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  1. I’ve had 2 vehicles in the past with over 200K miles that I religiously maintained them with oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Always got what I wanted for them or a more when I sold them.
  2. I started rubbing a little reverse. May have to do the mud flap modification.
  3. Mounted my new Nitto555s on the cobra. 315/35/17s REAR and 275/40/17s FRONT. Next will be inspection, registration, and front end alignment.
  4. Went to Toyo Open Country RTs 295/70/18. All stock suspension, wheels, etc. I need to drive it a little more and see if any rubbing but so far last 3 days I have not noticed any.
  5. Finally got the Toyo Open Country RTs 295/70/18 mounted today.
  6. Had my friend mount some Toyo Open Country RTs 295/70/18s. They look great! Feels and sounds better than the stock Goodyear Duratracs. BEFORE AFTER
  7. Looks nice!!! I ready to take my truck into my buddy’s shop and get some tires of same size put on. Reminds, I’ll have to do a before and after pic. Any modifications like trimming or lift?
  8. Went to the storage unit today to pick my cobra wheels/tires to replace so I can pass inspection. Loaded them up in the truck and will be getting new tires mounted on the TB as well in next day or two. Cobra's with 275/40/17s FRONT and 315/35/17s REAR (All Nitto 555s) TrailBoss with Toyo RTs 295/70/18s on stock wheels/stock height. I'll post pics once I'm done.
  9. More pics from side please. I'm suppose to drive to my buddy's family tire shop and get some Toyo RTs same size either tomorrow or the following day.
  10. This is about over a week of some Meguair’s Ceramic Wax and we’ve had some rain, hail, and funnels here and there last few days.
  11. Installed a Lomax tonneau cover from Truck Alterations thanks to Luke Kyle there. Install took less than 20 minutes. It’s the matte finish and sits flush.
  12. Sorry, didn’t see this early. They sent me another bulb and I had to destroy the flickering one in a way while providing photos of wires cut to them. New bulb went in and it has been trouble free since. Been on many road trips during the night it’s amazing how it helped out so much especially with deer all over the place in the areas where I was at.
  13. Went to local Lubbock Cars and Coffee that's on the first Saturday of every month. This time it was benefiting Make A Wish Foundation. Took some pics and got my cobra ready for it and threw a video together. https://youtu.be/dLEbwII8x7s
  14. True from what I’ve seen a couple years back from taking a trip. Plus 2 other things I hated was that I couldn’t get just sweet tea with my lunch or dinner and they look at you weird for it Love me some sweet tea with my meals here in Tx. And those paper dissolvable straws.... . Other than that, love going to the beaches. Well typical here after just washing the truck and wife’s Yukon, it sprinkled just enough to get the truck dirty again with a little dirt blowing during the time. Told my neighbors if they wanted rain, I will just wash my rides and it will happen.
  15. Holy Hail! Let me know how it turns out. We've replaced our roof twice in 3 years.
  16. Funny story, same best friend lost his grandfather a few years ago. I attended the funeral and was going to give him a ride in the Cobra from the cemetery back to church. He hopped in and said, "Holy Sh*t!! Smells like my old camaro!"
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