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  1. I'm still not seeing how the Denali seat is any different. Maybe something changed in 2021? Quality of leather? Maybe. But in my experience, (Yukon Denali's over the years) their leather isn't much different than LTZ Yukons, etc. My images above also do not show a huge different in leather quality, seat adjustments, sizes, etc.
  2. I currently have an AT4 on order. However, GM hasn't "picked up" the allocation so I still have time to change it. This thread had me worried so I had my dealer go out and take a pic of the AT4 and a Denali seat. I'm not seeing a difference, personally, other than the brown insert on the AT4. What am I missing?
  3. Nice work, Thunder. You sound like an amateur radio guy? Accurate?
  4. Has anyone had luck with covers that were compatible with swingout toolboxes available from GMC/Chevy? I'm looking for something to keep items close to the tailgate for easy access. But I note that many covers may have clamps/hardware that may interfere.
  5. Looks great, Gswift! I was going to say that it sits level as is but then I saw the tires in the back! LOL
  6. Thanks Brent. I have to keep the truck somewhat low due to the wife factor so a full lift is out. She’ll drive it quite a bit and doesn’t want to crawl in to the truck! LOL A level can likely be snuck in if needed. I’m considering that bag kit as well if needed. I’ve had Denali’s for years (Yukons) but really liking the looks of the AT4! Congrats!
  7. Hey Everyone - Working on getting a 2021 Dura (either AT4 or Denali - can't decide yet). The vehicle will be used to haul a 8500-9000lb boat with appropriately distributed tongue weight. I've never considered a lift or level kit until now but really like the newer body-style setups with ~35+" tires. I understand the factory designs a rake in the suspension setup to keep the vehicle level when towing a load. My goal is to not upset that characteristic and capability and I'm therefore hesitant on leveling. (I definitely don't want a squat when loaded with luggage/gear in the bed and boat on the back.) Can anyone comment from experience or their own research? Keep the stock ride? Will 35's fit (I assume that's the max)? Good experiences with a leveling kit, larger tires, and towing? Apologies for the mundane question. Again, first time considering a level or lift kit. Thanks! Great info here!
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