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  1. Hey sorry I've been actually working and not messing around in here too much. Yeah each side is a bit different. I think the general sidewall lug is about the same but one side has raised outline of the lettering which is what I went with. Like OWL but without the white...I think they're about equal on sound to the OEM Bridgestones but may be slightly heavier as mpg has dipped just a hair. Haven't driven in heavy rain with them yet but seemed fine in a few days days of heavy drizzle and wet roads
  2. Mine shows no updates available...not sure when it was last checked... Shows infotainment system update u150 10.15.2020 and Infotainment system update v148 2.27.2020 whatever any of that is worth
  3. Anyone in DFW interested in a set of MAXTRAC drop shackles for a 2019+ Silverado? Ran them for a few months but they weren’t for me. PM me and we can work something out. Want a few bucks for the - maybe $25? I ordered them here: https://maxtracstore.com/2019-2021-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-1500-2wd-4wd-2-rear-drop-shackles-maxtrac-712120/ Holler at me if you’re interested These are what they used in this video
  4. i picked these up as my 2nd mod on my 2020 last year....i had to contact Husky to get replacement hardware as some of the screws/tabs backed out. Now i check them every so often. I agree that the 2nd one was a little easier than the first. Also - I’ve always had Husky liner mats - i think they’re much better than the weather tech...I’ve seen those get misshapen somehow and not sit down in my buddy’s truck. Made me crazy. Here’s my before/after in the link https://photos.app.goo.gl/iHPZLqyTY4XXkFzUA
  5. Hey man -;just saw you're reply from 5 months ago. Still have it if you want it! Dm me if you're interested and we'll work out details
  6. Wasn't really needing new tires but didn't want to pay money for an oem that couldn't be patched so I pulled the trigger. Been eyeing these for a while. I couldn't justify the cost of the AT3Ws that I had on my 2017 Z71 since I never go off-road and do a lot of highway miles for work...I like the sidewall and the mileage warranty...anyway, no thoughts yet on driving with them but thought I'd post a couple of pics. They're not cleaned up yet but still change the look quite a bit and I'm please...thoughts on driving to come
  7. I ended up with an extra transfer case skid plate from my 17 V6 Z71. Free to anyone in DFW area that wants it
  8. I've got a transfer case skid plate from my 2017 V6 Silverado if anyone in the DFW area is interested. New and never been installed Asking $0 locally
  9. "simple" projects like this never go smooth for me. If it doesn't settle in I guess I'll raise it back to 1.5" spot
  10. I installed the Maxtrac shackles today in my 20 Silverado. The drivers side took a little longet bc we did not raise truck enough to get sufficient tension out of the spring. The passenger took longer because we couldn't get the hole to line up on the lower mount to put the bolt theough . I put it in the 2in position bc so many said they still had rake...now it looks like it has reverse rake. Thoughts from the gallery? We didn't flip the shim. I didn't have it in me today
  11. Hey guys Picked up this 2020 LT about a month ago...don't think I'll do much more other than tint on the front and maybe level and AT tires... So far: Shaved all emblems (really didn't like the fender location of SILVERADO or the TX Edition emblem) RC low profile bed cover Husky Liners mats Husky rear fender well liners (can't believe that's an upgrade now) Plastidipped the front bowtie...was supposed to match the silver but it's too dark...may go black
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