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  1. I am also interested in learning more about this. Plug in, data log, tune and go?
  2. I'll try and get one this week. Just got back from a short holiday
  3. Had Belltech one and squeaked like crazy - Put the IHC one in and no noise and seems to have better movement than the Belltech one Thank you very much. I despise black wheels and even black vehicles aren't my favourite but here I am lol. Just don't like how black wheels hide they're shape and all look the same from 10 feet away.
  4. Makes sense. It's a Belltech 4/7 with the 1" lift shackle installed - Measures out to a 4/6.5ish but definitely has rake - I'd call it a 4/6 based on some of the other trucks I've seen Thank you! Yeah... he's talked about doing the SLT head light swap and maybe a Denali grille with some black bumpers - you never know.
  5. Don't really show in that pic very well but I like the stance on my brother's better. It's lower all around and we used the same parts. I'm about 90% happy with mine
  6. My brother's 2016 SLE 5.3 2WD - 4/6-7ish drop My 2018 WT Black Out 5.3 2WD - 4/6 drop Both on 285/40R22
  7. Yep, Belltech 4/7 with a 1" lift shackle at the moment
  8. Most recent photo. Ceramic coating is a must for me now, had been 4-5 days of taking it on my 120KM commute and still looks great. Hard to believe on a black vehicle
  9. Nice to see another lowered K2 pick up in Ontario!
  10. Didn't like these wheels when I first saw them but they're probably my favourite K2 wheel now - Clean looking unit!
  11. It'll be a while yet before I pull the trigger. I feel like I'm in the same boat as you with going lower and having to start cutting. There's a few local fabricators in my area that I'm talking to see if I'm comfortable with them getting into this thing. I know it sounds stupid but I'm hesitate to molesting vehicles
  12. Haven't posted in awhile - At least since I've installed my new wheels. 22x9.5 KMC Prism Truck in brushed silver wrapped in 285/40R22 Nitto 420S - Super happy with the look but dealing a slight vibration around 115-120 km/h - They were a bitch to balance so thinking I need to re do them or see if I have a rear bad tire. Also, finally removed the PF strut spacer to level out the front side to side and got my camber adjusted to a more respectable amount (-0.8 to -0.9) Full paint correction and ceramic coating too. Looking into going lower eventually. Would like to do 5/8 or 6/8 with twisted metal works upper arms, either their coil over kit or Belltech coil overs, then twisted metal works under bed notch with either Viking or Ridetech adjustable shocks - These Belltech SP shocks are just too damn stiff on these K2 trucks
  13. Have't posted in awhile. Not much new other than finally got it de-badged, corrected and coated. Probably exhaust and tune and a couple small things and that'll be it for this year.
  14. Anything is an improvement over the Rancho's - My brother ran those when he was at a 0/3 drop and it was a big improvement
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