5 Wide LT295/65R20 E 129/126Q ---- 35.12" Dia ---- 11.77 Wide 35x11.50R20LT E 124Q ---- 34.76" Dia ---- 11.42 Wide 35x12.50R20LT F 125Q ---- 34.76" Dia ---- 12.5 Wide Stocks are 275/65/R20 for reference. My next stop is to call a tire shop and get their opinion. However, I thought it would be good to hear the voices of people running these first. Are these the four that people are generally running? Are there others in the 35" territory? Some of these are "LT" (light truck?) rated but have higher load capacities than the non LTs - further complicating this...... Thoughts?
  8. Mine was built last week (a week ahead of the TPW) and is scheduled to arrive early this week. My dealer is only 50-60 miles from the plant, however.
  9. I sent Block8head a message on Sunday and no response yet. Looking forward to adding this.
  10. Woah! That was fast! Are you hanging around or going a different route? @GMC4Zee Your order time is highly dependent on many factors. The primary one, however, is how many allocations your dealer is provided by GM AND how willing that dealer is to apply one of those (usually only few) allocations to your order. Remember, they have to think of their own floorplan/stock as well. GM also will only sometimes only allocate certain trims, engine-types, etc... Best to find an honest dealer who will shoot you straight. GM backed off on their allocations in December / January (somewhat normal). My order was prioritized with the dealer (I trust him. Worked with him for almost 20 years.). It was placed mid-December, got picked up end of December and now has a build week of 2/15. I assume I'll see it early March. (Only live 70 miles from the plant so delivery times are decent around me.) I read about holding incentives but I didn't pay much attention due to my access to employee discount (most incentives won't work with emp disc).
  11. I was reading over the airbag install last night. Looks straightforward and something I'll handle. I'm a little more concerned with the (potential) suspension work, though, and need to find a local shop that I can trust. Further complicating my decision is my expectation that I'll have steering noise issues (and maybe other drivetrain related questions). I'm nervous about the dealer giving me warranty grief. Some kits do touch the steering components and I can hear the lecture already......
  12. Is it just me or does that sit pretty level as is? Did you adjust the torsion bars? I'd like to avoid suspension work (shocks, arms, etc) if I can but still leaning towards Cognito. I will be putting bags on for towing either way, though. Looks great!
  13. Anyone have pictures or location tutorials for the final three? I imagine these may the more difficult ones to find that don't or haven't spent a lot of time around suspension components....
  14. I was wondering that too. I'm assuming I'll be one of the first AT4s with the factory option. Happy to take pictures/measurements when it arrives in the next few months. Judging from your name, you must be a local! (I'm in Canton)
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