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  1. One time, with my 2016 Silverado - I put some things in my truck bed, some very valuable things. Then I closed the gate in a hurry - didn't realize that I didn't close the gate all the way. I'm one of those that doesn't like to slam the tailgate shut. I almost always just gently close it till I hear a click. On this particular day, I could have sworn I closed it completely and heard that click. Well, 20 minutes after leaving my house and while doing 70mph down the Interstate, I looked in my rear view mirror (no tonneau on that truck) and to my horror, my tailgate was down. These things happen...one way or another. It's unfortunate, but it happens. The one sin I haven't done, is leave the tailgate down and then back into something. You see so many trucks with that "V" shaped dent on the top edge of the tailgate, and you know exactly what they did. Happens to alot of people.
  2. Yeah man, you can take all kinds of pictures with this truck. Some pictures with a Sport Bar and without a Sport Bar. Pictures!!
  3. Awesome truck & price paid, congrats!!! You got the upper hand on that deal.
  4. I'm taking all kinds of pictures of this truck. Love the new T1XX - "TRAIL BAAAUUUSS" The design is forward leaning, it's sharp, love it! Even for my Custom, which is a lower trim, the fact that it has Electronic Tailgate, LED Bed lights, can fit 8ft long 2x4 Studs and still close the tailgate on a 6.2ft bed, Sirius XM, 2spd Transfer Case, Infotainment, OnStar, Remote Start.....etc, etc... Highly recommend this truck, the General did a great job!
  5. Speed is usually 65 mph, with cruise control on the interstate, but can only yield that on flat stretches. On those level terrain stretches that go for say 5 miles in length, truck gets 22-25mpg easily. If I encounter any hills, because of the weight of the truck, that number will go down dramatically to more like 15-18 mpg depending on the grade. I do have a Tonneau Cover and a Double Cab model. I've heard that not having a Tonneau can make a difference in MPG? Also tire sizes 275/65 R18.
  6. Hmmm, did the bank turn you down for a 2020 T1XX, so you're here to try and make the sour go away? Also, the descriptions you write about your current list of vehicles under your member profile, - nobody here in the forum cares. Nobody anywhere cares. It's a waste of energy to write that stuff up. Only someone who was 16 or 17 years old would waste their time adding all those specs i.e. "Diablo i3 tune, RC inch lift, MIT intake" Are you trying to earn your badge by typing up all the specs on your vehicles for what audience? Here's one, it's the A-HAT BADGE.
  7. It begs the question, why come to a T1XX forum and bash our trucks (granted you do not own one, nor does the OP) Why would someone do that? Then when folks disagree and emphasize all the good, you want to criticize for the manner of response? Oh golly, think I just figured things out, sorry I'm getting up there in age, takes me a second or two, but I put my goggles on and now...I see it, you are lowly, smudge of an Antagonist?? It is with great confidence, I stress the smudge part of that too.
  8. Sorry, here is a better picture - man I love this truck!
  9. You're not crazy, I believe the new design is fantastic. There are also many things different from my 2000, and 2016 Silverado models that I feel I'm in something completely new, something of the future. - The tailgate (both the electronic open and the embossed or recessed "Chevrolet" plus the lightweight polymer it is made of - The fully functional vents on the front fenders, pushes air into the wheel well, cools the brakes - The mirrors was a bold move, I didn't appreciate the location at first, but it does give alot more visibility and from an exterior view it's now distinctive - The cloth seats are much better. In my 2016 they looked like sofa chairs. These 2019 seats look like automobile seats, the right kind of contour and fabric, solid, firm. - Factory lift, chrome dual exhaust, mud tires on my TrailBoss, Sirius XM, Infotainment, LED Bed Lights, Elec Tailgate, 4WD w2spd Transfer Case (4 HI, 4 LO) all for $37,500 OTD is great value. - V8 that runs 22-25mpg with AFM cylinder deactivation, and can also run 50-50 or more mix of e85 ethanol What's not to love about it? I did spend $100 on a leather steering wheel from an 2019 LT model on ebay, and another $200 for an open top center console from an LT. Creature comforts if you will. But that said and done, there are not any other Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan trucks that come close. Those other trucks are SSDD. You ever look at the rear axle on a Ford F250? Not much meat on them, they are very small. I'd be concerned about tow, trailer, hauling too much if I had one of those.
  10. hey city slick, yeah you buy one of these, with 5.3V8 and cylinder deactivation mode running on 4cyls, you can easily get 22-25 mpg on the highway. typically 22mpg with some hills. 25mpg if you can get level ground for some distance.
  11. 37,500 out the door. I take it your truck had the mini bed?
  12. Howdy partner, I don't reckon you know what you're talking about or perhaps you're angry at something else and trying to take it out on these trucks. Fact is, they are best-in-class forward leaning design. Industry lead in sales volume. Sit back and watch everyone copy Chevy/GMC next year. Love my new truck! Gonna keep it 20+ years. So far, 5,000 miles, 1 year, 0 problems. V8, 4WD, TrailBoss, Dual Exhaust, Sirius XM, Infotainment, Electronic Tailgate, 6 1/2 foot bed with LED lights and more. All that, $37,500 OTD. 22-25mpg via AFM, can't beat it.
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