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  1. What was else was needed to make this work aside from the new cluster and wheel? I'd like to do this to my WT
  2. I'm no expert but I would have to guess GM will not entertain the muscle off-road truck segment. GM just seems like they're on a completely different path from Ford and FCA. And if they do I would agree that it'll be too little and too late.
  3. The 3.6 V6 in the CT4-V Blackwing is not supercharged guys - it's twin turbo. It's the LF4 motor - same as what was in the ATS-V - a version of it (LF3) was offered in the CTS V Sport. I would guess GM doesn't use this motor in other applications cause it really doesn't seem like a "truck" engine. As it pains me to say I can't see GM putting either the LT4 or LT5 in any truck. Even the L87 seems like a stretch
  4. Are the spindles installed in that photo? The front looks stock height to me, with 2" spindles and shackles and block removed you should have some rake to the truck.
  5. Have you reached out to McG? I'd be very surprised if they wouldn't sell you replacements
  6. I've ran an elite engineering one on my 2018 5.3 since new and I'm blown away every time I do an oil change how much is in the catch can. I do an oil change every 4,000-5,000 KM
  7. Belltech 4/7 with 0.5" lift shackle. Only a few more drives before winter storage
  8. Thank you! I'll post some more photos tomorrow but nothing crazy in terms of details. WT trim with the black out package. Very base in options, only had the black out package added, 5.3L 2WD with locking rear diff and 3.42, carpet flooring and that's it! Roll up windows, no keyless entry ? Added 4/7 Belltech drop, 22" KMC prism wheels, Corsa DB cat back, AFE CAI and Blackbear 91 PCM and Trans tune and some other small stuff. Paint was corrected and coated but need to do it again even though it's only been summer driven, this black paint swirls even if you look at it wrong.
  9. Photo from a week ago after a fresh detail. Kind of bored with it this year, torn between leaving it simple/as is, full sport truck build or selling it and getting into a gen6 Camaro.
  10. I just found this out on Instagram as well. Rest In Peace Brandon.
  11. Both the McG or Belltech spindles will improve the steering radius over the IHC arm set up - I would have to imagine you rub a lot on the back side of the fender liner with that tire set up too which won't help either.
  12. 2" drop shackle and pull the leaf block and leave the front, it'll be dead level unloaded. I would be willing to bet that 22x10 with that offset and an aggressive tire will be close to rubbing stock so I can't imagine it'll work with a 2" drop up front.
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