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  1. Remind me again what brand you used? Just wondering if you needed camber plates
  2. They'll work, just requires some massaging like anything when it's modified
  3. Mine rub in the exact same spot
  4. Do they rub on the hanger? I have them too and the upper shackle bolt touches the hanger/frame - I know some guys have had this and have either left it alone or ground the hanger down a bit to allow for clearance. I spoke to Belltech and they told me to do the same thing
  5. Have you put the Inez lift shackle in yet Brandon? I was considering it for same reason of looking a tad longer - Just want to know if it's an improvement over the Belltech and Mcg lift shackle
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I agree, especially in Onterrible!
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Miss driving it, in storage for the winter but slowly collecting parts for the spring
  8. Belltech is different. They can raise up to 2" and only lower down to 2"
  9. Looks great, since you got the 1012SP kit that has the 2" coils, struts and spindles what combination of spacers did you use to get to the total 4 inches? How much if any rub are you getting with the 285/40R22 as well?
  10. Yeah I thought of that size too as it's not much shorter than the 275/40 @ 30.7" and 265/40 @ 30.4" Sounds good, mine is slightly lower at 4/6.5 and the stock 275/55R20 rub quite a bit when turning. It's annoying trying to park it Your truck looks awesome by the way, what spacer combo do you have for your struts?
  11. Trying to decide on the tire size for 22's, in between 275/40R22 and 285/40R22. Currently lowered on Belltech 2" struts and spindles up front and my stock 20's rub when turning on the inner fender liner. I'm ok with some rub but not this much. I'm leaning towards the 285/40 but not sure I'm going to gain much. These trucks look horrible with too small of tire so I don't want to go with anything 29-30" tall.
  12. PN 6404 is a 0.5" lift Website states that and I gained that amount when I installed it

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