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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Have't posted in awhile. Not much new other than finally got it de-badged, corrected and coated. Probably exhaust and tune and a couple small things and that'll be it for this year.
  2. Anything is an improvement over the Rancho's - My brother ran those when he was at a 0/3 drop and it was a big improvement
  3. Fender to centre of wheel measurements of the truck above if anyone is interested... LF - 17" RF - 16" 7/8 LR - 16" 3/4 RR - 16" 3/4 1" IHC lift shackle will aid a lot - He's looking into doing a mini C notch or helper bags. We can't get over how heavy the tonneau cover is lol
  4. Perfect, I have a set sitting at my US postal box ready for pick up for my brother's truck we just finished yesterday... 2016 SLE 5.3 2WD Belltech 2" spindles (Part # 2514) Belltech 2" strut (Part # 25004) - 10mm spacer on DF - no spacer on PF to counter for "Chevy Lean" McG 7" flip kit (Part # 34147) Belltech rear shocks (Part # 2214FF) Belltech 2 degree pinion shims 285/40R22 Nitto 420S - No rubbing until you are at full lock you get some contact on the front fender liner - very livable. Camber came in at -1.1 on both sides which is more than ok. 3" 7/8 of drop in the front. 7" 3/4 of drop in the rear. Now I knew we'd end up with roughly 1/8-1/4" of cali lean but he's got an extremely heavy tonneau cover so once it's removed and the 1" IHC lift shackle is in we should be a nice height in the rear as we are currently riding on bump stops - That being said it's rides really well. The McG bump stops are quite long but fairly soft so they seem to be helping with cushioning the rear
  5. Cut grind you know what I mean lol
  6. Sweet, I ordered one for my brother's 16 RCSB Sierra that we'll be lowering this month if the weather is good I was going to do the same thing but I just can't bring myself to cut of the OE hanger off the frame - I'd rather run the short shackle and deal with the firmer ride.
  7. Let me know what you think when you get them. I'd like to know if they're any longer and/or skinner than the Belltech ones.
  8. Truck shops in Ontario?

    What modifications are you looking to do? I rarely take my vehicles to the dealer but if I have to I've always been able to book a particular tech, maybe it's different dealer to dealer.
  9. I'm on a 4/7 drop and rub a lot with the stock 32" tall tires - I'm still going to rub with this set up (31" tall) and didn't feel the need/want to go to a 295 or 305 Yeah I'm looking forward to getting them on the truck
  10. Truck is still in storage, so sick of winter but I finally pulled the trigger on wheels & tires and they just showed up this week. Went with the new KMC KM712 Prism Truck in brushed silver, 22x9.5 and 285/40R22 Nitto 420S They actually have a slight concave that doesn't really show in photos and the finish on them is wicked I also got some 90's GM N90 wheel centre caps gel stickers made up for them that should set them off really nicely. If not, I'll get some gold bowtie ones made.
  11. Remind me again what brand you used? Just wondering if you needed camber plates
  12. They'll work, just requires some massaging like anything when it's modified
  13. Mine rub in the exact same spot

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