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  1. That really sucks. Hopefully they get it straightened out soon. File a finished value claim against his insurance as the truck now lost value because the accident will show up on the car fax.
  2. Prices paid

    They changed their price online yesterday morning to $45,256.
  3. Prices paid

    I called when they opened. They said it was a typo. They were asking $45,256. Idk how you mess it up that bad.
  4. Prices paid

    They aren’t open here on sundays either. I emailed them that I was interested. I’m going to call tomorrow at 9 when they open.
  5. Prices paid

    That’s what I was thinking at first too.
  6. That’s good to hear. Are they respraying the panel or are they just toughing it up?
  7. Prices paid

    I’m definitely expecting it to be a typo, or something terribly wrong with it.
  8. Prices paid

    My local GMC dealer has a 2018 Sierra 1500 sle double cab for $14,670. I definitely think its a mistake, or there is something wrong with the truck but I figure it can’t hurt to take a look at it. Are there any signs I should be looking out for?
  9. Hopefully you are ok. Look into submitting a diminished value claim. If they do decided to fix the truck it’s going to lose value because the accident will be on the car fax. I got rearended in my moms Honda in December and 30 mins after I mentioned a diminished value claim they called to total it.
  10. Potential Buyer

    That’s a steal. The I’ll have to check there. Those have magnetic ride shocks don’t they?
  11. Potential Buyer

    My cousin has a 2017 that we took up to Erie and I fell in love with it. The seats were comfortable, ride was smooth, and I’m not tall so I appreciated the steps in the rear bumper.
  12. I just wanted to get your opinions on these trucks some of the pros and cons of them over the competition. My 2011 Subaru Forester is getting up there in mileage and I’m thinking about trading it in on a new vehicle. I currently have 104,000 on the Subaru and it runs fine for the time being but over the course of its life it’s had the valve covers resealed 5 times and the shortblock was replaced at 92,000 miles. It’s out of warranty and I’m not sure I trust it not to start leaking or burning oil again. Before the subaru I had a 2002 Toyota Tundra. I loved having the truck but it was just getting old so I decided to keep the forester instead of the truck when my mom went to trade the forester in. The tundra got 10 mpg which wasn’t great while I was in school. That was the only real complaint I had about the truck. That said the only 2 vehicles I’m interested in currently are the 2014-18 Silverado/Sierras and the 2016-18 Toyota Tacomas. I’m leaning towards buying new so I can get the longest warranty possible. I like the tech features that the GM trucks have like Apple Car Play and most come with remote start. It all comes down to if I can get a good deal on a GM truck. I saw over Memorial Day the LT extended cabs were going for between 35 and 36k. I’m assuming they will have another sale for the 4th of July. I’m not in any hurry I just don’t want a 2019. Thanks . Alec

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