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  1. #HowToSpot a FORD Marketing Rep in a Chevy Forum.
  2. Affects multiple colors but especially the metallic paint. No your brand new truck wasn't in an accident at the dealership or in transit. It is a Factory Paint Flaw (or not a flaw per say but an "Anomaly") that is occurring on the front corner plastic flares. Apparently these are painted separately from the main truck body and they are causing mis matches. Metallic paint can be very tricky if not applied in the exact same direction and on the same type of substrate (plastic versus tin vs aluminum)
  3. It's the rear spoiler, on the top back of your roof. Same thing happening with 1500s. There is some kind of torsional rigidity (or lack thereof) that is happening between the fixed plastic spoiler and the flex in the cabin body at the roof line.
  4. Hard to pick just one. I like the new design esp the rear cab spoiler, the northsky blue, the spoke wheels, drivability, its a very smooth ride and prolly the tailgate with "CHEVROLET" on it.
  5. Yeah, I like em, alot. Just seems more proportional to my eye. My 2500HD had an 8FT Bed, and I kinda got used to it. When I purchased this new 2019 TB, I was surprised to learn it wasn't even an option anymore.
  6. Yeah, they moved it to the front center dash, go figure.... Sunglasses heat up real bad there too.
  7. can you post a link to the FB group, haven't seen it...interested.
  8. Does anyone know when Chevrolet stopped making the 8FT Bed for the Quad Cab model on the 1500 trucks? I know they still have them for the Single Cab, and on the 2500HDs Crew & Quad Cabs, but just curious any insights on why they don't offer them for the 1500 Quad Cab. I see very many 1990s early 2000s Quad Cab 1500 series trucks with the 8FT Bed, and under the belief they were popular or at least that some healthy demand exists. It would be my first choice if they had them....
  9. Ah, gotcha sorry. I thought that the IOR Radio Receiver was only in the CUSTOM Trucks. That the IOS and IOT receivers are in the LT, LTZ and up....
  10. It sure is and I want to believe they would make it right if they could but financially, with COVID19 and all the closures, I doubt it will be this year. They are offering too many 4-6 month no payment incentives that suggest all of the manufacturers are desperate. Maybe in 2021 if they engineer a better window, then they'll retroactively use it to replace any 19s & 20s still having the problem. Salt on the wound is that I've seen too many folks showing pictures of the scratches, rips and rubs that the techs make in removing and reinstalling these windows in their new trucks. Apparently they have to get inside, crawl around the back of the cab to do it? Side note, I was at a tire store the other day, getting a tire mounted to a rim for one of our other cars. Those guys in the bays working in all this heat, they are covered in sweat & grease. They get into customers cars like that all day long. I was like - um yeah, I think if I ever have to come in and leave the vehicle for a new set of tires, if they have to get into my vehicle like that, I'll make habit of coming to have that work done in the Winter!
  11. 1) Steering wheel from the LT with radio buttons if you want that feature 2) The radio is a receiver unit behind the screen, I'm not 100% sure if you do/or do not need both the touch screen from the LT and the IOS Radio. Can you find out if they are the same touch screen in both models? 3) If you are wanting the IOS radio to work with the LT Steering wheel in your Custom Truck, you will also need the Speedo Gauge Cluster from the LT 4) The Speedo Gauge cluster will need to be wiped, the memory wiped or you'll get error/tampering codes thrown. You can send the Speedo Gauge Cluster to White Automotive Media Services (WAMS) in Texas. 5) #3 & #4 only applicable if you are wanting the Steering wheel radio controls feature. The reason it is necessary is that the Speedo Gauge is a bridge in the wiring harness configuration, the signal from the Steering Wheel Buttons go thru the Speedo Gauge and on to the Radio Receiver.
  12. I have a TB, but its the Custom Trim, no sliding window, no leak. Just a thought, but if someone did a have a leak, is it an option to ask them to replace the sliding window with a fixed window?
  13. Awesome, I have the 2019 Custom Trial Boss with 5.3L and was thinking about the Muffler Delete, is that what you mean by straight pipe exhaust? If so, how do you like it, how is the noise at freeway cruising speeds, any drone? Can you add a pic of the underside? THANKS!
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