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  1. Ever since I got my transmission rebuilt I started hearing a metallic sparking sound whenever I started my truck cold. Also my truck seemed to be having a slight stutter when I started it, almost as if it wanted to shut off, but its only for a half second. I thought it had something to do with the battery going bad (had it for 3-4 years), so I took it to get tested and failed the test. So I got a new battery but the problem persisted. I then took out the starter to get it tested and it passed its test. After installing it back the sound actually got worse and not only made the sound during the turning of the motor but also while driving. The sound goes away as the vehicle heats up and it will not make the noise again until the truck has time to cool down. One thing I have noticed that may be a problem is I am missing the flywheel/starter plastic cover. It sits between the flywheel and starter so I am not sure if it also acts as a shim and is causing the issue. Any ideas what I’m dealing with here? 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 WT 4.8L 2WD Clip of sound here, not the best capture of it but it’s there. https://embed.api.video/vod/vi6aE7zkG3ZoZyQe1NNXrslh
  2. Remote start only works when I disconnect and reconnect the battery. It will work for about 5 starts and it stops working. No check engine light. No warning lights, hood is closed, doors are closed and all the fuses are good. 2014 silverado 5.3L
  3. So I have a 2016 Sierra. No issues till yesterday when I went to start after running into a store. I got one click then nothing. All the different systems service warnings come on display when I turn key. I recharged battery to make sure it was good. I jumped the starter relay to make sure it wasn't starter. It turns over great with or without the key on. Having all the systems service warning coming on seems the most confusing. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Apologies if this has been asked before, but haven't found it by searching yet. Last weekend I was driving up the 395 and after filling up a tank of gas, tried to start my new truck (2021 w/ <4k miles). I pushed the start button once and the starter engaged with a weird cranking noise that continued until I re-pushed the button to stop it. Tried it two more times with the same result. A guy in an LT Trail Boss behind me heard the noise and walked over. He said its happened to him 3 times in 15k miles and that the only thing he could do was wait it out, try the unlock/lock buttons on the keyfob, and it would eventually work. Sure enough after about 3-5 minutes it started up. Recall in the works? Anyone else faced this yet?
  5. My son has a 95 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 5.7 Liter VIN K Truck. He noticed over the last couple of weeks he would need to continue to turn the key to get the truck to start. Last night he drove the truck, sat for about an hour truck would not turn over. Lights on the dash came on (but they where sort of dim) so we assumed the starter finally gave it up. We went to local parts store, bought a starter installed in the parking lot went to start the truck still nothing. We checked the battery with on ohm meter, check fuses everything seemed to be ok. I ended up jumping the connections on the started (Positive to the little wire on the starter). The truck started just fine. After we got home, i had my son turn the truck off and try to restart the truck, still nothing. The truck does start if we jump the starter. Does anyone have a fix for this? Or an idea? Any will be appreciated.
  6. Hey , anyone else having issues with this? I have a 2014 sierra with a factory remote starter. Recently when I try to start the truck cold it does not work but if I start with the key and run for a while the remote start works and continues to work as long as the engine is warm. Going back to the dealership tomorrow to get it looked at again. First time they did not find a fault and couldn't replicate the issue I had. I think the engine was probably warm when they looked at it. Thanks.
  7. New to the forum and thought I would inquire if anyone has some advice in regards to a starting problem I am having. Thank you for reading this. For starters, the SUV is a 2009 GMC Yukon XL SLT 5.3L SFI Flex Fuel (120K miles and oil change light is on, changed oil but have not reset light indicator as I have been playing with starting issue). For the last few weeks it has had a strange intermittent starting issue. When you turn the key to the acc position the battery reads correctly and matches my meter with all electronics working. However, when I would turn the key to the next position (ignition). It would just click. So I would turn it off and then retry with no luck starting. When held in full ignition position it would click and click and then start. as long as you held it in place for a good 5-10 seconds. I checked the battery again and ran tests on it. Brand new battery and no issues. I checked battery cables and grounds with no red flags. I removed the starter relay and jumped 30/87 and confirmed the starter itself has no issue. The starter kicks on and sounds good. Yesterday, I went to start it with a fully charged battery and it would only click. Doors would try and lock and unlock during the process but it would not start. I got out of the vehicle and locked the doors. use the FOB to remote start and the vehicle started with no issues. I got into the SUV and tried the key, and it started right up. Started it a number of times with the parking brake on, parking brake off with no luck in recreating the problems. However, I feel that it's only getting worse with no real answers and no way to recreate the problems or how to solve. Which is why I am here. I have googled quite a bit and read a number of posts here, but no real solution. So I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. I love troubleshooting but this is bit annoying. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before. I have a 2008 GMC Yukon SLE 4.8L and when we start the vehicle there is a grinding noise. Assuming it is the starter. Now i have replaced the starter a couple of years ago now. The grinding noise does not happen everytime but it also does not start once in a while on the first try. Any thoughts or ideas?
  9. The starter motor on my 2015 6.0l sounds like it's struggling. Sound file is attached. I'd appreciate if you all could listen and give me your opinion. Sounds kind of like a low battery but it's not. I replaced the battery just to be sure since it was of unknown age. Is my starter going bad? 6.0 starting.wav
  10. Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has had an issue like this or could tell me where to start... I live in WI and we went through the polar vortex recently and my truck didn't move for 10 days (I work from home). I went run an errand and when I tried to start the truck, I got the starter spinning but it wouldn't engage. My first thought was since it sat for so long was to give the battery a charge and try again. I charged it up, checked the voltage on the battery which showed 12.85v so I tried starting again. Same result, just a spinning starter. That led me to think the solenoid on the starter is bad. The second time I tried to start it, I noticed the check engine light staying on when I turned the truck on. I grabbed my code reader and plugged it in, turned the truck on but got no codes. This is where it got weird for me. After I plugged in the code reader and scanned for codes, the truck started. I took the truck for a drive and and parked it for the night. The next morning, the truck wouldn't start again. This time there was no starter spinning, just clicking. I didn't know the age of the battery so I just decided to replace it. Put the new battery in, just a click. I put a charge on the new battery because it could have been sitting for a while, still nothing. I still noticed the check engine light on so I plugged in the code reader again, scanned, and the truck started. It sat overnight again and the next morning it started. I'm not sure if this is some weird coincidence or what's going on but I'm hoping someone can give me an idea of where to look first. I'm inclined to have the starter replaced but the seeming electrical glitch has me thinking that's not the problem. Truck has 49,000 miles on it.
  11. I am trying to troubleshoot a strange noise that occurs when I start my 2008 5.3L 4WD Avalanche. It only happens occasionally, usually only on cold starts (although I can get it to happen with repeated startups), and it is usually pretty brief and goes away as the car starts. Its a metallic noise but kind of hard to describe, so I have a video/audio of three repeated startups, and the noise occurs on the third turnover. My first thought was of course starter, but I am not sure if it would make this kind of noise, and it does not occur often or long enough for me to pinpoint the location of the sound. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  12. Ready to leave for work, this morning, no start 1yo battery, turns strong every time Have lights, radio, fan, etc 1988 k1500 5.0 No upgrades, this truck is bare bone stock, roll up windows, not even AC I'm at work now got ride from friend Starter??
  13. My 2015 Silverado Z71 5.3 ltr seems to have a starter noise. When using the remote starter function, when the engine starts, for a very brief moment there is a noise which sounds like the starter did not disengage & continues to spin. I don’t notice it as much when using the key in the ignition to start. This is not a normal starting sound & I’ve never on heard it on 3 previous Chevy trucks with remote starters. Any ideas or thoughts?
  14. Hey everyone, I already posted this, but in the wrong forum (GMT 400 Trucks) Having a hell of a time wiring a successful push button start on an 85 chev with the 305 V8. When I turn the ignition to on, the gauges turn on, but (with new battery) when I crank, there is nothing. No click, no sound. So first of all, how do I wire it up if that is the problem, and second, thoughts on what this might be? Connections are good, new wires from battery to starter solenoid and I cleaned up the ground. Old farm truck, so about half the sensors are disconnected (like the clutch safety switch). Looks like it ran without them for a while, so I doubt that is the problem. Bad ignition switch? Does anyone have a picture of what a push button start might look like wired to this starter? Thanks for the help. Evan
  15. Hey everyone, Having a hell of a time wiring a successful push button start on an 85 chev with the 305 V8. When I turn the ignition to on, the gauges turn on, but (with new battery) when I crank, there is nothing. No click, no sound. So first of all, how do I wire it up if that is the problem, and second, thoughts on what this might be? Old farm truck, so about half the sensors are disconnected (like the clutch safety switch). Looks like it ran without them for a while, so I doubt that is the problem. Bad ignition switch? Thanks for the help.
  16. A few weeks ago I was driving my 1983 C-10, and it seemed to be running alright. I parked in my driveway and came back out to leave in five minutes or less, and the truck would not start. I tried several things thinking the battery was the problem since I could not get power to anything (lights, radio, etc.) however even with a newer battery nothing worked. I then tried tapping the starter and solenoid with a hammer. It started and ran for about 3 weeks. Today I drove it about an hour away (mostly on highways) with no problems. When I got back in the truck to go home the radio and lights would cut out from time to time, but come back almost instantly. About halfway through my drive home there was a sound that sounded like the starter trying to turn for a few seconds, and then everything went off and stayed off. No engine, lights, radio nothing. I popped the hood and tried tapping the solenoid with a hammer, nothing. After a few minutes I turned the key and the lights came on for a second or two but immediately everything went off again when I turned the key to the start position. I then tried messing with the wiring thinking that there might have been a short somewhere, but nothing happened. As a last resort before calling AAA to come tow me home I tried tapping the solenoid again, and the truck started and ran home just fine. It has not had a problem starting and running for the rest of the day. I think the problem is a short circuit somewhere or the starter solenoid is bad. I was curious if anyone else has had a similar problem, or if anyone has any knowledge of which this may be. My truck is a 1983 Chevy C-10 2WD L6 engine, with new vacuum system, distributor, and spark plugs within the last 1,000 miles.
  17. This just recently started. Normally I turn the ignition key forward until vehicle starts and then let the key go. When I do this now, it continues to try and start even after letting the key go. It does this for a few seconds and then stops. I take the key out of the ignition and try again. This time it doesn't want to start until I pump the gas a little. Sounds like failing starter? 2008 GMC Yukon 5.3 flex
  18. I am having an issue starting my 1991 GMC K2500. Sometimes it fires right up. Other time absolutely nothing happens when i turn the key. If i turn it off and on enough times eventually something will connect and it will start. Other times i have to jump it, and even then sometimes nothing at all when i turn the key. It has a brand new crate 350, and runs great when it starts, but i cant rely on it enough to start to take it anywhere far from home. Any suggestions on what it might be? I have replaced the steering column and had the issue with both the old and new column. Thanks in advance- Ken
  19. I have a 2008 Yukon (5.3L V8, Flexfuel) that's having some starting issues after running for an extended period of time. Engine turns over fine when cold, but after driving for an extended period of time (minimum 30mins, varying speeds - city, highway), shutting the engine down and restarting after 10-30mins the vehicle starts funny. Instead of cranking over normally, it fires up almost immediately after turning the key - maybe half a crank. Engine then revs high for 5-10 seconds before returning to normal RPM. I've had the fuel pressure system tested and it came in at 55psi. I've also started monitoring if the issue pops up as the fuel level in tank decreases. I'm wondering if the Fuel Pressure Regulator on the engine block or on the tank could still be causing an issue like this? Or if the Fuel Injection System might have an issue? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Of course my first post would be a trouble shooting question right. So ive got a 97 5.7 vortec, new starter, alternator, fuel pump and filter. a while back i started having issues getting my truck to start if the engine was warm and i had turned it off. usually quick trips to the store were ok but as soon as my engine gets to temperature it wont start. ideas of where to start looking.
  21. I am experiencing when I turn the key in the ignition, I get nothing, if a continue to try to start turning the key eventually it starts. Any ideas, all of the events seem to be abnormal from how the truck was running days ago. I replaced the two batteries in January 2015, highest cold cranking amps. 1999 GMC Sierra Quad Cab 2500 SLT 7.4 vortec 454. Voltage seems to be cahrging fine.
  22. I need some help, quick! I parked my pickup (2007 Sierra NBS) like normal on Saturday evening. Went back out Sunday afternoon to start it...nothing. It was completely dead. The remote keyless entry didn't work. There weren't any door chimes, interior lights, dash lights, dome light, shift indicator, nothing. When I went to turn the ignition over, dead. After I took the key out and reinserted it turned the ignition over the "Service Air Bag" message came on and then immediately after that the "Service 4 Wheel Drive" message came on. There is no shift indicator _ under the PRND etc. I can move the shifter without depressing the brake pedal. I tried it again in Neutral. Still dead. It won't turn over at all so its gotta be something electrical. The battery is brand new. I checked all the logical fuses (anything associated with the messages or systems they pertain to), the connections, battery cables, everything I could think of. Anyone have any ideas of what this might be? Or things to try? I am in need of getting going again!
  23. I've owned my Silverado 4.3l v6 since it was new and have had this problem for about 10 of years. It starts fine the first time but after it's shut off for a while (say 15 to 30 minutes) it won't restart unless I turn the key just to let fuel pump (counting for 3 seconds ) then continue pushing the key over to start and it works every time. When it first started happening it was so intermitent we couldn't make rhyme or reason of it. It sounds like it's trying to crank but doesn't. Even after letting go of the key it contines to sound like you're pushing the key all the way to the start position. At the time, my son the diesel mechanic, suggested I not take it into the shop because unless the service guy could get it to happen to him, they might just mess up more than they fixed. He came up with the technique to hold the key on for a 3 second count and I've used it every since. Now it has 122,000 miles and has become more common. I was just hoping someone had some insight into what might be going on. I'd like to get it fixed but not at the expense of causing a new problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  24. hi my 2005 sierra has a starting problem, sometimes when I turn the key I get nothing but a click, try a few times nothing, then all of sudden it starts no problem. I have lots of battery, lights etc working fine. I am thinking its the starter after all while the truck only has 110,000 KM on it is 10 years old. when it does start it doesn't make any kind of grinding or hitting noise, sounds normal I hate to buy a new starter just to find out that wasn't it but not knowing if it will start when I shut it off is stressing to say the least. thoughts, advise, options?
  25. The initial roll-out will focus on three key parts; the starter, battery, and fuel pump. Other components will be added in future model years. The service will be first offered on the new 2016 Chevrolet Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado, and Silverado HD. More Chevrolet vehicles will roll out during the 2016 model year. Building on the 15-year history of connected vehicle technology through OnStar, the prognostic service relies on OnStar 4G LTE to provide data streams from sensors within the vehicle. When a customer has enrolled their properly equipped vehicle in this service, the data is sent to OnStar’s secure servers and proprietary algorithms are applied to assess whether certain conditions could impact vehicle performance. When indicated, notifications are sent to the customer via email, text message, in-vehicle alerts or through the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app.
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