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  1. 2017, going strong. Come February, will average about 7k a year.
  2. White 2015 ltz, black 2016 high country, pepperdust 2017 lt z71, silver 2018 lt z71.
  3. I’m stacking the the deck. Black 2016 high country, white 2015 LTZ, pepperdust 2017 LT z71, and silver 2018 2018 LT z71. Thx
  4. It sounds like your current truck is treating you fine. Why not just hold of for 10 months and get a good deal on a 2020 with more bells and whistles, plus less headaches than the 19s.
  5. Welcome. I pretty much have same truck in pepperdust. FYI, I’ve had It since new, not sure what kinda shape you front bumper is in, but I already have lot of paint chips from just driving on streets and highways. Have just been using a paint pen to do fill ins. Eventually will have the bumper repainted and put a 3m clear bra on it. If your bumper is in good shape, I would suggest some sort of protection or get a touch up pen ready.
  6. Good morning, I made the switch from a 15 z71 crew cab Colorado to a 17 LT z71 crew cab Silverado. For me it was issue of interior space with a rear facing car seat making it uncomfortable for the people in the front. That said, I was a big fan of the Colorado. It had all the bells and whistles I could want and the smaller footprint allowed me to put it in garage and get around town a little easier. I wouldn’t have made a change had my life circumstances hadn’t changed. I feel like the move to the Silverado was a huge up grade. From a price point perspective, I gained significantly more space and more creature comforts for a difference of less than 4K out the door. I did however have to give up the ability to put the truck in the garage. I would suggest deciding what is best for you while considering need vs want, cost, future plans, etc... I have no brand loyalty so I would test drive as many trucks as possible and go with works best for you, knowing that what ever you chose, with in a year, there will be something newer and “better” out. I’m happy with what I have and have no plans of making a change in the foreseeable future, but you never know what down the road will bring you. Good look in decision and be happy with whatever you decide.
  7. Congrats, it must run in the family. My young brother has a 16 high country, I have a 17 LT Z71, and our older brother has a 17 GMC SLT.
  8. I'm gonna say that I have no dog in this hunt, just some info. I've owned ford, jeep, and Chevy, so no band loyalty. I have a 2017 LT z71 cc fully loaded with leather and all that. One of my best friends recently got a 17 cc tundra. Toyota has a great rep for longevity and resale value. I paid 5k less than he did and to me, the price and all the bells and whistles I have vs his tundra r night and day. I found his truck lacking in the interior, minus rear passenger leg room. Neither one of us put a lot miles on are vehicles and plan to keep what we have for at least 8-10 years so we shall see.
  9. Congrats on the Colorado. It's a great truck. I had a 15 z71 ccsb before recently trading it in for a 17 z71 ccsb Silverado. I liked the Colorado a lot. It drove great and could fit in the garage. Only really went with Silverado for the extra interior space. With a rear facing car seat in the back for the baby, the front seat in the Colorado was too tight. Either truck is good choice based on what works best.
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