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  1. Not with this one specifically, but I have used KN in the past on my 2500HD w 6.0L V8 and was very pleased with it. One thing in particular, the K&N publishes the HP Gains from Dyno Tests. It looks like the results for the 5.3L V8 are 15.7HP gain and that is outstanding IMHO. The pictures I saw of the KN setup for the K&N 63-3109 have a nice factory finish under the hood, and the clip on top is using rubber grommets with oversized pins that pop into the holes, that would be a very tight seal, thinking about getting one myself now - where did you find it for $150? I'd snatch one up quick at that price, but that sounds too good to be true.
  2. I like this alot, my truck is blue but I think I might try the red, it would blend right in with the Z71 and Trail Boss logos. So you used the Red Mail Box strips they sell at HomeDepot?
  3. Not in my '19, but in my '16 I did. It would only happen when I was driving alone. At the time, I wasnt sure where the noise was coming from exactly but I knew it was on the right (passenger) side, somewhere in the mid/rear of the cab. It was a subtle noise, light rattle over bumps or bumpy roads. After combing thru the entire cab (several times) I finally figured out what it was, it was the Front, passenger seat belt clasp (the locking head) was tapping against the center Pillar. I drove around a few times with the seatbelt in the lock position (same as it would be if someone was actually in the seat using it) and the noise completely went away. If that's not it, you might consider taking it to the dealer, ask them to pop-off the door panels, one of the wiring harnesses for the window or door lock, might not have been secured (tethered) in the factory on the right side, and they can open it up and take a look. You could do it too, but if it's under warranty, might as well have them...
  4. This might sound funny, but YES. When I put it into 4Low, in addition to all the screen messages flashing on the DIC (Neutral, Turning ESC Off, etc) It felt like the truck started to get robotic, I could feel something happening in the suspension, it was subtle and just 1-2 seconds, but there was this "hunkering down" sorta effect, almost like something out of the Transformers movie!
  5. Mine is the GM Chevrolet OEM issue, came with the "Off-Road Appearance Package" but they do sell it separately. I've been pleased with it so far. The sides velcro for a nice tight seal. No leaks or issues. Comes with the Chevy Logo on the end of it. There is a tag on it, says Model No. 84060322. Also here is a link to it online: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-bed-tonneau-cover-soft-roll-up-84060322
  6. Adding a new one here, since I removed the Sport Bar.
  7. I know that Cam, didn't believe otherwise.....I learn from it just as much as sharing the info, and from what I learned in tuning my Honda, Lambda is the measurement to use regards to e85. Back to Chevrolet land, I'm eagerly awaiting (1) an e85 sensor (2) HP Tuner for our 2019 Trucks so that I can run full out e85. Until then, I don't believe spiking Gasoline with e85 is hurting anything. There is obviously a question of how much, I've taken it to 50-50 with positive results. Reluctant to go any higher than that, without the sensor and tune. My 2016 Silverado ran full e85 and it was amazing. My Honda Civic was gasoline only, but I tuned it for e85 using HondataFlashpro and an e85 Sensor, it too was amazing. It's not just #s and charts, you will feel the difference in the vehicle.
  8. Hey bud, I appreciate your energy content on this e85 topic, but we need to square some things here. More on that below. First things first, the e85 mixing it really does run good at 50-50 mix (93 gasoline and e85). This is producing an e48 blend roughly. No engine knock at all, none whatsoever. If the worse thing that is happening is running rich (Lambda is less than 1.0) that's not at all bad. Engines are designed to run rich all the time, under load, under WOT, in cold temps. Now, a few things to clarify from what you're saying. Let's take a walk around the engine shop, shall we? 1) "GM has also been setting stoich to E10 ratings of 14.1" <-- GM doesn't set stoich. Stoich is the property of the air content in the fuel itself. GM sets +/- fuel trim for driving conditions. The stoich of pump gasoline is 1:14.7, one gram of fuel, 14.7 grams of air 2) "The way the computer can still try to achieve stoich is through fuel trims. It can sense that something is different with the E85 mix that some people run but it can't tell the actual alcohol content" <-- The O2 Sensor on the Exhaust manifold is what reads the oxygen content. If the oxygen is too high, it reports back to the computer, which is then going to send more fuel (Trim up +) 3) Guess what - e85 has the highest content of oxygen of any fuel source. The Stoich property of e85 is 1:9.765, 1 gram of corn fuel, 9.765 grams of air. That might seem confusing, counter intuitive, but realize the lower the ratio gets, the closer to 1:1 parts of fuel and air, essentially we're getting much more air content, with e85. 4) So what does the engine (GM's computer) do when it senses too much air, via the 02 sensor? It sends more fuel. That's why I'm getting 14mpg with the 50-50 mix, versus 22mpg with straight gasoline. In order to optimize the ideal amount of fuel, we need to think in terms of Lambda readings (not Stoich) Lambda is the post combustion ratio of what is actually occurring. Our 02 sensors, I have no idea if they are wide-band, or narrowband. I'm guessing they are narrowband, so they aren't giving the most optimized measurement. 5) Optimized for what you ask? Detonation, at full compression (not too soon, not too late) 6) For today, is all of this optimized? Hell no it's not, that's why I'm not running full 100% e85. The only way any of us is going to be able to optimize it, is getting (1) new sensor, that is a wide-band 02, and a tune that can be set to those updated readings, calculating Lambda. 7) What are those readings going to be? They are not going to be Stoich pre-set A/F RATIOS. That's not the right way to work with e85. You need to be using LAMBDA. A combination of post combustion (wide-band 02 Sensor reading) that accurately tells the PCM, either too much oxygen a.k.a "lean" (lambda > 1.00) or too little oxygen a.k.a "rich" (lambda < 1.00), and to adjust trim (precisely how much to adjust) and to optimize performance based on the fuel type. ADD a pre-combustion e85 sensor, that will tell the computer the exact fuel content e85, e70, e48, going into the engine, prior to combustion - so that you can get the ideal detonation at full compression (no knock, no pre-detonation) just pure, clean, cold, optimized power. In the meantime, is this 50-50 thing generating more HP, cleaner burning fuel, cooler engine temps for longer engine life? YES, ALL DAY LONG.
  9. I have the soft roll up cover on mine, I'm not sure of the brand b/c it came with the truck as part of the off-road package. it has the bowtie logo on it. It's been GREAT! The sides secure nice and snug with velcro, no leaks.
  10. Sounds good, plus you may have tax season in your favor if you normally get a return, to put even more down. I think these tires I have are labeled MT, Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac MT. There is some humming on the asphalt, it's just a very low sound that I barely hear and it may be the truck is well insulated? I had expected they would be noisy, based on the appearance of the tread, but they just aren't. So far on my TB I've logged about 3,000 miles in 5 months through a combination of driving conditions, all with zero problems. Not one issue. I'd give it a 10 on Likely to Recommend (1 to 10 scale) I do have the Custom trim which doesn't come with some features (no radio buttons on the steering wheel) but I'm working on an OEM type Mod for that, I acquired an LT steering wheel and speedo cluster to help make this work in my truck. Other than that, for $37500 OTD (including TTF) it's a great value, with the Dual Exhaust setup, V8, 4WD, SiriusXM, Infotainment, Electronic Tailgate, LED bed lights, High Gloss Black Spoke Wheels, Tonneau Cover, Z71 skid plates, etc... The other thing, this is my 3rd Silverado (2000, 2016 and now 2019) If you want a truck with superior (forward looking) design and very strong chance of getting 150,000 miles before any major mechanical replacements, this is it.
  11. Maybe buy the truck first and then try them for a few and see. That way, you'll have an apples to apples comparison. I checked online, for something like 700+ comments, DuraTracs have 4.8 out of 5 stars. That's remarkable. The other thing, most folks commenting how quiet they are, and yes a few do comment they are noisy. The only way you're gonna know is to have a specific application experience. You're proselytizing otherwise. I'm being honest when I say, the tires have been very quiet on my truck, driving on the highway. GM is offering $10K off right now, that's a pretty darn good deal. Time is near - get the Trail Boss. I was able to get mine for $37,500 "OTD"
  12. Well, then there's a first time for everything cause I done said it. All my passengers have agreed too, quiet considering what they are, I'm surprised they don't call them MudTracs. The TB has 33" DuraTracs or just a hair under, on 18" wheels. What size did you have the loud experience with? The other guy mentioned loud after 50,000 miles (I think that's remarkable in it's own right, 50K on a set of tires these days is darn good. I've had many bad experiences with brands other than Goodyear, on our Honda Odyssey, getting 36,000 miles before the tread was all gone (Bridgestone and Michelin) I had a tire store replace for 50% off, entire set of 4 Michelin Supremacy tires (we had all our "5k tire rotation receipts") because the tires didn't yield but 30,000 miles. They were guaranteed for 50K or 60K something like that.
  13. I have a 2019 TB with 5.3 V8 Ecotec3 AFM, Six (6)spd Transmission, no issues - drives, shifts very well. On the interstate cruising at 65-70mph, I easily yield 22 MPG. The Goodyear DuraTrac tires are very quiet on the highway, yet very capable off road.
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