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  1. https://www.viofo.com/home/79-72-a129-duo-dual-channel-5ghz-wi-fi-full-hd-dash-camera.html Gonna be ordering this. Has the best reviews for the bang-for-the-buck for a front/rear camera.
  2. Footwell lighting

    Pgamboa, have you completed your harness for this yet?
  3. rough idle at stop

    The old chugalug. There is a bulletin as aforementioned.
  4. Please do! Would love to see some pictures!
  5. Listen here guy, you can't just post this without a link to a write-up or something!
  6. For anyone on the fence about any covers... if you have an Amex Everyday POINTS card, there is currently a deal between Amex and Amazon for 20% off up to $500 (total of $100 discount) on any product shipped and sold by Amazon. Because of this, I finally pulled the trigger on the Truxedo Pro x15. Spent 33,000 points and only paid $240 or so on the Amex.
  7. They will be respraying the passenger side bed panel as well as the front passenger quarter panel as well. When I asked the Paint and Body manager, GM is apparently pretty good about their warranty with the pain. He said that about 2 mos ago, a guy came in with a 2012 that had the roof peeled. Apparently, roof peeling on the '12s was common but this guy was out of warranty. GM only asked him to cover 25% of the cost and GM ate the rest. Time will tell... since this is a documented issue on my truck, I wonder what the future holds if other panels begin to peel.
  8. GM will be warranting the paint.
  9. While the picture is grainy due to the focus, you can see all the dull red to the left of the chip, that was the initial peel I noticed and it's since gotten worse amongst other chips as well.
  10. While I realize the EPA screwed the paint process to water-based, I'm looking for success/failure stories of people who've had issue with their clear coats peeling. I have a 2017 with the Siren Red tintcoat. What started as a three white paint chips has turned into about quarter sized clear coat peels around each chip about midway up the rear right fender. For comparison, it's the same area were the gas tank cover would be. I have an oil change due soon and I'm fearful chevy will tell me pound sound. Anybody have issues and experiences with their warranties and chips and clear coat peeling?
  11. Installed my Husky floor liners this morning!
  12. I'm kinda bitter about the grill shutters that I have.... I can't mount a light ANYWHERE
  13. Footwell lighting

    All good! Can you post some part numbers when you get a chance?
  14. Footwell lighting

    Any update to this?

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