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Found 18 results

  1. Ive got about 12k miles on my 2018 Sierra SLT. Last week I started getting the “service stabilitrak” message nearly every time I went through mud. I took it to dealer and they said there was a TSB on it. Said it was mud/debris hitting underneath the truck, for which the remedy was to spray some dampening coating. Well, I was out deer hunting this afternoon, went through some mud... ding... service stabilitrak. Any ideas?
  2. I've searched pretty much endlessly for some insight into this, and haven't found any good input outside of a lot of arguing. Thought I'd see what you fine folks may recommend here. Have a 2015 with the 6 speed transmission. Just hit 100k. I am the second owner (got at 23k) and to my knowledge has never had a transmission service, diffs, really anything outside of normal oil changes and filter changes. My question is this - what is the current recommend procedure for servicing here (both of transmission and anything else that might be recommended)? Do I do the exchange + filter, or do I do the full flush the dealership is recommending me? From what I've read, the diff fluid is an easy switch so I can do that. I don't rag this truck, don't tow, sometimes have stuff in the bed. Nearly 100% highway miles. Roughly 2300 hours on engine. Transmission stays at 190-192F. Don't have any mechanical issues here, and really nothing outside of a condenser and evap temp censor replacement last year. What else is recommended here? I'm a big dumb idiot and just haven't taken into account the additional 97000 service plan, as I've always heard never to mess with transmission fluid. I want to make sure I get as much as I can out of this truck. I appreciate any feedback/help/advice you may have. Also don't mind a little roasting as I'm sure it's warranted.
  3. Service park assist / service traction control / service stabilitrack/ battery power low. All kicked on this morning. Drove it yesterday, start up sounded a bit weak, drove it for like 20 mins. Turn the key over this morning, I get a single click and all the reads out from the above. It's a 2012 Silverado lt with 56k miles on it. It's only been getting started every three days for the last 2 weeks since I've been on vacation. So I'm not sure if the battery died because it didn't get the altanator going enough to generate a charge or what... Really confused. I'm really hoping the damn thing just did all wanna crap out on me at once. Hoping for you help, thanks.
  4. New memeber here, I have a 2015 suburban LTZ and my backup camera stopped working. It just says service rear vison system. I have checked the fuses and everything is good but no picture. The guidelines show up and the parking sensors still work.
  5. I have a 2016 silverado that is under warranty. This morning I made a hard left turn and I heard a dragging sound under truck. My Mud flap came off. Is this covered under manufacturers warranty?
  6. Hello, I own an 08 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel Crew Cab Long box pick up, it's throwing a display message, but not giving me any codes, the message is service trailer brake system, it used to show that message and then I had it brought into the shop the second of July and they replaced the trailer break relay in the rear, had to change out some eye connectors at the fuse box. They also replaced the fuse. Worked great again from then to about a three weeks ago and this was including an 11 000km trip towing the trailer, it brought the message up again. The truck had been sitting and driven every once and a while, a bit of idling this winter as well, but no towing. so I replaced the fuse because it looked blown. After replaced it work fine again no more message thought maybe wet weather caused it. Now unfortunately now again yesterday I went to use it again and the message comes up, it was just recently used a few days ago and no message, today we have some dense fog as well as some rain. I think it only happens when it rains heavy or fog.. I am not entirely sure on that though. I replaced the fuse in the fuse box for the (ITBC) The one I changed out before to get it to work, and this time it did not work and nothing changed on the dash message still up. I can more than easily replace the Relay without any issues, but I don't want to do that if it is just going to create the exact same issue. Any ideas on what might be causing this? Also on a side note, whenever I start the truck it puts out grey smoke until it has warmed up passed about 79-85 degrees Celcius (174F-187F), which is normally after driving for about 5 mins 10 at most or letting it high idle until that temp, it also does smoke when driving until warmed up. it never puts out black or blue smoke. Its grey, just as it is on a cold day in a gas engine. today we've reached the highest temp lately about 8 degrees Celcius and it still smoked. It never did this in the summer or fall just after it got cold. So I am just wondering if this is normal or if something is causing this to happen when it shouldn't be. Could it be something as simple as it needing an oil change? Or also does it need a long drive at highway speed to deal with burn cleaning the DPF? I am a new owner to this pickup, and it is my first year with it so I am new to diesel's and don't know what to expect from them. Any help Is much appreciated!
  7. So Here is Ontario we got our first snowfall this year, so I went to go move my 08 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab Long box pickup and wouldn't go as I didn't have any weight in the back... So I switched it to 4 and went to go but nothing, The 4WD switch indicator light flashed for about 30 seconds and then finally switched (Or supposably) switched to 4WD HI and the 4WD HI light was aluminated but the 4WD wasn't working so I switched from 4HI back to 2HI and it switched normally on the switch no waiting 30 seconds... and tried switching it back again and then the service 4WD message on the dash came up. i also tried putting it in Neutral and tried 4L and 4HI but nothing. Back in the summer I was in a murder situation pulling a heavy trailer uphill so I switched to 4 all good and drove out, a few mins later went to switch back flipped it and immediately on the display came up "Service 4WD System" so I just kept driving (as per I was in a time crunch) and about 5 mins later after a few jerks of emptying a dump trailer and restarting the truck it finally switched to 2HI. After that i never thought about it again until now. I also have a loud/ quite like humming or growling noise like what winter tires would make when driving on pavement in 2HI at anything above 60 KM/h. I have bf Goodrich all terrain Tires on my truck, so I assumed it was just that. but now a little skeptical on if it is the tires or something like the transfer case. I am a good do it your self-mechanic, I don't know too much but I learn as I go, so any help is much appreciated.
  8. Selling a used set of seven (7) service manuals for a 2011 Silverado or Sierra. I used these briefly for my 2011 Silverado, then sold the truck. They are in excellent shape. If you have any questions connect to me via PM. They have references for the base model of 2011 GM trucks, both Silverado and Sierra, Hybrid, LS Crew Cab, LS Extended Cab, LT Crew Cab, LT Extended Cab, LT Standard Cab, LTZ Extended Cab, LTZ Crew Cab, WT Crew Cab, both 4 - Door, 2 - Door and 2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive models. Asking $250 plus shipping or best offer - SOLD!!!
  9. I have a new 2016 GMC Canyon and I am pissed! Yesterday on my way back from the first service to get my oil changed, i was left stranded, when the vehicle broke down due to the oil having leaked entirely from the engine. By the time I was able to safely stop the car, the engine was making a distinct metallic noise. I was left waiting in the heat (it was 95 yesterday) for almost two hours while Earnhardt GMC here in AZ tried to figure out what to do. Eventually a tow truck came and my truck was taken back for service. I was eventually told that the oil filter was not installed correctly leading to the engine being left with no oil. Today the Service Manager Joel called to say that here are no issues with the truck and that all is fine. I am not entirely convinced that this is the case and they did not offer to guarantee that the car will not have a problem in the future as a result of this. They told me that I can rest assured that all is well with my truck. I called GMC customer service as I was hoping that someone could advice if I can trust the advice I am receiving from the dealership is correct. I was told that I should go back to the dealership to seek that kind of reassurance and that in the words of Ruben, one of GM Senior Advisor, "this is not an issue for GM". I was really excited about my truck and in the space of less than 24 hours I have come to lose trust in Earnhardt and GM. What should I do? Do you guys think that the engine is shot? Or should I just be ok with it? Thank you for your advice! Joe
  10. Hey guys, Not sure where to put this, however I recently purchased a 2015 HC 1500. It took a hit on the driver side wheel and it obviously got hit hard enough to set off some lights on the dash. After speaking with a GM tech, he said more than likely its the ABS wheel sensor speed since I have ABS light, service stability and traction lights on. So I got the replacement hub, my question is, is it a matter of just replacing and connecting up the harness and the lights go away or would I have to get someone with a ABS scanner to clear the lights? I am not in the US but I know of one person in my country with such scanner. No dealers here either. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Keagan
  11. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3L LTZ. at 50000km, I have seen a service AWD popup in the dash and wondering is this is pointing to an issue or if it's just a head's up for switching on the AWD. I have had no issues moving from 2wd to Auto to 4wd Hi back and forth. This is a not a colored dash notification like a check engine, it's just a popup you can dismiss. Does anybody have any information for me? Thanks
  12. Hello i live in north eastern oklahoma i would like to find a half way decent dealer ship the one i bought my truck from the service show just want to blow smoke up you but . i'm thinking there might be a good dealer ship out there the last time i took my truck in they didn't listen to a word i said . then gm sent me a survey so i told them how i was treated and they never returned response either. i've been working on cars for almost 40 years and i have never found a decent dealer any where on any brand
  13. The initial roll-out will focus on three key parts; the starter, battery, and fuel pump. Other components will be added in future model years. The service will be first offered on the new 2016 Chevrolet Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado, and Silverado HD. More Chevrolet vehicles will roll out during the 2016 model year. Building on the 15-year history of connected vehicle technology through OnStar, the prognostic service relies on OnStar 4G LTE to provide data streams from sensors within the vehicle. When a customer has enrolled their properly equipped vehicle in this service, the data is sent to OnStar’s secure servers and proprietary algorithms are applied to assess whether certain conditions could impact vehicle performance. When indicated, notifications are sent to the customer via email, text message, in-vehicle alerts or through the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app.
  14. By Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 1/5/2015 Chevrolet will be the first brand to offer service warnings on critical parts before they need fixed, otherwise known as Prognostic Service. The predictive service will monitor key vehicle components for the very first signs of wear or failure. Leveraging OnStar 4G LTE Connectivity, the vehicle can warn a drivers a part may fail before they even know something is wrong. The initial roll-out will focus on three key parts; the starter, battery, and fuel pump. Other components will be added in future model years. The service will be first offered on the new 2016 Chevrolet Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado, and Silverado HD. More Chevrolet vehicles will roll out during the 2016 model year. Building on the 15-year history of connected vehicle technology through OnStar, the prognostic service relies on OnStar 4G LTE to provide data streams from sensors within the vehicle. When a customer has enrolled their properly equipped vehicle in this service, the data is sent to OnStar’s secure servers and proprietary algorithms are applied to assess whether certain conditions could impact vehicle performance. When indicated, notifications are sent to the customer via email, text message, in-vehicle alerts or through the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app.
  15. The story goes back about two months I was driving and thanks to a guy in a Mercedes I had to slam my brakes really hard and go from 45 MPH to a dead stop in the shortest distance I've ever seen a full size truck stop. My brakes did exactly what they're supposed to do and I was really impressed because my truck stopped 6 feet before destroying the foreign SUV. However since that happened I now get a message on my odometer that says "SERVICE BRAKE SYSTEM". Logically it would be the brakes but I know my brakes are fine because they don't squeel or vibrate when I stop or anything unusual. I get the message when I'm accelerating or suddenly take my foot off the gas pedal. When the problem started it wasn't that bad but now it's getting really bad. Here is a youtube video of my driving to work yesterday morning taking my foot off the acceleator. It's starting to bother me because I live 45 miles from where I work and having that dinging going off when I'm driving to and from work is very annoying. I already threatened to trade my truck in to go back to a Ford because sometimes that works lol. All kidding aside though, any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks you guys in advanced! Adrian
  16. Was wondering if anyone could run a service history on my car, I know its not a truck but Ive seen a few on this site and need a past history. I bought a 09 Chevy Malibu and it looks brand new but on the title it had flood damage and was from New Jersey, Im from MN, anyways the car looks like it hasnt been driven much at all. Almost no wear anywhere on the car, but the title states that it has 96xxx but also states that its not the actual mileage. So Im trying to find records on this car, and what the approximate mileage might be. Here's the VIN 1g1zk577194214155 Thanks in advanced. Tony
  17. Periodically my 05 Silverado flashes a red battery warning light and a "Service Charging System" warning displays. The voltage then begins to fluctuate maybe 2-3 volts over and under 14v. Lights dim and brighten. Then warnings shut off and all is back to normal. This happens at least once a day or so for about a year. Hasn't gotten worse....any idea what problem is?
  18. Has anyone had problems like mine. Dealer (Reliable Chevrolet in Albuquerque,NM) does not take responsibility for the repair work. I explained my a/c control head goes out after thought to be repaired. I tried small auto shop prior to and they also thought they had it fixed. At least they refunded my money. I did explain this to the assistant service manager and they took on the job. Day 1 - told me the repair is done and wanted to keep the vehicle to make sure. Day 2 - Called them and was told I needed a new a/c control head and labor cost (tried to charge me the diagnostic cost as well) of almost $600. I approved thinking they got it figured out and good to go. Day 3 - Went in to pay and they said no, needs at least 4-6 hrs work to fix. Cost would then escalate to over $1000 (estimate to take out the dash). Am I wrong in thinking they need to take responsibility for their work at some point and finish the repair at their cost? The owner called me and took no responsibility and said electrical problems are hard to fix sometimes. Needless to say to get my truck, I paid 1 hr diagnostic charge, cost for a/c control head, and shop fees. He reminded me that I got a new actuator at no cost and something else. I never received a call asking for approval of those items. Any thoughts on this. Are my expectations too high?
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