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  1. We can go all night if know there’s more dude
  2. Not more to the story the Chevy dealer was an ass.I have had 3 Chevy trucks and I also have a equinox for the wife.They treated me like they didn’t want to deal with me because they only had 3 trucks that had the 5.3 in them and they would have to take my truck on trade in.No more to the story you guys make more out of things lmao.I was just letting gm know that some of there dealers suck when you have people that like their product and would like another one not to be treated like crap when I guess there is a supply and demand thing.No more to the story but I guess you guys will come up with something .lol.
  3. Went to the local Chevy dealer and wanted a Silverado lt with 5.3 in to replace my lease and they didn’t want to deal.Didnt want anything to do with me oh well there loss I went next door and got a 2020 f150 xlt with 5.0 v8 completely loaded for less then a Silverado lt.It even has navigation and a power sliding rear window it’s pretty much a ltz version of a Chevy for cheaper lmao.
  4. Only problem is I went by my local Chevy dealer and 90 percent of their truck had the 2.7 turbo.There is no way I would get a full size truck with that 4 banger lol.
  5. My lease is up pretty soon I guess I should see about a trade in instead of turning it in lol.The local dealer has a 18 lt z71 double cab with 30k on it advertised at 36 k.lol.same as mine a chance to get some money lol.
  6. I have Goodyear’s on my 18 z71 and I don’t like them.I think they are the wranglers they seem to be a soft compound as to give a better ride I guess.I will be turning it in shortly for a new one and hope to get a different tire on the next one.
  7. I would wait for more trucks to come in.You said you get the discount but you will still get a better deal if they have a lot more inventory.I also would like a trail boss but there really isn’t many around where I live also.
  8. I started a thread the other day about rst and ltz the differences.Anyways most ltz’s I see are loaded up really nice but I don’t really want one that loaded.So I talked with my local Chevy dealer today and asked about ordering a truck.Told him what I was looking for and he said ok yeah most of them do come pretty loaded.So I asked if I order a truck would I need to put anything down and he told me yeah I would need to put down between 3k and 5k to order one.Totally floored me I could See 500 to a 1k In case you back out of it but dang.Anyone else on here ever had a quote like that?
  9. I was building trucks on chevys site and a rst crew cab starts at 47,790 and Liz 50,550.I know you get leather with Ltz and chrome bumpers but what are the other differences?Kind of hard to tell the way the site is just seems hard to tell what you are getting.I started adding options on the rst and I was getting above the price of the ltz.
  10. So my lease is up in 12 months I emailed about 12 local dealers today to see what kind of deal I can get on a rst with the 6.2 .I don’t have to get rid of the truck I have about 8k left to put on it before lease miles are up.There are a lot of them around here right now do you think they are willing to deal right now?
  11. I have been leasing trucks for years because buying a truck is throwing more money out the window.I just leased a 18 Silverado for 300 a month for 24 months it cost me out of pocket 700 dollars.The sticker price on the truck was 48k so if you would have bought it I am sure you would of ended up in the high 30k range.So in 2 years of driving the truck with the payment plus the 700 out of pocket that is 7900k.If I were to buy it I lost that as soon as I drove off of the lot because it is a used truck.Unless you have roughly 40k laying around to pay cash and are keeping the truck for 20 years there is no reason to buy unless to a lot of miles on it.If you do put a lot of miles on then you don’t get squat when you sell it.Just my opion erveryone has there own.
  12. I would go for that deal.26k on trade in for a Colorado is good in my opinion.I don’t know what they sticker for or what you paid but I didn’t get much more for my 16 Silverado lt.
  13. Thanks but there is no rpo sticker in the glove box.There is a sticker on drivers side that I scanned for the rpo codes but it will not list all the codes.lol.It has 4 commas at the end like there are more codes but it will not display them all.I thought they might stamp axle ratio on the rearend cover but do not see anything.Guess I will have to contact gm and see if I can get a build sheet.
  14. Hey guys just picked up a 2018 2lt with 5.3.I didn’t get a window stick with it because it was a demo and forgot to ask salesman for it.I was wondering how to tell what axle ratio I have because there is no sticker in the glove box.I have tried the vin decoders but it doesn’t say anything about it.Is it stamped into the axle or something?Any help would be appreciated.
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