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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2017 lt z71
  2. Congrats, it must run in the family. My young brother has a 16 high country, I have a 17 LT Z71, and our older brother has a 17 GMC SLT.
  3. I'm gonna say that I have no dog in this hunt, just some info. I've owned ford, jeep, and Chevy, so no band loyalty. I have a 2017 LT z71 cc fully loaded with leather and all that. One of my best friends recently got a 17 cc tundra. Toyota has a great rep for longevity and resale value. I paid 5k less than he did and to me, the price and all the bells and whistles I have vs his tundra r night and day. I found his truck lacking in the interior, minus rear passenger leg room. Neither one of us put a lot miles on are vehicles and plan to keep what we have for at least 8-10 years so we shall see.
  4. I'm back...

    Congrats on the Colorado. It's a great truck. I had a 15 z71 ccsb before recently trading it in for a 17 z71 ccsb Silverado. I liked the Colorado a lot. It drove great and could fit in the garage. Only really went with Silverado for the extra interior space. With a rear facing car seat in the back for the baby, the front seat in the Colorado was too tight. Either truck is good choice based on what works best.

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