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  1. You could try finding the person on social media, send them the video and the picture of the parts missing from their car and tell them to confess because you know they did it and the police already have the info.
  2. I picked her out

    I’ve had time to reflect on my decision and I’m still completely happy I walked away. I was a little upset at first that I had to pass on the exact truck I wanted but it was the only thing that made sense to me. Unfortunately I haven’t been out to even look for another truck though so that’s a bit of a bummer.
  3. I picked her out

    At first I was really impressed with how they worked with me. They got the truck I wanted and I felt the deal wasn’t bad either. They just blew it when I told them I wasn’t using their financing. But what can I say, life goes on.
  4. I'm back

    Congrats on the new truck.
  5. I picked her out

    Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while. I was working with Day Chevrolet. I’m still a little mad I let them run my credit but I guess you live and learn.
  6. Sorry to hear about your truck. Hopefully the loaner is nice. If you don’t have an extended warranty it might not hurt to ask them to give you one for your troubles.
  7. I picked her out

    I guess it just means there’s a different truck out there with my name on it.
  8. I picked her out

    I’m speechless. I guess the dealer couldn’t wait a few days for my credit union to process the loan application. They said if I waited they wouldn’t be able to give me as much as the offered off that I should just finance through them and then refinance at a better rate later. I called the sales guy and he pretty much started yelling at me so I told him I wanted my money back because I’m not buying the truck.
  9. Well I went to the dealer and put a down payment on a 2018. It’s the exact truck I wanted. It was a little more than I had hoped but there were few other trucks optioned the way I wanted. I pick her up Saturday. I’m super excited. The only question I have now is I can wait to buy an extended warranty correct? I was planning on just saving up and paying for the warranty out of pocket instead of rolling it in to the monthly payments just to keep the amount financed lower. Thanks in advance.
  10. Working on purchasing a 2018

    I’m not stuck in the double cab that’s just what I found the “best” deal on.
  11. Working on purchasing a 2018

    I definitely will keep you guys updated. At least the price so far seems fair in Ohio. I just really would like to do business with Day since they’ve been nice so far. I think they changed them to a black plastic decal that sticks out now. Hopefully I can get them to remove that if I do buy there.
  12. Working on purchasing a 2018

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely call those dealers as well. I’m in contact with the dealer in Ohio and they said I qualified for the price of 33,236 before tax so the out the door price is $35,846. That doesn’t include the friends and family discount my buddy can get me or the new grad discount. I’m not sure if they can apply the new grad discount because it doesn’t work with all incentives. I’m also working with Day Chevrolet to see if they can match it. I went in there Saturday and I was really impressed with their sales people. There was no pressure I told them I wanted to look at the Silverado, Colorado, and then I planned on going to look at the Toyota Tacoma. They had no problem showing me both vehicles and then suggested I go take the Tacoma for a drive before making a final decision then if I decided to buy a Chevy come back and we could talk prices then.
  13. Working on purchasing a 2018

    Thanks for the reply. That’s crazy how small the world is sometimes. I know exactly where that’s at. You moved pretty far. Do you you have any experience buying an extended warranty from a different dealer than you bought the truck from? Would this give them more reason to fight for you if warranty issues do arise?
  14. 2018 5.3L engine knock

    Idk if it’s common practice to use remanufactured. I would say keep it just politely demand for the longest extended warranty possible for the inconvenience. Also keep it for a year and see if anything major arises that can be contributed to the engine replacement. Also check to see if the remanufactured engine will include the heads or if that will be removed from the current engine. I currently have a 2011 Subaru Forester which had the short block replaced under warranty for excessive oil consumption. They took the heads off the old block and put them on the new. Unfortunately I’m not sure if it was new or remanufactured.
  15. So long story short I’m in the market to buy a 2018 LT double cab with the All Star Package. I found one for $33,236 before tax. I feel this is a pretty great deal. My buddy also said he could get me a code for the friends and family discount so that should be another $1500 off. The truck is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The only problem is it’s 2.5 hrs away. I’m trying to get my local dealers to price match but so far I’ve had no luck. The only concerns I have are 1 driving a new vehicle that far on the highway and not breaking it in properly I know not to use cruise control and vary the speeds, but it’s still a concern I have. Also the only reason I still have my current vehicle is because I was able to build a relationship with my local Subaru dealer and they were able to fight for me to get the engine replaced under warranty. Have any of you had similar luck building a good relationship with a dealer you didn’t buy from. Thanks, Alec

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