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  1. It would be interesting to see a Poll taken on this!
  2. I would venture to guess that most here have a catch can???
  3. Not sure how much they could of helped , the old injection helped keep the back of the valves clean. My son has a 2011 6.2 with 225,000 miles no can and no issues with carbon build up.
  4. Sorry about the trans but thanks for the response!
  5. Not sure how relevant it is but when I first got the truck in 2015 just for fun I took it to the track and it ran 15.4's , I ran it again this past fall and it was running similar times, so it didn't lose any power. I didn't buy the truck to race and I really don't get on to much, but I have a 69 Chevelle and frequent the track with it "the chevelle" often .
  6. I recently Posted about my truck reaching 100,000 miles. It's been flawless, still gets great mileage and runs great. I never installed a catch can and was wondering if any of you guys have gone to 200,000 miles without one and how is your truck performing?
  7. It's been a long time since I posted here but thought it was time to check in. I remember when I first got my truck and reading all the issues I said oh boy what did I get myself into, you know the Chevy shake thing and catch cans etc. Well my truck has gone over 100,000 miles and honestly it's hands down the BEST vehicle I've ever owned period! It gets great mileage, has plenty of power and still drives like a new truck. I am more than happy with it !
  8. No issues at all with the V4 ! I wonder out of the people that don't like it, how many are just Trolls !
  9. Well I like getting the right gear oil for the rear "G80", transfer case, etc. . I agree that some after market parts are superior! But some are not. For instance tried to just get a stinking gas cap for my wife's Trail Blazer, none of the after market had the tether attached and GM wanted 31.00 bucks for it.
  10. The Chevy Dealer charges outrageous prices for parts, and I would like to keep using original parts but Auto Zone, Advance Auto, etc don't carry AC Delco. Where is the best source for Ac Delco Parts ?
  11. Thanks for the opinions everyone! This is something that I have NEVER done, and my last truck had over 300,000 miles on it. I guess some fluid got changed when I did the brakes!
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